What to do if mobile data does not work

The internet has become extremely fundamental in the lives of many people , it is normal for us to have Wi-Fi networks almost everywhere.

But when we leave home we obviously have to take the activated mobile data, now with 4G we can have almost the same speed as we would with Wi-Fi networks , which undoubtedly makes everything much easier and above all things much more agile.

The issue is when the mobile becomes rebellious and it seems that it does not really want to work and the mobile data icon simply does not appear, what do we do? We are going to teach you how to solve it below.

Surely something that you would like to know and that we highly recommend is that you know how you can activate or fix mobile data or internet if they are deactivated or do not work in 3G, 4G and 5G.

Solution to NO Mobile Data Icon Appears

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  1. This way you can solve the problem when the mobile data icon disappears
  2. It is possible to solve internet problems on your Android mobile

This way you can solve the problem when the mobile data icon disappears

When we turn on the mobile data at the top of the phone an icon appears that can generally be 3G (H), 4G (LTE) depending on the mobile data plan that we have contracted with the company obviously.

In this way when we activate them they appear and in this way we connect to the Internet, in case these are not seen it is because it is not working and we will not be able to have an Internet connection, in that case we must enter the mobile configuration to fix it .

This generally happens because we do not have the APNs configured correctly , when we put the chip or the SIM in the mobile phone for the first time the APNs are configured automatically, but it can happen from time to time that the same data ends up being deleted and, therefore, we are basically left as now without mobile data.

In order to properly configure the APNs , you could try removing the SIM, turning off the mobile for a while and putting it back on and turning it on to see if it configures everything automatically.

It is very important that you make sure that you have your mobile device updated since your cell phone may not work for that reason, what we recommend is that you update it to the most current version of Android, from the official Google Support site .

In case it does not work you have to go to Settings> Mobile networks> Access Point Names and there you have to fill in that form with all the company data.

How do you know what to put? You should search the Internet for “APN + name of your company and country” in this way, you will surely find the data you need among the first options, we are not going to put it here because obviously there are many countries and APNs available, so it is not we would supply

But by doing what I told you in the previous paragraph, you will get the mobile data icon back to the top and of course it will work as it should.

Even if we have the best developed mobile device of all, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or an Apple iPhone 7 Plus these days, we know full well that they are completely useless when we have no cellular data, mobile data or mobile internet.

Any user of a smartphone knows that in certain circumstances they will not have access to a WiFi Internet network, and it is in those cases when we have to be able to take advantage of the data rate that we have contracted in a timely manner.

What happens is that if we leave home and do not have a mobile Internet service, practically all the applications that we install will be totally inefficient, to the extent that they will not be able to update to offer us the information that is required in these cases.

In this article we are going to try to show you some of the main problems for which mobile data does not work on a smartphone, and along with them, what are the most efficient solutions.

Something that we highly recommend and that you will very possibly need in the future is that you know how you can solve the error when the 3G or 4G icon does not appear when you activate mobile data on Android or iPhone.

It is possible to solve internet problems on your Android mobile

Well, the first solution that comes to hand when it comes to thinking about mobile data and such is to restart the device, which while it can be annoying, is usually efficient.

What we recommend is not only that you restart the device, but before that , put it in Airplane Mode. Then you should wait about 30 seconds, and restart it.

When it has rebooted, remove Airplane Mode and return to normal mode. If you have a microSD it is convenient that you remove it during the process before restarting it, the same as the SIM.

Then there are other methods that we have to consider in the same way, such as the fact that the mobile Internet does not stop working after we have established a limit. We can verify this when the time comes without much difficulty.

All we have to do is go to Settings, Use of mobile data, depending on the device it will look like this. There, a graph will teach you all the details about it, although you can always modify the maximum limit that you allow yourself in this regard.

The APN settings could be partly to blame for your mobile internet connection not working, so you should also take that into account. When we talk about APN, in case we don’t know, we talk about the means by which the mobile network provider reaches out to the mobile to offer the service.

It may cause some problems with use. You then have to go to Settings, Mobile networks, Access Point Names, where a list of APNs should appear , and you have to click on Restore Default Values.

If you have recently performed a software update, the problems may have to do directly with the fact that the APN has been literally erased, although we can fix that too, of course . All you have to do is enter the APN manually, which is not that complicated either.

You go to the APN list as in the previous step by step, and then click on New APN. Enter all the APN details for your network, save the changes, and select the OK option for your device.

If you have a Sony Xperia cell phone, you will surely love to know how you can make your Sony Xperia receive mobile data if it does not connect data or does not detect a mobile network.

Have you been able to solve your mobile data problems with this step by step? If you have any questions and you would like us to solve them through a tutorial, you can leave them in the comments and we will gladly answer them in the best way.





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