Why do they pay money to play?

The COVID-19 pandemic showed that from home or from any other place, and using a device with Internet access, extra income can be generated from home. It is possible to achieve this through different remote jobs, but you can also earn money playing online without investing ; That’s right, you can get money while having fun.

Many of these games have emerged from the cryptocurrency craze . Now, how is it possible that they pay to play? If not scams , what are the best alternatives? We give you the answers below.

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Why do they pay money to play?

The first thing you will ask yourself is: how is it possible to earn money playing online without investing ? It is logical that you doubt, since nobody gives away free money. But the truth is that in the applications for mobile devices, or in the web pages of free games, a lot of advertising appears that cannot be avoided.

# Preview Product Valuation Precio
1 Samsung Galaxy M13 (64 GB) Green – Unlocked Mobile Phone… 628 Opinions 209,00 €

129,00 €

2 Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 – Tablet de 10.5” (3GB RAM, 32GB… No ratings 258,51 €

174,87 €

3 Redmi 10 2022 – Smartphone de 4+128GB, Pantalla Dot Drop de… No ratings 199,00 €

149,99 €

4 Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth 5.3 Headphones with ENC Mic,… No ratings 59,99 €

29,99 €

5 ASICS Gel-Sonoma 6 G-TX, Men’s Shoes, Black/Indigo Fog, 42… No ratings 100,00 €

56,00 €


It is thanks to this advertising that the companies behind the games generate profit, and for this they are willing to pay money as a reward. Of course, the profits are not enormous and you are not going to become a millionaire either, rather it is an additional income that falls well in the pocket, an alternative to earn money from home .

How do you earn money for playing?

Normally just by registering on a gaming platform they already give you a welcome bonus, when a certain level is exceeded they also pay. When referring to acquaintances or inviting them to play they also give bonuses, for watching video advertising or overcoming daily challenges they pay something more.

Subsequently, the accumulated money can be withdrawn through PayPal-style digital wallets, or through discount coupons on products from sponsoring stores.

Others pay with cryptocurrencies, so it will be necessary to have a blockchain wallet, but you should always make sure that the game is not a scam.

Finally, another way to earn money playing online without investing is to live on Twitch , upload videos to YouTube, or be a professional eSports player. These pro gamers can make a lot of money from the number of followers they have who pay to view their content or win championships.

Best alternatives to earn money playing online without investing

Once we know the way in which you can receive earnings for playing online, now we are going to talk about the best alternatives for you:

gamee games

It is a fun application in which money is earned through the device, it has up to 80 games, it uses daily and weekly Roulette for great prizes.

Arc8 app

This app pays out cryptocurrency tokens by participating in different duels and tournaments, but the first 100 players of the month receive bigger prizes.

Big time app

The mobile application consists of different mini-games that, when completed, help you level up, accumulating tickets and rewards that are exchanged in PayPal.


Play mini-games to win tickets, which allow you to enter raffles and giveaways for gift cards from stores like Google Play or Amazon.

Play to Earn Games

Games like Axies Infinity or Plant VS Undead are based on Blockchain technology. A person who buys an account can provide it to you so that you can work on it. Normally agreements are reached to divide the profits in cryptocurrencies generated, but you do not invest money.

Professional eSport player

You can become a professional player of the best-known online games of the moment, such as FIFA, NBA, League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, Counter Strike or Call Of Duty. Now, developing the necessary skills takes a lot of time and effort, just as much as being a high-performance athlete in the real world.





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