What is life planning? Tips for planning a good life

We all hope that everyone will be successful and live happily. But how to have success and sustainable happiness? must have a good life plan Initially, we must be positive people. Every step of our planning must be thoughtful. But if something unexpected happens and affects We are always ready to cope and learn from them.

In this article, we will talk about planning a good life. and advice that will make you live a more satisfying life

What is life planning?

life planning is Our life map or road sign If we have planned You’ll feel that it’s easier to do anything. succeed faster ready to handle every situation A good life plan must be appropriate to reality. can actually follow

before saying anything more I have to say first that Goals in life or the definition of happiness in life are different. Some people have a goal of higher education. Some people want a big house. Some people want to live in a foreign country and arrange a cold in a humble way. In this section, if you cannot define a preliminary target (or ultimate goal) of your life The advice is ‘ Make a plan to learn. Find yourself first ‘

for example trying something new Talk to people with different perspectives.

However, in this article, I have made some ‘recommendations’ for life planning that everyone should be able to use. I have divided it into family matters. about work goals and about being happy with work Everyone can read it and try to adjust it.

Advice for planning family life

Family is the most important thing in one’s life. But the family can be considered quality and complete. It must come from having a good family plan.

The basis of being a family is Choosing a person who is ready to be our spouse who are ready to be the same family And most importantly, there is a goal in family planning that is in the same direction.

An important element of choosing someone to be a life partner is have the same concept and attitude of life If they are different, they can be tuned together. ready for work financial stability Marriage and having children so that the child grows up to be a quality adult Not just a person with knowledge and ability, but must be a person who knows good and evil. and be useful to society

Life as a couple or someone who is husband and wife is the beginning of a family. when agreeing to become husband and wife There must be quite a lot of tuning or adjustment in the beginning. Because people have different experiences and lifestyles. may have to be more open-minded Try to understand each other as much as possible to minimize conflicts.

in the matter of having children Father and mother must be physically ready. mood and mind The health of both parents should be checked before marriage and pregnancy. will be dealt with and corrected immediately and for the child to have a healthy body

The important thing is to have a consultation and talk about who is responsible or responsible for what matters. And should have a plan or allocate income and expenses in the family well. Including considering savings that will be needed in the future and for emergencies.

In addition, preparation is required to be a good parent. and set an example for their children should try to study skills or seek advice from people with knowledge and experience medical professional especially obstetrician or read a textbook and study on the Internet, etc.

However, if you are not ready to have children due to various factors, you should have the right method of contraception. which can seek advice from an obstetrician-gynecologist to choose a method of contraception that is good and suitable for ourselves

Nowadays, it is found that there is quite a high birth rate. Because some people still do not realize and lack knowledge about correct birth control. And I think it’s not a big deal. It’s true that they raised them to grow up. Anyone can raise but to raise efficiency should be well planned because of the birth of one should be born with quality and happiness

When not ready, contraception should be used. therefore wanting people to be parents Should be aware of the importance in this matter. think of children a lot because it affects our own children in the future quite a lot

The family is the foundation and an important part of instilling children. because of helping to grow up to be a good person Do not cause trouble to others based on good attitude Style of raising people in the family as well. Therefore, having a family is not difficult and not easy. should have an understanding Study and plan comprehensively and carefully. so that there will be no problems in the future And this is why good family planning is needed.

Advice on life and career planning

Usually when we travel to unfamiliar or trekking Still need a map or compass. so as not to get lost and travel to the correct destination Our lives are the same. We do not know what will happen ahead. But if planning systematically allocated Everything will look easier. less mistakes and life goals will become clearer

When we have clear and definite career goals We should be prepared in terms of knowledge, abilities, skills that are required. even if the way ahead will encounter obstacles or problems We will never be discouraged. But if we are tired, we can choose to rest first. then go on Because the path we choose We are confident that we will definitely succeed.

When do we find the passion or the right way? target hit The essence or basis of goal setting We must have a positive attitude. stay positive Have faith and believe in yourself that you can do it. Don’t let fear destroy your dreams. our own success and happiness

Fear is the first and most important line that teaches us to become stronger and braver. When can you overcome it? Dare to try and take risks You will experience and be incredibly proud of the achievements that you expected.

Fear and worry are normal and it’s human nature to want to protect ourselves. Not to experience bad feelings when faced with failure But those will be experiences that make you grow and become a face-to-face person. I’m not afraid of anything easily And ready to fight what will happen in the future

Some people are afraid that it must be difficult. It’s impossible. must be like this Others will definitely criticize, so please listen to your own voice. and get over it Or find inspiration to keep you motivated to keep going. and most importantly, when you get a job We should always develop and train ourselves. In order to make yourself progress in that job or career as well

Most of our lives are spent working. Therefore, we should choose the job we love. Ready to work every day without feeling tired I don’t feel bad about facing a Monday. And make us happier than a lot of salary but poor physical and mental health Although the salary is low We can also do extra jobs to increase income as well.

If this job you like and yes, but the salary is too low to bear You have to change jobs Don’t force or deceive yourself as this will stress you out. Then turn to find a job that you really like and can accept the salary. Or you need to add skills, knowledge, abilities to yourself. in order to have a way to earn more income Because I believe that everyone has enough potential and talent that is not just one thing.

But in the case of people who have to work a lot just to want to have more money to spend or have many obligations and responsibilities However, our physical and mental health should be taken into account. If anything happens, the money that can be earned must be used as self-treatment

Doing so is one of the failures in life. should find time to relax Stay by yourself or relax yourself. or even reduce their own needs and spend only what is necessary You will have more savings.

as mentioned above Work must have rest. And go out to travel, live, do what they are interested in. Also known as work-life balance, we should have work and life balance. having regular physical and mental health care hang out research or learn something new or find a hobby Practice what we like more. in order to live a happier and more productive life

Advice for planning your working life

Work is an important aspect of our lives. When having a job, we have income to use in our daily lives. But that we will have a job or work well. We also need to have a plan first in order for the work to come out perfectly and with the least possible errors.

Planning is very important in every story because if something happens that we unexpectedly We will be able to respond faster and solve problems more precisely. If you have a master plan, you must also have a backup plan.

in terms of work We should have goals and plan each day well. There was a list of what we were going to do. Divided into what we need to do and what we want to do. in order to prioritize correctly and appropriately         

Once prioritized The date and time should be specified for how long it will take. So that there is no worry when the deadline arrives, and after completing each task assigned there should be a review of what has been done.

Working time should be intentional and dedicated to that task. Doing it to the fullest is better than doing enough to complete it. The quality of the work also indicates the identity of the people who work as well as who we are. focus on work and divide the break time well so as not to affect work

Place of work is also important. Should choose an environment in which we feel comfortable, concentrated and well ventilated. and avoid other uncontrollable factors, such as temporarily muting your phone or other notifications, away from the noise of your colleagues, etc.

We can choose how to manage it. to work for maximum efficiency But not work until stress. lose mental health Because that shows that you are taking your work too seriously. Until sometimes having to carry work to do at home or affect family relationships Maybe we should balance it. relax yourself so that the body does not get sick Emotions and minds were unchanged.

Therefore, a good work plan is half the victory. Better than drifting aimlessly each day. We should know and realize what should be done first, allocate good time so as not to interfere with work or other matters. anything you have to do

Finally, about life planning.

No matter how much advice I have, in the end, the ‘goal’ or way of life must always come out in a way that you ‘satisfied’ first, and of course, each human being has different preferences and goals. together It also makes the definition of happiness from life planning different.

This means that if you really want to do these tips to live a happy life. You must not forget to find your own definition of happiness first.





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