Wi-Fi repeaters: everything you need to know

a Do you have a large house and the Internet signal does not reach the room you want? Wi-Fi repeaters are the solution . And, it is that network connections have become very important in recent years. Desktop computers have been relieved to the background and now laptops, tablets and smartphones are the protagonists. All computers can use WiFi to connect to the internet. But the problem is that routers have not evolved at the same pace as mobile devices, and despite the fact that we can get high-quality routers, the ones offered by internet providers are quite mediocre. Repeaters have become the perfect alternative to Wi- Fi extenders .

What happens when we find an “insufficient” router ? These devices are responsible for carrying the internet signal to the different terminals in the house. When it comes to carrying the signal through a cable, there is no problem, but when we talk about WiFi connections, everything changes. The antennas of the most basic routers do not have a lot of power and when there are several walls in between or there is a slight distance, the signal attenuates too much.

If the WiFi signal in your home is not strong enough to reach all corners of it, you may need a WiFi repeater. A repeater is responsible for taking the signal emitted by the router and sending its own, covering the maximum range it can reach. Generally, a single repeater is enough to cover the remaining space of a home, although there are times when a third repeater may be needed (such as when there is one more floor, for example).

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  • Aspects to consider
  • The best wifi repeaters of 2020
    • TP-LINK AC1750 RE450
    • Xiaomi Wifi Pro

How do WiFi repeaters work?

These Wi-Fi repeaters, within the range of the signal emitted by the router , use the connection to be able to send the signal in another direction. In this way, the remaining space that the router cannot cover can be covered.

The only thing that needs to be done to put a repeater to work is to coordinate it with our router , therefore we will need an Ethernet cable that allows us to receive the connection signal. Each piece of equipment has different characteristics and that is why it is best to follow the guides that the manufacturers themselves give their users regarding the use of the repeater.

Aspects to consider

Not all repeaters are the same . Despite the fact that there are many models of the same range that share most of their technical aspects, there are parameters that vary. What do we have to take into account when choosing one of these teams? We will have to keep in mind the power, the transmission speed and the security protocols, as well as its dimensions.

The power of the equipment is essential, since it will be the one that marks the area that can be covered by the WiFi signal emitted by the repeater. The data transmission speed is also another factor to take into account, sending and receiving files at 500 Mbps is not the same as at 1 Gbps.
Regarding security protocols, if we want to prevent the security of our network from weakening, we will have to opt for a repeater that has the same protocol as the one we use in our connection.

The best wifi repeaters of 2020

If you are an inexperienced person in this sector, it can be an arduous task to find the best Wi-Fi repeaters, so in this section we will show you those that, according to our experience, provide the best performance.

TP-LINK AC1750 RE450

The TP-Link company cannot be missing from this ranking, since they are one of the benchmarks in the sector. The AC1750 RE450 model stands out for its wide radius, since it reaches up to 900 square meters, which is completely crazy. In addition, this product has the following characteristics:

  • It has 3 adjustable antennas.
  • It works at 450Mbps on 2.4GHz and 1,300Mbps on 5GHz.
  • Ethernet port, in which we can connect another device to improve speed.

In addition to this, it is light and compact, and can be used in the different operating systems that Windows has. Therefore, this is one of the best wifi repeaters, in terms of value for money .

Xiaomi Wifi Pro

Xiaomi is a company that we all know, but with the passage of time it has been delving into other areas of technology, and they do not focus only on telephony. Today, we can say that it has one of the cheapest Wi-Fi repeaters on the market. This product stands out for the following:

  • Light and compact.
  • Allows up to 64 connected devices to connect at the same time.
  • It provides a wifi signal in 150 square meters.
  • Transfer speed up to 3,000Mbps.

This repeater is priced at €14.99 and is undoubtedly one of the best in terms of price.






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