What is the law of attraction? What can I do?

law of attraction Said that if we believe in something very much We can really attract that. Be it success, wealth or even love. In this article I will talk about the Law of Attraction. Explain what the Law of Attraction is, what it does, and most importantly, how it works. Scientifically true?

Please leave first Because the belief in the law of attraction has many branches. I would like to speak in the context of what is known to most people. which is the law of attraction that is defined in the book The Secret, which is the philosophy of ‘New Thought’ (New Thought Philosophy)

Table of Contents

  • What is the law of attraction? What can I do?
  • Does the law of attraction really exist…according to science?
  • law of attraction And the matter of wealth helps to pay off debt.
  • How to use the law of attraction used to benefit
  • Finally about the Law of Attraction.

What is the law of attraction? What can I do?

law of attraction It is the belief that thoughts and beliefs are what draw experiences in one’s life. Positive people will find good experiences. And negative people have bad experiences. These thoughts can attract health, money, or even relationships.

Before I explain anything further. Let me first say that this Law of Attraction theory has no scientific evidence. Therefore, in the eyes of the general public We can say that the law of attraction is Pseudoscience or ‘pseudoscience’

Cognitive restructuring is the basis of the Law of Attraction theory. But what the Law of Attraction adds to is that we can turn our thoughts into ‘energy’ that will attract good things into our lives. (In the picture is a description from western wikipedia, emphasizing on the word pure energy or pure energy)

‘The more we miss something We can easily get that’ is like the slogan of the Law of Attraction. Similar to the saying in Buddhism that ‘You can think of anything’

as said The Law of Attraction is not scientifically proven. but basically Humans also have many ideas that limit their own abilities (Limiting Belief), for example, thinking that we are not good at it, so we dare not do anything new. Or think that we can do it, so we are open to more opportunities until we really succeed.

Words and beliefs are awesome tools. Many people have nothing in their lives. Only words and beliefs can make yourself a successful person. (May sound like irony But this one, I’m talking about it.)

Does the law of attraction really exist…according to science?

The law of attraction is a metaphor. and there is no scientific evidence Especially the part that says that thoughts can be transformed into energy and attracted to things from the universe. But that doesn’t mean that human thoughts and beliefs have no influence on their lives. 

Mindfulness, concentration, motivation can be compared to Mental Energy and Mental Stamina , although not very scientifically researched. But it has been proven that people who are tired have less concentration and no motivation. will have lower performance able to remember less

A simple analogy is If we’re running If we believe we can We might be able to run a little far because we have a lot of encouragement. But if we don’t believe in ourselves We may feel tired and discouraged easily. Although we may have the same amount of rest and food.

on the contrary no matter how much we believe in ourselves Our chances of winning the lottery are not increasing at all. because we cannot control external factors

in the context of words and beliefs We can explain the law of attraction in two ways.

The idea of ​​limiting one’s own abilities (Limiting Belief) – in terms of self-improvement. We can see that every human has a lot of thoughts and beliefs that limit their abilities. For example, we’re not smart, we’re not pretty, we’re not rich, we don’t have capital like others. It’s good to understand your abilities. But we shouldn’t use these points to change our reasons for not doing anything new.

Self Fulfilling Prophecy – such as an adult telling a child that ‘When I grow up, I will be a pilot. Which this effort will make yourself a real pilot. In this part, it’s about encouragement and building direction in life.

In short, our thoughts and beliefs influence many of our internal factors (courage, confidence, determination, goals in life), which are scientifically proven. on the contrary Thoughts alone cannot change our external factors that much. We might be able to convince ourselves and others. But we cannot persuade nature or the universe by faith alone.

‘Energy’ is a word we need to be careful about when using comparisons. because for the general public Energy is something that is actually measurable, such as electrical energy, calorie energy. or even gravitational potential energy (Gravitational Potential Energy) that people call gravity. or the force of attraction We can use the word ‘energy’ in general conversation. But if we say that energy is real We must prepare to prove our own words.

‘Universe’ is a word that is always mentioned along with the Law of Attraction. Which actually I don’t quite understand this metaphor. Because the universe has very little ‘gravity’ (gravity). We better talk about the planet Jupiter. Has the strongest gravitational force in the Milky Way.

