What is poverty?

Poverty is the main problem of capitalist society. no one wants But solving the problem of poverty is difficult.

If we talk about poverty We may think of the problem of people who do not have food to eat. Can’t turn money in time But in reality, the problem of poverty has a much uglier look. Poor people are unable to afford medical expenses for themselves or their families. Children from poor families have to drop out of school to work to support their parents. which will become a never ending cycle

In this article, let’s try to answer the question of what poverty is. Why does the current social system make people poor? And why is the problem of poverty so difficult to solve?

Table of Contents

  • What is poverty? [Poverty or Poverty]
  • Poverty in the family – what exactly does poverty come from?
  • The Poverty Cycle – Why Poverty is Hard to Solve
  • Solution to poverty of Thai people – 5 policies to eradicate poverty
  • Finally, about poverty and poverty alleviation.
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What is poverty? [Poverty or Poverty]

Poverty means not having enough assets and income to meet basic human needs. Poverty is caused by a variety of social, economic, and political factors. Poor people may lack basic human resources such as food, water, shelter, clothing, or education.

In Thailand there are millions of people living in poverty. Maybe because he was born into a poor family. Have health problems that cause you to pay more for medical expenses or may be hurt by the poison of the economy

Of course, the problem of poverty would not be wanted by anyone. In the eyes of some businessmen and economists, poverty is unbearable. The economy makes people rich and the economy will make people poor

At the end of the article, I will write another explanation on how to solve poverty problems. Especially the problem of poverty in Thailand, what should be possible? But before we get to that part Let’s try to understand the problem of family poverty first.

Poverty in the family – what exactly does poverty come from?

Poverty in the family Caused by the inability of assets and income in the country to be distributed well enough to all people. This means that the assets and incomes that are currently distributed are insufficient to meet the basic needs of certain populations in society. 

not having enough money for basic needs create more problems than we can see with the naked eye

If we really come to try it. in a poor society We can see that the level of education is very little or nonexistent. The divorce rate is high. Trouble reading books Hygiene problems, various pathogens

However, I am not writing this article to say that The rich are wrong not to share their money or the poor are wrong not to save. the problem of poverty from inadequate design of social structure and economic structure Money and benefits cannot be effectively distributed to everyone.

The ‘efficiency’ that I wrote is not difficult to explain. Just enough for the needs of the people. Everyone has money to buy food to eat. Everyone can heal themselves if they get sick. All children can go to school.

The Poverty Cycle – Why Poverty is Hard to Solve

cycle of poverty This means that most of the poor are unable to access opportunities in society. Makes it impossible to develop yourself or build a body. for the family to come out of the problem of poverty, and the way to break the cycle of poverty must only come from external factors 

In the previous article I wrote that people with poverty lack of access to a good education Most of them study so little that they can’t even read. What do you mean?

This means that this population will not have access to basic social opportunities. for example If the average person has a problem with their house water leaking, we may turn to Google phones and find a cheap plumber to fix it.

which people from poor status First of all, there is no mobile phone. Second, there is no internet. Third, can’t read books at all, Google can’t.

This means that it takes longer than the average person to solve a simple problem. In addition, sometimes you may have to pay more money than the average person. because of fewer options If we look at each other’s time equally, the person who spends 5 hours looking for a plumber versus the person who spends only 15 minutes looking for a plumber. Who will work more efficiently?

And of course, it would not be easy to study, gain knowledge, add skills for yourself to join the group of people who have the opportunity.

In addition, people with low incomes It is not possible to buy in bulk to get a cheap price. It’s a simple decision like buying several packets of instant noodles. Buying several rolls of tissue paper It became something that had to be made to think hard. Some people don’t even have a car to go shopping at the mall. Causing to buy expensive things from convenience stores in the neighborhood even

In this section, I would like each person to try to write down their own basic expenditures, whether water, electricity, food, if included in all expenses purchased at ‘retail’ prices, is enough to save money for your child to go to school? nothing

Poverty consists of three things: lack of opportunity, lack of knowledge and lack of resources. which all three Most people can’t find it on their own. If there is no one to help donate or the government helps to promote We can see that the chances of poor people breaking out of this cycle are slim.

Solution to poverty of Thai people – 5 policies to eradicate poverty

Solution to poverty of Thai people Is to help increase revenue and reduce expenses. The solution to this part must come from external factors. Job creation to reduce unemployment, for example. minimum income increase Increasing minimum work welfare and support for child care and early education.  

Ultimately, the problem is how to design a social system to increase incomes and reduce expenses for the poor. without affecting other parts

for example Much of the domestic job increase will come from supporting new businesses. Or as many people may be known as SME businesses, which businesses in this category are small. high growth potential but has low capital Plus you have to compete with many competitors.

But what can we do to make SME businesses able to support the employment of more people? At the same time we would like to increase the minimum income. Increase welfare for employees (Increasing the minimum income also increases the expenses for the business.)

In this article, I have listed 5 factors that can help solve the problem of poverty. Some of them require cooperation from the business sector. Some must come from the government. Or, if lucky, some poor households can solve the problem by themselves.

#1 Create jobs

Job creation is the first factor contributing to both economic problems and poverty. More jobs equals more people earning more. People who earn more will spend more. This money will be used to further develop the economy.

It’s like a dream come true. Because job creation seems to be all good, but it’s difficult to do because it will make the company need more employees. The economy and market needs must be met… Let me just talk about this part of economics and come back to talking about job creation and poverty alleviation.

Having more work means more options. This means that the number of people who are unemployed will be less. which for people who are already experiencing poverty A lack of income for a day to a few months can cause big problems.

