What is Fonasa and when was it created?

Our health should always be very important to us, which is why we must find ways to stay healthy and fit. And it is that for a long time the human being has sought strategies to lose weight , lead a healthy lifestyle, but above all have good health insurance to support us, in case of emergencies.

And in the case of Chile we have Fonasa, which is a public health insurance, which supports its beneficiaries in case of any medical need they have. This is done from various operating systems, but the most popular is through Fonasa bonds . So if you want to know more about it, then we will give more depth to the subject.

How to know what letter I am in Fonasa

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  1. What is Fonasa and when was it created?
  2. Why is it good to know what letter I am in Fonasa?
  3. What are the means to find out my letter of Fonasa?
  4. How can not knowing my Fonasa handwriting affect me?

What is Fonasa and when was it created?

The FONASA National Health Fund was created in 1979. It is the financial organization that is in charge of fundraising, administration and equitable and fair distribution of state money, destined for health in Chile. Being one of them the most important function that is the financing of health benefits.

It is supervised and controlled by the superintendence of health. Since 2005, the headquarters is in the capital of Chile , the City of Santiago, it is a decentralized service.

One of the forecasts that we are going to find in Chile is the Fonasa National Health Fund. It serves to be able to be attended in this way in the Health network. Obviously, the amount of income of the family in general has a lot to do with it, of those who are clearly in the network and, therefore, on many occasions people do not have specific knowledge of which letter of Fonasa they are in.

Why is it good to know what letter I am in Fonasa?

FONASA or National Health Fund is a social measure that exists in Chile to access care in health centers. This is obviously linked to the economic activity of a family, it is normal to think so, but in thousands of moments the letter of Fonasa of which they are part is unknown.

It must be taken into account that it is extremely important to have a clear idea of ​​what letter we are in in Fonasa. Since in this way, we will not only be able to know exactly where we have to go to get care. If not, we will also know an approximate of what the consultation could cost us. Something that obviously matters to all of us.

The letter is very important I would say. Because if unfortunately at some point we urgently have to go see a doctor, to attend a health center, you would already be aware of where you should go and how much you are going to spend on a consultation.

For everyone, it is unimportant to know this letter. Since they are only interested in being subscribed to the national fund to be able to have care at hand in medical care centers, although in any possible way it is highly important to know what the letter is as clearly as possible. Needless to say, subscribing to this forecast is much cheaper than ISAPRE.

What are the means to find out my letter of Fonasa?

So what you should do to find out what your letter is in the national health fund, enter the official website so that in this way you can know the letter to which you belong simply by entering your RUT. And you will be able to see the affiliation certificate online, from that moment you will be able to know perfectly the letter to which you belong to the Health forecast.

Likewise, if you have no idea how to do it over the Internet or you simply find it much more comfortable to carry out this small procedure by call . You can do it by calling the available telephone numbers of the National Health Fund where with the basic data you can get them to give you everything you need to know. Removing any doubt, apart from the letter to which you belong, that you may have.

For some people, if not most, knowing which letter it belongs to is uncertain . Since the least that one as a patient is thinking about, in the midst of pain or health discomfort is, in the letter of the Fonasa. So it is not known how much a consultation bonus could be and less will they have an idea in which centers they can be attended.

How can not knowing my Fonasa handwriting affect me?

As I said then, we must bear in mind that it is not the same to belong to one or the other. In this way, despite the fact that many people do not care to know what letter it belongs to , this has a negative impact on their lives when we talk about the issue of health and the consultations that must be made periodically.





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