What makes us forget?

Memories are very important in our lives. Memories allow us to learn the things that have happened. It allows us to develop ourselves in many ways and makes us who we are today. But many times we tend to forget. Some people forget what we have to do. Some people forget important information to remember. Forgetting can happen every day. It’s normal for us to forget things like Sometimes even though we want to remember as much How much do you try to remember? We still forgot anyway.

Why do we forget? Can we not forget? Research shows that forgetting, even if it seems like it’s not that important But in reality, it is quite important. This is especially true in situations where we need to use our memory, such as in the witness testimony of a crime. Our memories are very important. Many people may therefore use different methods to prevent forgetfulness, such as taking notes, saving them on the phone. or even take pictures to keep

The important thing that makes us forget is time. Research has shown that the longer time passes after we learn what we want to remember, the more we remember. The more likely we are to forget about it. Because things we want to remember once we’ve encoded them through our senses. and is stored in short-term memory which can hold a limited number of memories in a short period of time When the information in short-term memory is not revisited We will eventually forget about it. But if we repeat what we want to remember repeatedly, it will allow us to remember that thing better. When we revisit that information many times, it causes that information to be passed on to our long-term memory. which can contain more memories and last longer than short-term memories Makes us able to remember that information better and less likely to forget.

Another thing that makes us tend to remember what we want to remember is because what we want to remember is disturbed by what we previously remembered. prevents us from remembering what we want to remember(reactive interference), such as in the opening of a new semester The teacher tried to remember the names of the students in the class. Teachers may remember students’ names interchangeably with last year’s students. causing the inability to remember the name of this year’s students correctly or being disturbed by what we want to remember later (proactive interference), such as parking at work Since we will have to change the parking lot every day. Causing us to not remember where we parked our car today Because remembering where we parked the car today may be disturbed by the need for where we parked the car yesterday instead. The way to remember is to try to repeat where we parked the car or try to see if there is anything that can help us remember, such as the number on the pole near our car. or that we came out and found the first thing

However, this does not mean that the memories that are stored in our long-term memory are We will never forget those memories. We also have a chance to forget those memories if we don’t think about them for a long time. Or sometimes we may not be able to think or remember immediately. There may be an indicator or a hint, something related to what we want to think about. Help us remember that memory. So if we want to remember something We can review it repeatedly in order to make it possible for information to be transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory. When that memory is stored in long-term memory, that means We can remember it already.




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