What is Critical Thinking – Critical Thinking Process

the ability to think analytically able to use discretion in making decisions It is considered the heart of living a smart life. This skill is also known as Critical Thinking or Critical Thinking.

Everyone probably appreciates a person who has a good idea, thinks analytically, thinks wisely. Many people would argue that people with intelligent thinking and judgment are skills that are innate from birth. However, many scientific studies have shown that critical thinking can be practiced. Everyone can think wisely.

But in an era that teaches people to memorize and follow rules and regulations rather than teaching reason We will see that teaching people to think and make decisions for themselves. become less important In this article, let’s take a look at what Critical Thinking is and how it is important. And the process that will help make us have more Critical Thinking, what to do?

What is Critical Thinking?

Critical Thinking or Critical Thinking Refers to the ability to think carefully and rationally. about what we do and what we believe The benefit of Critical Thinking is that it allows us to connect logic. and able to make reasonable arguments

First of all, we must distinguish that People who memorize a lot and have a good memory doesn’t mean they can use these information to make decisions. Like the words that people say ‘Knowledge floods my head. This is because memory skills and the ability to associate information are not skills that are often developed together.

and in real life People who have memories like photography (photographic memory) that can immediately remember everything that you see It doesn’t have to be smart, always has a high IQ…very different from what we see in western movies.

Critical thinking (or critical) people are able to connect information to draw conclusions from what they know. and understand how to leverage the information available to solve problems. or able to answer the question itself that if we do not know not enough information What else do we need to do to get enough information?

Critical thinking is viewed by many as a skill to In this section we can look at how Critical Thinking helps us to find the ‘weakness in other people’s logic’ which we will use this knowledge. in taking advantage of others make others feel guilty or to help others make better decisions It depends on each person’s habits and ability to communicate.

But in reality, Critical Thinking should be a tool to help us make decisions. And we can use constructive criticism. (Constructive Criticism) to help others make better decisions.

Benefits of Critical Thinking – Skills that are essential for life.

Most of the time, everyone can see that people who are intelligent, people who are logical, people who are more judgmental than others. Is there any advantage in life? In this section, let’s look at what kind of thinking skills Critical Thinking can give you.

Connect logic and ideas logically.
Create and analyze arguments
Find flaws and flaws for various reasons.
systematically solve problems
Understand and be able to justify your own beliefs.

Initially These skills will help you answer the problems you have. ‘Fixed answer’ is good, such as doing exams in the classroom. work in the research tree However, the skill These are becoming more and more difficult to use in a society that doesn’t have fixed rules. In this section, it doesn’t mean that Critical Thinking is less important, but just ‘implementing Critical Thinking’ in real life requires additional skills. such as communication skills social skills In this section, if anyone is interested I suggest you check out my articles on Empathy and Empathy. to teach you to think through the other side of reason

If we talk about ideas reasoning and decision Critical Thinking is the number one tool to prevent you from making the wrong decisions. and misjudged the situation meanwhile Thought and reasoning are what make you ‘Above my own emotions’ too It is an important point in understanding yourself and those around you.

The importance of critical thinking and rational living

in the previous section We’ve looked at the skills and benefits of Critical Thinking, but we might also ask: how important are these skills? Can people with Critical Thinking be able to live better in society? Or will it become a ‘black sheep’ that no one understands?

‘Misunderstandings’ or ‘misconceptions’ are everywhere in the world. same in every country What we need to focus on are false beliefs that have a negative effect on others, such as insults, racism. This kind of negative thinking even in the world’s No. 1 developed country still exists.

Someone once said that ‘Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge ‘ People with opinions want to say anything. Not responsible for words Don’t care about how what you say will make the other person feel or how it will carry on with your life.

and in a society that has ‘Opinion’ is full. Judgment or Critical Thinking is a tool that we must use as an informed listener. to prevent yourself from swaying in a bad direction (As for the necessary skill of the speaker is sympathy or empathy)

But of course, real life is filled with many factors. What seems to be a fixed reality for us It doesn’t necessarily have to be true to other people. Especially the ‘truth’ about emotions, feelings and life experiences. When beliefs, trends, or even life experiences can change at any time. The challenge of living in society is making decisions and interpreting them correctly. what is the truth what is the logic What is a misconception?

