Why does your Samsung J7 mobile get very hot?

Of the Samsung models, the J7 is one of the most purchased phones worldwide, but all editions of these phones have a problem. And it is that when these models are required a little more, they get very hot, and users are afraid that they could explode. But this is not the case because the Samsung J7 only heats up its screen and internal components such as the motherboard.

Solution to Samsung Galaxy J7 gets hot

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    1. Samsung J7 gets hot when charging
  4. Why do some cell phones explode?
    1. Superheat imparted

Samsung J7 gets hot

There are different ways to prevent the Samsung J7 from heating up . To avoid this overheating, you can avoid using applications that collapse, or that use many cell resources. Some examples of this are the heavy applications that make the cell phone slow.

Many times the causes of this overheating can be social network applications such as Instagram, or games that require much more graphics such as 3D. Since these reach the point of heating the screen due to its high demand on the operating system.

How to avoid overheating in Samsung J7?

To prevent the Samsung J7 from heating up, there is an application that cools down the cell phone system easily. Just running it is capable of completely cooling the device. This app is called Cooler – cool down your phone. Which will allow you to monitor and control the applications and their temperature. It detects and closes resource-heavy applications in order to reduce heating. .

With this application you can quickly lower the temperature of your Samsung J7 that heats up, either due to an application or simply because it heats up when charging the cell phone. Remember that it is recommended to run this application at least once a day, it helps to conserve the battery of your mobile.

After installing the application to regulate the temperature in your Samsung J7 so that it does not get too hot and you will be able to keep the temperature of your Smartphone controlled. The best thing about this app is that it is compatible with all games and apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Why Samsung J7 gets hot

It is clear that the reasons can be many, but generally it is not too difficult to find the reason why the device in question is heating up. There are different reasons why your Samsung J7 heats up , there can be multiple reasons, but the most common is associated with excessive use of the phone’s resources and also games.

The battery may be one of these reasons, perhaps it is that it is too damaged and obviously begins to work as it should not. One of the key things it does when it happens is obviously overheating, something that can damage the phone in general so in case you suspect that the battery has problems, you should change it urgently.

Using a charger other than the one that came with your mobile phone is, simply put, a death sentence for your mobile device . Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but it is certain that little by little the useful life of that battery will expire and that of the mobile in general, due to how you are charging it. For something it comes with a specific charger for said device.

Samsung J7 gets hot when charging

Although it is true that the Samsung J7 models in all their editions, either the normal J7 of 20216 or the J7 Prime , have a large battery, so it is common for it to get quite hot. When we put it to charge, because the battery is very large , it covers most of the cell phone.

At the same time, it must be taken into account that leaving the mobile plugged in to the electrical current for too long can cause it to get too hot and that even, going back to the previous point, the battery works incorrectly and is damaged, therefore, it is important that once it reaches 100% it is unplugged.

This happens a lot when users are charging their mobile, but in the same way while they are charging they are using it to play games, send messages or are connected to a social network. In this way the Samsung J7 gets too hot beyond its normal temperature when charging.

Why do some cell phones explode?

There are many users who worry that their mobile will explode after everything that has been presented. That is to say, it is not uncommon to ask if there is already a precedent, and it is something that arises for many, since they do not know or know the real causes of why a phone can reach this point. So, among them we can name the battery .

It may be in serious problems, or failures and these today are lithium thanks to the new policy of the phone manufacturing companies. So due to misuse, poor charging or manufacturing defects, if the battery is hit or dropped and hits hard, it may puncture and cause combustion that degenerates into a rather voracious explosion.

Superheat imparted

Another unfortunate failure due to which a battery could explode, will be overheating caused by a voracious and excessive consumption of the battery. This happens when we use the mobile and the battery does not have the necessary capacity to keep the equipment on (it is old or defective).

Therefore, they tend to overheat, because since they cannot supply the equipment with the necessary energy, they have to resist. This usually causes great overheating that can lead to an explosion. This is due to a short circuit that is generated in its internal cells, so it is recommended that if the phone begins to overheat in this way, it must be turned off and the battery removed.

It is also not recommended that you leave your phone under the sun for a long time . Since this can bring several problems, including the issue that the battery overheats with the effect of the sun plus the use of your mobile. This generates additional overheating which will push the battery over limits.





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