In addition, if everything is what the universe gives us because of our thoughts, bad things like poverty, debt, accidents, sickness. Is it a result of the negative law of attraction? You got hit by a car because you were negative…can’t you help it?

law of attraction And the matter of wealth helps to pay off debt.

Faith and money are two things that we often see together. When human beings are unable to control or explain important factors such as health, money or even relationships. Human nature will make us run for other answers.

Although the Law of Attraction cannot directly generate money for you. But we can’t deny that most people limit their opportunities just because they think they can’t. or don’t want to For example, don’t dare to move jobs because you’re afraid that you won’t be able to get along with your new workplace. or resigned and did not want to go to work because he was lazy

Although thoughts and beliefs can change people But the disadvantage of the Law of Attraction Theory is that it emphasizes only beliefs. But did not focus on efforts and methods of self-improvement. I’ll give you a simple explanation. The law of attraction might say

positive thinking > wealth

But actually, the process of creating wealth in the real world is more complicated.

Positive beliefs > Enthusiasm > Effort > Wealth

Instead of thinking We believe that we will be rich and we will be rich immediately. We should adjust our thinking We believe that we can be rich. So we have to go to work. We must keep working hard. go through failure and wealth will come to us

But we must admit that Effort alone may not make many people rich. Some types of jobs, some occupations, have a ‘income ceiling’ even if they try twice as much. The income did not double. In this section, adjusting the view that we must have money will allow us to step back and look at the wider picture. which is the beginning of finding opportunities trying something new which is a factor of wealth

For some people, ‘perspective adjustments’ are necessary. But many people can already do these things on their own.

How to use the law of attraction used to benefit

Philosophy, ideas, beliefs are amazing things. But our choices are not just denial or acceptance. We can take advantage and use it to benefit our lives.

‘Fake It ‘Till You Make It ‘ and ‘Fake It ‘Till You Become It’ are popular phrases among teenagers. Suitable for people who may not be ready yet. but need encouragement to give yourself the courage to try something new

‘Positive thinking’ is a very powerful tool. Here’s what you need to consider. What is holding you back from getting what you want? If the answer is courage, confidence or goal setting I think the Law of Attraction can be answered well.

But in the next step All you need is mindfulness, logic, discipline and perseverance that will help you make good decisions and have the determination to run toward your goals. These factors depend on which Law of Attraction theory you believe in. Because if we ask ten people We got ten definitions. Each theory is similar, but not exactly the same.

Another important factor is overcoming timid and lazy habits. which in this section can come in many forms since hypnosis change of mind or even psychotherapy Some are pseudoscience. Some of them are psychological. and some of them are psychiatrists.

‘psychotherapy’ may sound like a joke, but it’s actually negative, a feeling of helplessness. a lot of anxiety or no concentration are all things that can be treated And it’s not embarrassing for us to walk in and talk to this specialist doctor. (Maybe cheaper than other indirect treatments)

I summarize as follows.

If you are a negative person until it affects the way of life > find an expert in this field for help
If you’re just thinking Not positive or negative > It’s possible, I want you to think positively. But what if your current thoughts didn’t cause anyone trouble? You can do anything.
If you are a positive person > then keep thinking positive. That’s good.

Finally about the Law of Attraction.

If you get nothing from this article. I would like you to remember that ‘positive thinking’ and ‘effort’ are two things human beings should have. which if believing in the law of attraction allows you to have these things I thought it was a pleasure.

We can view the ‘Law of Attraction’ as a branch of philosophy. And the study of philosophy and thought is good. But we must study it along with other philosophies for comparison. I have an article on Stoic Philosophy That is about adjusting the mind so that we can endure various obstacles. I recommend you to try and read it. Everyone will have more diverse perspectives. What is Stoic philosophy?

Finally, I will say Faith is a delicate matter. And it’s not my job to tell you what you should believe. If you are someone who is looking for a way to adjust your beliefs, adjust your personality and are considering spending money on this. I strongly advise you to seek help from a certified professional.





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