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What is happiness? definition of true happiness

Happiness is what everyone wants. But not everyone has a different opinion on what happiness is. Some people say that we will be happy if we have a car and a house. Some say they’ll be happy if they have a family, have kids, or others say they’ll be happy when they’re out drinking with friends.

These happiness are important. But it is a joy that may come into your life for a few minutes or a few days. But after a long time, you will wake up and feel that happiness is gone. Simply put, these happiness cannot last forever.

What is happiness?

True happiness is happiness within you. It is happiness that comes from being satisfied with yourself and what you have. satisfied with the body own mind and soul True happiness is when you feel love for yourself. Some people call this peace.

Some people may love Married because he was happy to be with the people he loved. But every time he quarreled, he would feel that the happiness he used to have disappeared.

I understand that we humans are social animals. And everyone can find happiness in being with their close friends or loved ones. Some people find happiness from traveling to new places and seeing new perspectives in life.

…But is there any happiness in life that doesn’t have to be tied to things, places, or even other people?

The truth is that we all find happiness in things outside of ourselves. making few people understand the meaning of the word ‘True happiness’

Of course, the definition of happiness for each person may not be the same.


I think if we don’t feel self-love or self-satisfaction, Even if we were with the people we love, we wouldn’t be happy anyway.

Some people, no matter how well their girlfriend takes care of them, are perfect, ingenious, but if in their heart they feel that they are worthless or feel that they are not worthy. He wouldn’t be happy. And his girlfriend wouldn’t be able to make him happy.

On the contrary, some people live alone. Going for a walk in a nature park alone would be happy.

Because true happiness cannot be obtained from other people. Others may be able to help guide us. But in the end, happiness must come from understanding and learning by yourself. (Nobody can tell you what makes you happy. or anything that makes your mood swings)

In this section, I encourage everyone to read my article, 40 Ways to Calm Down, Not Distracted , which should help everyone understand and be able to create happiness for themselves through peace.

True happiness with things outside the body                               

Many people misunderstand Defines that having something outside the body will prevent us from reaching true happiness. But I don’t think we need to do that at all. The two are not opposites of each other.

We may have true happiness from within. and then be happy from what we can get outside at the same time

Or we may have true happiness from within. But being suffering from external matters is also possible. (But inner happiness would help alleviate suffering from external things)

I believe that the best relationships are when two people are happy from within. Because this kind of relationship is one without paranoia or fear.

I once wrote an article on happiness and suffering that these two things are not opposites of each other. Joy and sorrow can go hand in hand. If anyone is interested, I recommend you to read it. Why do you have everything and still not be happy and how can ‘happiness from not attaching’ come true

Now let’s come back and talk about true happiness again.

The true definition of happiness that I said is that people feel satisfied with themselves. feel at ease in who you are Some people describe this feeling as peace. We feel at peace because we feel satisfied with what we have. feel that what we are is no longer embarrassing or something that must cause us pain

happiness and peace

The peace I am referring to is inner peace.

Some people may look calm on the outside, but on the inside they feel restless. Then there would be no happiness.

In Buddhism, it might be said that peace is how we live in the present moment. not worried about the future will not be sad about the past

Or maybe it comes from your true understanding of yourself. Know what makes you sad and know what makes you mad Because we humans can rise above our own emotions…if we know where those emotions come from.

People are not upset because of traffic jams. We were upset because we didn’t know when we would reach our destination. We were upset because we couldn’t control the traffic.

Therefore, if we know ourselves peace will come by itself

Another common misconception about peace is that Peace is not about shutting down your feelings. But peace is when we accept that our feelings are like this. And even if the feeling hurts us on the outside, we still feel peaceful inside.

It’s like a person who can meditate despite being bitten by a mosquito. The pain and itching is still there. But both our minds and our hearts are at peace and so on. Of course, these are things that require long-term practice, not things that can be said and done immediately. So if you’re still feeling unsettled right now, that’s okay.

We gradually found a way to learn from each other.

In the past, I only spoke broad overviews. But how do you get this happiness and peace?

How to live a happy life

Just telling them to calm down doesn’t solve any problems, right? like you already owe money we know the problem We know the solution too. But we don’t know how to do it. Therefore, let’s see what we have to do to make life happy.

Ask yourself what exactly do you want in life? Some people might say to start with meditation. But for me, the best thing is to observe your emotions when you feel out of control. (For example, when you feel angry or jealous) and gradually collect information about when or what factors make us feel this way often.

And do the same thing when you feel happy or peaceful. (Take the real happiness from doing something we like. not just happiness from eating delicious food)

After that, it’s just about increasing your chances of giving yourself pleasure. Reduce the likelihood that we will feel out of control.

In the real world, we wouldn’t be able to control everything in our lives. Plus, everyone has different roles and environments around them. But I believe that asking yourself questions and trying to find answers to those questions. is the beginning of finding true happiness

I will end this article with a list of questions. that you can use to learn about yourself.

  1. When have you ever felt that you couldn’t control your emotions?
  2. Isn’t there any particular factor that is the same when you’re controlling your emotions?
  3. Is there anything you can do to reduce the above factors?
  4. What would you like to do in this life?
  5. Would it be possible to set aside time to do what you want to achieve? A little bit is still good
  6. What are some small moments that make you happy today?
  7. Can you create small moments of tomorrow in your everyday life to recharge yourself?


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