…and what’s even more important is If we have our own logic or ideas What are we going to do with this?

In the past, people who were sad were those who couldn’t control their emotions. Nowadays, the person who is sad may be a patient whose body does not produce enough happiness hormones. Human logic is ultimately limited by what we know. And in a universe where there is more knowledge than humans can ever study, ‘logic’ becomes changeable.

Critical Thinking process that helps develop thinking skills

Critical Thinking is broken down into five steps: Knowledge Acquisition, Data Understanding, Connection, Critical Thinking, and Evaluation. And everyone can actually do it.

The word ‘critical thinking’ is something everyone agrees to be good. But it’s not something that people focus on and want to develop. Judgment and logic are seen as a matter of intelligent people. It’s a child’s skill. Which most people think that if we are not born smart in the first place It would take us a lot of effort to develop logic… which no one would want to spend their own time doing.

Therefore, in this section, I would like to introduce 5 simple steps that will help train you to think more systematically. It only takes a little time. A person with a fast brain can think critically. These 5 steps can happen within a few seconds in the brain. But for those who are still thinking slowly I don’t feel as sensitive as other people. Then slowly practice thinking through these 5 steps. We don’t need to think as fast as others from the first day. But we can train ourselves to think more and more principled.

Let us bring every important decision to think through step 1 to step 2 until step 5 and then make a decision. 

#1 Understand the goal In this section, we will set goals for what we want to think analytically. Sometimes it may be a logical analysis of other people’s opinions. Sometimes it may be a consideration to choose the best decision direction in the current situation. In this section you are only answering questions because of what problem you have. Would you like to solve this problem?

#2 Understand the data If you already know what problem you want to solve. In this section, we compiled as much information as possible. may be looking for more information Asking for information from others or thinking about our past knowledge or experience In this section, you must answer what you will need to know. And how much information do you need to rush?

#3 Linking Linking data means we need data to link first. So if you feel hesitant can’t decide In most cases, it’s because number 2 in finding information is still not good enough. If you’re not in a hurry to make a decision, I recommend taking it slow. think slowly, find information before starting to link data You take the goal in item 1 as the main factor. Then bring various information to link

In case you have to make a decision Consider the limitations and the importance of limitations in each case.

#4 Think analytically . If the previous part was just connecting information, this part is thinking analytically about what kind of results would come out if we did this. And are there any disadvantages? If you work with machines and inanimate objects In this section, it’s easy to figure out. We want to drive long distances We also need to add enough water before driving. Or will have time to refuel on the way But if you work with people Most of the problems come from misunderstandings. I recommend you to read the story. Sympathy once again

The more options we have The more we think analytically We will get better results. Let’s consider how much this problem is worth the time we have to think about it.

#5 Selection In the past, we have set goals, collected data, analyzed results. And in this section, perhaps the easiest part is choosing. The more you go into detail with the action, The better you act on what you analyze. For example, if we are going to refuel We also need to prepare money. Or if you don’t want change, you may have to take a credit card.

In the case of a logical analysis of the opinions of others. The important thing is to find information. Additional inquiry form and in the analytical section It could be a simple action like You don’t have to listen to other people’s ideas in the first place. Agree to follow to get the problem solved quickly. or make an effort to change other people’s opinions The challenge with socializing is that we have so many factors and if we don’t really understand the other person, we can’t predict the outcome of our actions and words.

For those who are stuck on the story Opinion logic in society One article that I recommend reading is on being a good listener to teach us to listen to gather more information on other people’s opinions

I think these 5 steps are pretty simple and doable. But there are some cases that some people can’t follow. Most of them will come from More than ‘other limitations’, such as being a person who thinks small. Don’t dare to make decisions or fear failure. Don’t dare to do anything new. In this section, I recommend you to study these two articles that will help resolve your limitations.





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