What’s the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

In this day and age, people are starting to pay more attention to mental health (Mental Health). The popular question is what is the difference between psychiatrists and psychologists, although both of these professions, although they can help restore our minds according to science. But there are differences in how they work and in different processes. Let’s try to study it.

What’s the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

A psychiatrist is someone who must have graduated from medicine and must have specialized training in psychiatry. Therefore, it is called a psychiatrist. A psychologist is a person who has knowledge of psychology, especially or graduated in philosophy. Therefore, it is called a psychologist. Both professions are responsible for helping patients rehabilitate. but in a different way

Before we get to the difference. Let’s look at the meaning of both psychiatrists and psychologists first.

What is a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a doctor who treats patients related to illnesses in terms of emotions, minds, nervous system or brain to function normally. Then diagnose the disease to find a way to continue treatment.

Diagnosis of psychiatric disorders involves identifying the cause of brain chemistry and may also require medication to adjust the chemical balance of the brain. in order for those things to return to work normally as before

It was also found that the psychiatrist’s treatment is the treatment of the condition of the illness and is prescribed medication like other medical treatments. Or may use electrical waves to stimulate the brain.

who said that psychiatrists are similar to general doctors history taking physical examination to determine the cause treatment and prevention But in addition, psychiatrists must also have skills in listening, observing, questioning and analyzing what they see accurately and precisely.

diagnosis process Mainly focusing on physical diseases and then treating mental illnesses. And when the physical disease is cured Mental symptoms also tend to disappear. By examining and diagnosing whether there is a concussion or not. How does it affect the chemical changes in the brain or malfunctions? which these things can cause abnormal mental symptoms

Psychiatrists will use the American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Quizzes on other subjects Observing patient behavior Or may need to have X-rays together in order to get the most efficiency and treatment that matches the patient’s symptoms.

In terms of the healing process, the psychiatrist will have the patient in short intervals of half an hour or thirty minutes to talk. Diagnose and dispense medication Then there must be a gap of about one to three months in patient appointments.

Psychiatrists must also have knowledge of both the medications used and the use of psychotherapy. But it depends on the patient’s condition and how serious it is, and the doctor will have different treatment options.

If anyone feels hopeless, sad, depressed, depressed, has no defense, no value, doesn’t want to live in this world. Or even if you want to choose to use drugs to make yourself feel better, you need to see a psychiatrist. in order to be treated quickly and correctly

However, before we had to go see that psychiatrist. We should observe and explore our well-being before whether we live a balanced life or not. Was there any distress or stress?

If found to be unbalanced, we should find a way to improve our mental health, that is, to relax or relax ourselves. or finding something to do in one’s own likes or interests These are basic self-help. to make ourselves feel happier Love and appreciate yourself more.

What is a psychologist?

A psychologist is a person who is knowledgeable and specialized in emotions, minds, thoughts, and behaviors or traits. lifestyle of our particular people And is mainly used to give advice and treatment methods.

The basic skill of being a psychologist is Psychologists must have very good listening skills. Have a good understanding of others and have kindness and goodwill towards others

Psychologists are still in demand today. Due to the increasing competition in society or the rapid change of social conditions It causes us to feel pressured, stressed, worried, even very dizzy. We need to rely on psychologists to listen to and heal our feelings or state of mind.

Psychologists work by talking, asking questions, interviewing, analyzing and giving advice to patients with symptoms. such as stress anxiety, etc., but also use tests to assess brain function Stress and Depression Assessment or the use of a mental health assessment questionnaire

The main job of a psychologist is to help find the best and fastest solution for people who are suffering and uncomfortable. listening for the most part And must pay attention to every detail of information interviewed from patients to be analyzed to match the symptoms.

duration of talk Consultation takes about 45 minutes, 1-2 times a week, depending on the patient’s condition and how serious it is and the discretion of the psychologist.

The way that helps us to see less of a psychologist is that we can choose a path to live a happy life without stress or suffering from external factors or the environment around us with our feelings and thought patterns. ourselves

It is very important to choose to be optimistic. Live in the present a lot. The past has passed Anything that can be taken as a lesson can be taught to yourself. We can think and plan the future, but we don’t need to make ourselves feel pressured to lose our happiness in the present.

Summarize the differences between a psychiatrist and a psychologist.

As mentioned above, psychiatrists and psychologists have similarities and differences:

Psychiatrists and psychologists have a discussion. Ask the patient’s symptoms. Take tests to assess your state of mind and behavior and rely on the same therapies for treatment.

Psychiatrists and psychologists offer psychotherapy in a variety of ways, such as talking, counseling to treat thoughts and behaviors. to be adjusted to normal conditions in terms of attitude Thought patterns and states of mind or breathing exercises to practice mindfulness To let go of stress and negative thoughts

Psychodynamic therapy is also used. to help find the cause Memories that have been suppressed for a long time or ideas that conflict with each other at the level of the unconscious mind However, psychologists may use more than one method or choose to use one method depending on the patient’s symptoms.

The therapy takes no more than an hour. In the beginning, the method of talking and asking questions will be used first. and then allow the patient to vent their heart out which psychiatrists and psychologists have a duty to listen attentively and have a good will to treat

In view of the ethics of psychiatrists and psychologists, every patient must be kept confidential. And have a follow-up appointment for about 2-3 weeks.

people who wish to receive therapy You shouldn’t wait until you get serious. to meet these two Whenever you feel the need for someone to be there for you to rely on and listen to the problems you face. You can go in for treatment or therapy right away.

In some cases, people who come for treatment Psychiatrists and psychologists must work together, for example, in the case of a patient who has been talking to a psychiatrist. not enough or still not recovered It is necessary to rely on medication from a psychiatrist.

On the difference between psychiatrists and psychologists is Psychiatrists are diagnosed primarily by examining brain chemistry and using medication. But psychologists use methods of talking, giving advice, as a way to vent and analyze symptoms. And use methods to treat emotions, mental conditions and change thinking patterns. main life

Therefore, we want everyone to feel safe and not alienated when we have to see a psychiatrist or psychologist. I don’t want it to be seen as abnormal. Because we all have different lifestyles.

when we can’t find a way out for ourselves We need to find someone who can trust us mentally. and guides us to more enlightenment That’s a good thing and very normal. That we humans have to meet or should be already.

Finally, about psychiatrists and psychologists.

Seeing psychiatrists and psychologists isn’t terrible or embarrassing, but it is. It all depends on us. we do it for ourselves In order to be happier in life every day, not depending on anyone’s thoughts

Sometimes we may be given a better way of living. We should be open-minded. Don’t be afraid or think it’s going to be bad, believe that everything will be perfect and better depending on your own thought patterns.

This article I made for everyone’s information. So that everyone will know when they or people around them have problems. The best solution lies with a psychiatrist or psychologist. Both professions have different strengths and weaknesses.

However, if you still don’t know who to go to? The easiest way is to go and find both. As long as you speak with a trusted professional. Seeing either a psychiatrist or psychologist will not do any damage to your mental health. It will only make it better.





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