Why is my Samsung Galaxy not receiving calls

One of the most common problems that users of mobile devices of all kinds seem to suffer. But especially focused on those who run the Android operating system, it is related to a kind of blockade by which they can only receive Emergency Calls. For this reason we will show you the possible causes and solutions for the problem known as “Samsung does not receive calls”.

Why is my Samsung Galaxy not receiving calls (Emergency Only) – Solution

This is a problem that many users often accuse in forums and social networks. For example, in the case of all those who in their day-to-day work with terminals developed by the people of Samsung. In any case , we have to say that if you have a mobile device that only receives Emergency Calls, then you will find that there are some problems that cause this inconvenience to appear.

You have to stand out in the same way that to know that you are suffering from it, you just need to come across the phrase “emergency calls only” at a certain moment. If it has appeared to you, you have to continue reading.

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  1. Why do I only receive Emergency Calls on Samsung?
    1. Have you been able to solve the problem of receiving only Emergency Calls on a Samsung Galaxy?
  2. My Samsung does not receive calls
  3. My Samsung phone is not receiving calls

Why do I only receive Emergency Calls on Samsung?

The first thing we must say is that this inconvenience of Emergency Calls is enabled without any other type of communication available on Samsung Galaxy mobiles or others that run the Android operating system. It seems to especially affect users who have recently exchanged chips from different companies . You have to keep in mind   that only thanks to emergency calls will you be able to stay connected , although that will deprive you of using applications, etc.

Many users of Samsung Galaxy mobile devices point out in this regard that when the problem of having only Emergency Calls enabled begins. Even so, they could fix it just by restarting the device, although many others realize that the problems actually continue beyond that. This error occurs recurrently in equipment that does not manage to have a stable signal . According to what can be deduced from the users’ own questions, and as we said, it comes hand in hand with the phrase “emergency calls only”.

If you are also suffering from this problem, bothering you, thinking about making normal use of your smartphone. The first thing we can recommend is that you contact your usual operator , or the new one if you have decided to switch from one to another recently.

Have you been able to solve the problem of receiving only Emergency Calls on a Samsung Galaxy?

It can happen to anyone who has a Samsung mobile phone. That when he feels like it, from time to time he does not receive calls of any kind, even though we see that he has a maximum signal. Something weird that has a solution, don’t worry and precisely in this article I am going to tell you a little more about this problem and, above all, what you came looking for, the solution.

My Samsung does not receive calls

The first thing that I am going to comment on is obviously that before you start worrying too much about the subject, you must be 100% sure that you have a signal in the place where you are or not. Simply that, because on many occasions we begin to deny the telephone, when in reality we find ourselves in an area without a signal, not to mention if you find yourself as happened to me, in the basement of a hospital, the signal vanishes like foam.

What you should do before is know how the airplane mode works and check if it is activated, all this where in theory you do not receive calls. Once that time has passed, remove the airplane mode and see if you have a signal, if you can receive calls. In case it is an emergency you can try trying a video call on your Samsung mobile to be able to communicate.

On some occasions the phone stays with the previous antenna where we are and does not update it, which causes us to run out of signal because of course, we are far from the place where we were previously and the signal does not reach. If you have recently changed the SIM you must be 100% sure that it fits well in its slot and more so if you have had to cut it to make it fit, perhaps some part of it is badly cut and generates all these kinds of problems.

My Samsung phone is not receiving calls

At this point, if there is no way to solve it, we recommend you do a hard reset on the Samsung device , save all your data, create a backup. After this, reset the phone to the factory and try to see if it works , in case it still doesn’t work, I will recommend that you go to a technical service.

Possibly something is wrong with the hardware issue and not so much in the software, and for that you would need a professional to help you solve the problem , since technical knowledge is needed to disassemble and check that everything is fine.





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