Windows 11, how to disable the screen Let’s complete the setup of your device

In Windows 11, as well as in Windows 10, the Let ‘s complete the setup of your device screen is periodically shown when you log in. How to prevent the operating system from repeating it.

The screens that Windows offers in the last phase of the installation of the operating system are part of the procedure called OOBE ( Out of Box Experience ): the various warnings ask the user to set the language and keyboard layout, indicate the use to be made of the PC (personal or within an organization), connect to a network, configure an account by logging in preferably with a Microsoft user ( Windows 11 can be installed with a local account ), specify which data is shared with Microsoft, share or minus your location, improve digital inking and typing, get personalized experiences, and more.

In both Windows 10 and Windows 11, it often happens that after a system restart or a logout and subsequent login, the Let’s finish setting up your device screen appears . This is an OOBE-style message that appears periodically and invites you to discover and activate Windows Hello for Windows authentication , to use Microsoft 365, to connect your smartphone with your Windows PC ( Connect to Phone application or Your phone depending on whether you are using Windows 11 or Windows 10), to enable OneDrive and to optimize the browsing experience with the Edge browser.

Turn off Let’s finish setting up your device in Windows 11

To prevent Windows 11 from proposing the We’re completing the setup of your device screen with a certain frequency , just type Notifications and choose Notifications and actions settings or simply Notifications and actions depending on the version of Windows 11 in use.

On older versions of Windows 11 just scroll through the contents of the Notifications window then uncheck the boxes Offer tips on setting up my device and Get tips when I use Windows .

With newer versions of Windows 11 you need to click on Additional settings then uncheck the three boxes Show Windows welcome experience after updates , Suggest ways to get the most out of Windows and finish setting up this device and Get advice and tips when using Windows .

Using the script to speed up and optimize Windows 11 these changes are made automatically along with other interventions.

For example, our batch allows you to disable Bing search results in the Start menu, delete Highlights , disable apps suggested and installed by Windows 11, stop telemetry services, disable Widgets, “custom experiences”, restore Windows 10 menu in File Explorer and much more.

Hide the alert We’re finishing setting up your device in Windows 10

To prevent the We’re completing the setup of your device screen from periodically appearing when you start Windows 10 , just type Notifications in the operating system search box and then choose the item Notifications and actions settings .

The three boxes Show setting up and personalizing Windows after updates and occasionally , Suggest ways to finish setting up this device to get the most out of Windows , and Get tips while using Windows should be properly disabled.

We already saw this in the article on how to disable the We ‘re done setting up your device screen in Windows 10 after applying a new update





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