What is optimism? How to think more positively

Optimism is considered a life skill. Many people have probably heard that what people think will surely face things as we think Like the law of attraction itself. People’s thoughts and attitudes are the main factors that drive that person’s life or, in other words, is a destiny. or as a compass in our lives

Because when we think good, speak good, do good, it will have a good effect on our lives. On the other hand, pessimistic thinking or negative all the time Our lives are also filled with depression, gloom, worry, and stress all the time. But it’s impossible for people to think only positively all the time. However, there must be a negative side as well. But we can choose which side to look and concentrate on.

So today I want to share a good article about being optimistic. This will be the key that will help drive our lives to be happier on the basis of reality. Not a beautiful world

Table of Contents

  • What is optimism?
  • The importance of optimism
  • What are the indicators of optimism?
  • Tips and ideas for optimism
  • Finally, it’s about being optimistic, positive.

What is optimism?

Optimism (positive thinking) is how you choose to think and respond to things in life. Whether it’s a person, thing, or event, on the good side at the right level. See the world as it really is. live in the present Don’t cling to bad things

We choose to focus on the good/positive points. And choose to understand and perceive the negative / bad as they really are. but not taken into account Or bring it as an obstacle to life, sure enough.

Everyone must be wondering, right? that optimism That person must be a beautiful person. deceive yourself all the time to make myself comfortable But didn’t care about the truth at all. Which, in fact, is not at all.

Some people like to say that that person can think well and be happy Because he didn’t have much to think about. Every day I have money to spend comfortably. Have a luxurious life, rich house, have a handsome/beautiful girlfriend Or anything that is quoted to compare to make yourself look inferior which all of the above It’s just all external factors. The only thing that can determine happiness in our life is “us” (our thinking and perspective).

Everyone has problems and obstacles that they have to face in life. but those people he can be happy Because he has a creative view of the world. and choose to look at the positive aspects of life Rather than focusing on the bad spots and refusing to move on.

People who are optimistic will have characteristics and personalities such as being cheerful, smiling, good-humored, having good human relations, likeable, doing things with full energy. Have good physical and mental health good at letting go Looks younger than your age Does not like to gossip or blame anyone, is active, fluent, responds quickly to good things and able to deal with problems in a creative way, etc.

The importance of optimism

From what I’ve explained above. Everyone now understands what it means to be more optimistic. But there might be a question in your mind, right? “What about optimism? How is it important?”

Initially our thoughts It is the key that affects our behavior, actions and health.

But it cannot be denied that ‘pessimism It ‘s easier to be optimistic’ because our human brain has an instinct for survival and a strong fear response. Therefore, we often choose to look at events in a negative light first to protect ourselves. In this section, if anyone is interested in psychological analysis. I recommend reading the article on Fear comes from what ?

But if we can change ourselves to be optimistic (positive), then we will be able to have a happier life. Have better health than negative people.

I will give a preliminary example that Why is optimism important? And how will it affect us? as follows

  1. Our lives will be better: because whenever we look at the world in a positive way. We’ll feel calm, happy, and full of the positive aspects we choose to focus on. Because people are unable to think of good and bad at the same time. If you choose to think on the good side The result will come out well.
  2. Have a good and strong relationship: When we choose to focus on the good side of the person we are with. We will automatically choose to ignore his bad side. and will inevitably affect the relationship and friendship to be strong and have a good attitude towards each other more friendly As well as resulting in us being happy with the people we are with. whether as a lover or a friend
  3. Have the ability to deal with problems better: If we have to face various problems in life. Both stress in family matters, relationships or work that must be carried. If we choose to think positive It will allow us to see opportunities and good new perspectives. and allows us to move through that problem more easily and quickly.
  4. More life force: because we look at things that we have to face in a good and positive way all the time. will help reduce anxiety It makes us less stressed, energetic, energetic. Which strengthens the power to do things more fully
  5. Stronger health: Changing the concept to be optimistic and positive Is one of the important factors that make our health better. Because optimism makes us less stressed, reduces anxiety, and pressures. This will affect various systems in the body to work better. both the circulation of blood lowered blood pressure heart beat slows down Not easily frustrated or stressed Immune to pressure and negative thoughts improve overall health
  6. promote courage Cause self-esteem: the belief that good things are about to happen in our lives. Equal to us giving value to our lives. The people who are optimistic will have an attitude that “I can do it. Anything is Possible,” which boosts confidence and is one of the key traits of highly successful individuals.
  7. Attract good things into our lives: how we think of good things Will result in a good mood. have an atmosphere of happiness In the course of life, only good things will happen. Because it’s the law of attraction. From our way of thinking and point of view, sure enough.

What are the indicators of optimism?

The common problem is ‘know optimism It’s a good thing’, but it can’t be done. Because he couldn’t catch himself in time. When I forget, I accidentally think negatively. In this section, I would like to introduce indicators of optimism to study

that we can see that We are optimistic or not. can be measured primarily from the element of optimism which is based on study findings and developing optimism through group counseling. And in line with what I have explained above in terms of the importance of being positive.

