What steps should I follow to unlock my Orange mobile?

The telecommunications and mobile phone sector has changed a lot in recent years. Before, companies placed numerous obstacles and obstacles when unlocking a phone, today this problem is practically overcome. We are going to teach you how to unlock an Orange mobile or from another company for free with or without an IMEI code .

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  1. What is the IMEI code and what is it for?
  2. Where and how can I see the IMEI?

What is the IMEI code and what is it for?

The IMEI code is a unique USSD number that allows gsm mobiles to be identified, which is encoded at the time of manufacture. This value plays a key role when establishing the connection between the device and the network of the company that provides the cellular telephone service.

This code is necessary and fundamental when reporting a device that has been stolen or lost , in such a way that it is used to block any type of communication from the device. If your device was stolen or you have lost it, all you have to do is call your operator’s customer service, indicate that you want to suspend your device and provide the IMEI code.

Another utility of the IMEI code is to be able to change the company that provides your mobile phone service, through a process called ‘unlocking’.

Where and how can I see the IMEI?

There are several sites where you can check to see the IMEI code of your cellular mobile device. The first place we can see the code is on the label of the box that your mobile device came in.

In some mobiles it is also found on a label attached to the compartment in which the battery is placed.

Another way to know the IMEI code of your mobile device is by pressing *#06# on it, the device will automatically be displayed.

First of all, it is convenient to check if you really need to unlock your mobile. If it is a phone purchased through Orange before May 2014, it is possible that the terminal is blocked and you cannot use it with the SIM card of another telephone company. Although, if it is a phone purchased after May 2014, you will not need to unlock it, since all the terminals sold by Orange from that date are unlocked phones.

What steps should I follow to unlock my Orange mobile?

If your phone is older than May 2014 and you need to unlock it, we will show you the steps to do so.

The first thing you have to do is enter the company’s website and go to the Customer Area. From there go to the contact section.

In the ‘Reason’ section select ‘my mobile’ and in ‘what do you need?’ put ‘unlock my mobile’. You will have to indicate the brand and model of your telephone , the telephone line number associated with it and the telephone code.

As indicated above if you want to know the IMEI code of the phone you can press *#06#. Once you have completed those fields you can send the query. Within 24 to 48 hours you will receive the unlock code on your phone.

Once you have received the unlock code, put the SIM card of another phone company in the phone you want to unlock. A message will appear on the screen asking you for a code number. Then you must enter the code that Orange has sent you.

If the code you have entered is correct, the message “Network lock exceeded” will appear. The mobile will have been unlocked and you will be able to use it normally with the SIM card of any mobile telephone operator.

What is the procedure to unlock mobile phones from other companies?

If your device is not Orange, but belongs to another company, you can unlock it in a very similar way. Your mobile operator will tell you how to obtain the unlock code, once you obtain it, the phone unlocking process will be the same as we have described.

In the same way, it is necessary to verify if the code is released so that in this way you can place a new line from the telephone operator that best suits your needs.

And you, have you had problems when unlocking a phone?





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