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Why are people careless?

Have you ever done something that you knew it was risky? Do you know if it’s dangerous?

– going to the sea in the monsoon
season – going to a waterfall during flooding
– using a mobile phone while driving
– not wearing a seat belt
– not wearing a helmet
– not crossing the road at a crosswalk
– going out into the open when it rains
– having sex without protection
– walking home alone in a lonely and dark way
– gambling
– buying lottery tickets
– consuming more sugar and fat than the body needs

If you have been, you are one who is careless.

from the crisis that occurred during this period Many people have a question. Why are people careless? Why do we do it when we know it’s dangerous? Is it risky…?

It is by human nature that we are always ideological. (In psychology, this is called having bias).

“Bad things won’t happen to us.”

No one thought today to leave the house. (Or even in the house) we will die. Accidents will happen to us. will come to hurt us There is a terrible disease that gradually builds up in us.

We only think about what we will receive today. We rarely thought that we would lose anything.

because bad things make us depressed Scary things stress us out. So we brushed them off. consider it a distant matter even though it happens all the time around us

and if humans do not take their own sides If humans spend time in stressful and depressed moods, We may sit idle and do nothing.

We are not going to invent airplanes. we won’t drive we will not invest Our ancestors would not light a fire. don’t go hunting do not migrate and will not flirt with girls

If we don’t expect good things to happen to us, or we keep thinking that bad things will happen to us, life will have a different meaning.

Furthermore, our actions and choices are driven by emotion and reason. Reasoning consumes more energy and time than emotion. Also, most of them are contrary to convenience. The need to acquire objects or experiences that we dream of

When reason and emotion collide Many times, emotions win. because if speaking according to the principles of evolution Our emotional brain has been passed down from our ancestors since reptilian times. while the rational brain was only created in mammalian times. The former is stronger. More upgrades Processing is so fast that we often lose our “thinking”, so we do something before we even think about it.

However, there are some differences between Living with hope and negligence

To be hopeful or optimistic is to look at success. or a solution to the problem We will be motivated to try to reach that goal. and for success We will eliminate uncontrollable variables or limit them to a minimum. And pay more attention to the parts that we can control, for example, we cannot control the use of other people’s roads. But we can control the use of our protective equipment.

Negligence is the lack of awareness of the control of something outside of ourselves. Or we fail to realize that the control is really in the hands of others, such as the tourists’ underestimation of the powers of nature. And the gambler does not realize that the real game control power is with the dealer. In addition, we do not pay enough attention to what we can control, such as investing knowledge. Precautions we can take to reduce the risk Including finding a backup plan for unforeseen events that may occur

That we can reduce the negligence. We must train ourselves to reason quickly. Quickly assess the situation with all the information in front of you. Including being open to information that we do not want to receive (spending time on depression some stress) to minimize the “bad things won’t happen to me” bias.

Another important factor is the “social factor” if it is a society with the motto “Safety First” , considering safety as the main factor. Thoughts and reckless behaviors tend to decrease. personal needs already Such norms and values ​​also result in people becoming more spontaneous and reckless in their behavior.

Of course, bad things can happen to us as they happen to everyone. Failure, loss, old age, sickness and death come to us indiscriminately. We can continue to think with ourselves in the way of mortals. We just have to think along with being prepared. practice reasoning including practicing mindfulness (In case we can’t do anything about the force majeure)


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