Here are some examples of elements that will indicate that we are optimistic:

  1. Active problem-solving and planning: a positive or optimistic person. will be able to handle the problem various monsoons in life as well Because those people will choose to look for points that need to be fixed and look for opportunities that will occur in a positive, creative way, will be able to plan to deal with problems that arise. and move through it quickly From the idea that “Obstacles and mistakes that occur are meant to be learned and overcome, leading to better self-improvement.”
  2. The ability to see things realistically: Positive people are able to see things both positively and negatively. But these people will choose to recognize and understand the bad side. but not attached and choose to focus on the good side to be positive energy for oneself
  3. Cheerful, cheerful, humorous , and good interpersonal skills: people who think well, are optimistic, will be happy, which will be expressed in facial expressions and actions. with cheerful, bright, humorous, hilarious, good human relations which makes the people who are with them happy, wanting to get close and associate with these people
  4. Able to look at and say things in a positivelight: this point is very direct and clear. because when we look at the world in a positive light We are naturally people who can look at things in a positive way. And from the fact that we choose to look and think in a good / positive angle. It will inevitably result in us being a person who thinks good, speaks good, and does good things.
  5. able to control themselves in terms of emotions and adjust their emotions appropriately: our optimism as mentioned above We will understand both sides of reality whether positive or negative. of events that happen to us when we understand the reality will be able to neutralize emotions and choose a good spot To give us positive energy to fight against the bad events that we have to face. through neutral perspective adjustments Being concentrated on the positive side makes us happy.

If initially If you have more than 3-4 of these attributes I think you are quite optimistic.

Tips and ideas for optimism

I would like to share some good advice. That can help us be more optimistic.

  1. Don’t cling to past mistakes. Because life must go on. And practice setting small goals that are possible first. and accomplished
  2. Learn to let go and forgive both yourself and others. because if we only have anger unforgiving Life will be full of sorrows makes us unable to be optimistic
  3. Look for an idolwho can inspire you to be more positive,
    such as someone who has achieved great success. Be a person who can overcome obstacles wisely. and people who have a way of thinking about living happily to the fullest from being optimistic
  4. Try to surround yourself with positive and optimistic people. When we live in a society full of positive people will result in us absorbing those powers and is someone who thinks in a good way, followed by
  5. Reduce the consumption of negative news,such as social media in general. If we only encounter negative posts And make your mind bad, avoid or press unfollow because of the bad news. has the effect of making our brains remember And it can be an obstacle to being optimistic.
  6. Practice thinking in a positive way until you get used to it. Try asking the question: If something bad happens to us How do we learn to look at those situations in a positive way?

I suggest a simple way is to practice asking questions and answering with friends or close people. by having one person ask a question as a hypothetical event that we are facing a bad event And we need to practice thinking and answering. by choosing to look for good points in bad things that happen This will help our brain train to have a good / positive perspective until it gets used to it. As a result, we have a more realistic and positive perspective on various matters, for example:

  • Q: If we break our legs, we have to stay at home bored / Answer: Good, we can sleep and rest fully.
  • Q: If the car suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road / Answer: There may be a handsome guy to help fix it.
  • Imagine good things that will happen in the future. It is another way to help us have the power to do things fully. Don’t worry/stress in the bad side first. It’s also an encouragement to yourself.
  • rejoice when others are good known as a giver without expecting something in return It will help us see the value in ourselves. and have more happiness in life
  • know how to manage time prioritize what to do If we are able to manage our schedule and priorities in a systematic way, our life will not be hectic and stressful, which will result in a more positive attitude towards ourselves and things.
  • knowing how to be happy about the little things of each day Thank you for the good things that come into my life with sincere feelings. It can help us to be happy, full and able to look at things in a more positive way.
  • Smile a lot, it’s a very simple basis. Just practice smiling often. smile at yourself in the mirror Smile to those around you who know him as appropriate. Smiling is like a therapy to make our hearts happy through happy body language. Because smiling is a symbol of happiness and hospitality.

Finally, it’s about being optimistic, positive.

From what I have shared with you about optimism (positive thinking), I understand that It was quite difficult to cultivate for some people. Because nowadays, both the news that we have seen or listened to is negative. A society where we meet selfish people or various pressures that must be faced in daily life Inevitably, it is quite an obstacle to positive thinking.

But I would like to leave a comment and emphasize that everyone can reflect again that How will our lives be? The key that drives the direction of our lives is “all our attitudes and perspectives on living”.

Moreover, in all of us there are positive and negative thoughts. which we should not practice the habit of thinking negatively often We should practice thinking and have a positive view of things that happen. It helps our brain to practice creative thinking in a good way. And we will eventually become optimistic people. I hope this article will be useful to friends who have read it. make me know how to make my life happier Try to practice optimism. think positive I’m rooting for everyone.





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