The jobs created must be able to support the poorest segment of the population. This means that most jobs are low skilled jobs. such as labor Or maybe it’s a basic service job. However, the best thing is to create jobs that can develop people as well. May develop the labor class to have technician knowledge which in this part has to rely on business development again

Another area that can be looked at is bringing in long-term unemployed people into new jobs. Most of these people are difficult to find jobs and may not have the same skills as new workers. In this regard, there may be policies that support the employment of those with less opportunities. or have some drawbacks

#2 Minimum Income and Hello

The ‘minimum income’ is what the public enjoys but also scare businessmen. Mostly because The ‘salary increase’ without upskilling the workers is ‘Increase costs’ that many businesses may not be able to afford.

But ‘salary’ is still the main income for people living in the poor. We have seen that incomes that are too low will lead to poverty. in the same view Benefits such as the right to sick leave (Without deducting salary) It is very necessary for this part of the employee.

The issue of minimum income and welfare considered a national problem. This is why many politicians and economists have come out to push for this income increase.

In the last part of this article, I have explained how The poor spend more on their basic needs than the rich. Because there is a small amount of money, it is impossible to buy a lot of things in order to get a lower price. and, of course, according to the economic mechanism Expenses and the cost of various products will only increase in price. Inflationary

And most of the times, the salaries of this single employee are not increasing as much as inflation. This is another reason why the cycle of poverty is difficult to solve.

I think in the end the answer lies in what we can do to increase the ‘skill’ of the workforce. In order to drive the business to grow. which, when the business is strong enough, will be able to support the payroll for more people according to skill suitability

#3 Basic facilities such as education, medicine

Many people commented that education and medicine It should be a cheap basic resource.

I don’t mean luxury hospitals or expensive international schools that some middle class people can’t afford. I mean building enough schools and hospitals. and find a way to make this cost to a minimum So that most people don’t have to worry about whether their children will graduate or not. But if the illness is something, will there be money for treatment?

Basically, the government has several policies to cater to low-income people. However, the current welfare is still insufficient for the poor of the country. In addition, quality is another concern.

In addition to basic education and medicine Raising a family is a welfare that can help a lot of low-income people. Especially having a child care facility where parents can send their children to live. The nursery eliminates the problem of having one parent stay home with no income to raise a child. If this part can be solved, the income per 1 household with children will immediately double.

Today, raising a family is considered a financial burden for low-income families. besides that We can see that most low-income families have larger family sizes than middle- and upper-class families. Simply put, ‘Poor people have many children’

This part is both a natural mechanism and an economic mechanism. I think having a family is too big to afford. can be solved in many ways This part must depend on the government’s goals of managing the country. If you want to have fewer children, you need to focus on communication. If you want to increase the population, you need to increase welfare.

#4 Income distribution 

Finally, to solve poverty problems, we must look at the income distribution in the country. Most of the income tends to come to a few capitalists. But it’s not that the capitalist is wrong. In my opinion, what is wrong is that the social system places too much emphasis on capitalism.

The opposite of capitalism is socialism. which I used to write an article about socialism If anyone is interested in learning more, I recommend reading this article. What is socialism? Pros and Cons [Socialism]

Income distribution is easy to say but difficult to do. First of all, how do we communicate that most capitalists distribute their money to others? (Which is not the duty of the capitalist at all. The second thing is how do we distribute the income to all the poor people?

The first distribution of income comes in what is known as taxes and government aid. This means that when people who are wealthy pay taxes Taxes will go into the hands of the government. The government then distributes this tax into different policies to help low-income people. Maybe to build a government school. Make health insurance, still 30 baht, cure all diseases or it may come in the form of ‘give away money’

In this section, I have 2 perspectives from foreign countries that are actually effective but have a lot of limitations 3

The first is in European countries. which has a much smaller population than Thailand (Meaning that the population is less poor as well) the government will invest in education. medical and other facilities to all citizens fully. This kind of socialist operation is a good distribution of income.

The second pattern is like China. which has a large population that cannot be governed by a democracy In this regard, what the Chinese government does well is money management. which can go from a country where there are a lot of poor people, many people starve to death, becoming a big economic power in the world

#5 Middle Class 

Poverty solution is pushing low-income people into the middle class which is not an easy thing to do And it’s not something that can be done in two years.

The fact that we will allow 1 household to ‘promote’ from lower class to middle class. If we do not talk about external factors We have to look at internal factors like ‘saving money’, which may or may not be possible depending on how much income each household has.

which the savings will come out in the form of saving money to buy land Saving money to build a business Or saving money to send their children to college. Finally, if the poor have enough ‘basic resources that human needs’ then saving discipline and how to spend money is the next thing that should be pushed.

Land and education are two things that have long-term returns. if nothing goes wrong Low-income households will be able to more easily institute their children into the middle class.

Of course, everything written in this section is based on the assumption that Nothing bad will happen. For example, parents may not be sick and have to spend a lot of money on treatment. My son studied college with determination and ended up having a job. Or investing in land is not cheated.

Finally, about poverty and poverty alleviation.

Finally, I think Many people in different countries are poor because of making bad decisions. Or being really lazy But most of the poor are just victims of the economic mechanism. Some people may be born very smart, very hardworking, but born into a family that doesn’t have enough opportunities. Combined with bad luck, encountering many problems in life may not be able to escape from the cycle of poverty

Poverty is a terrible thing. and the feeling of fear that tomorrow we will have nothing to eat If our family is sick, we will not have money for treatment. It is something that every human being should not have in a modern society like this.

This article, at first, I intended to be a short article. Write for fun to organize the thoughts in the brain. But write and write Instead, I felt that there were things that I should have clarified. Anyone who can read this far, I would like to thank you very much.

The last thing I should say in this article is I believe that one day society must find solutions to poverty problems. But before we can reach that kind of social system We may have to solve economic and political problems. To make Thailand a friendlier country for all people.





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