What is Bullying – Causes and Solutions for Bullying in Society

Nowadays, many people don’t see the problem of bullying in society as something normal. Or fun things that are just teasing each other in the group of friends anymore. But it is an important problem that everyone must work together to find a solution. Whether it’s childhood, adolescent or adult. were all affected together

In this article, we will look at what bullying is. what is the cause What are the types of bullying? And how can we solve the problem of bullying in society?

Table of Contents

  • What is Bullying?
  • Why is bullying a problem?
  • Cause of bullying
  • Types of bullying
  • Solving bullying problems in society

What is Bullying?

Bullying is bullying, bullying, or violent behavior, whether verbally or physically. with or without intention which affects others in both physical and mental pain and feel inferior

The definition of bullying is very broad. That’s because bullying Persecution comes in many forms, in many ways. For example:

  • Mimicry of facial features, eyes, skin color, or inferiority complexes
  • Pretending to look superior by social stratification
  • The assault of a group of students at a school
  • Exposing or humiliating on social media

Why is bullying a problem?

Bullying is a problem that has been around for a long time in the past. which at present in many Countries around the world have people paying attention and becoming more aware of the consequences of such behavior.

From the research results, it was found that Thailand ranks 2nd in terms of bullying. bullying in school Second only to Japan

More than 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year, and about 160,000 children and young people are bullied by peers at school to the point where they do not dare to go to school, according to data from the United Nations Population Fund.

For nowadays, the media has a greater role to play with children and youth. which the use of media in the online world It has a great influence on the bullying behavior of children and young people. including some adults

in Thailand found More than 50 percent of the youth group had bullying behaviors. Bullying and threatening each other in the cyber world via electronic media is increasingly known as Cyber ​​Bullying, which is a problem that we are currently facing.

Also those who are being persecuted or being a victim of bullying It can be affected by many health problems such as depression and anxiety. which caused a feeling of loneliness effect on changes in sleep dining and loss of interest in activities that once enjoyed This depression may continue into the future as well. And in the worst case, it can even lead to suicide.

In the case of students Or students may have a lower academic performance and are more likely to drop out of school.

For those who tend to bully Or bullying others is equally worrisome. because by doing inappropriate behavior until becoming a habit It gives the opportunity to grow up to be an adult with a bad attitude. Like to use violence against people close to them and may accidentally commit a crime without being careful until becoming a criminal in the end

Cause of bullying

Researchers have tried to determine the cause of bullying behavior. bully others The related risk factors can be identified as follows.

  1. Biological Factors– Nowadays, medical advances have made us understand more biological aggressive behaviors such as genetics, hormones and brain etc. which are not only caused by psychological or social causes.

Some people may have trouble producing oxytocin, the hormone that makes us socially happy. accepted If this hormone is missing, it may lead to less empathy for others.

  1. Psychological factors– is another risk factor that influences bullying behavior. bullying among children and youth, including having low self-satisfaction, for example, if they feel that they are not good Not good looking or not very wealthy They may look for ways to make themselves feel better than others. By pressing others to be lower than yourself, etc.

and psychologists have also explained The imbalance of power among those who engage in bullying behaviors bully others And those who are being bullied are bullied, that is, both sides generally tend to look unbalanced or opposite, such as victims. usually have a small body size While the bully has a large body size. or people who like bullying Bullies may feel inferior in some areas of their lives. Therefore tend to want to suppress people who are more dominant than themselves. Or vent out the feelings that are inferiority complexes.

  1. EnvironmentalFactors – It is a variety of factors. which has a great influence on the behavior of children and young people, such as being a person who has been bullied before like growing up in a family with a violent upbringing or being in a group of friends who are aggressive and violent. And they will feel the need to vent their anger to others. In addition, various media With violence like some movies or dramas, it is another reason as well.
  2. Social Factors– Living in a society with diversity of races, religions, cultures and values. or even a disability These differences will be mocked. Until leading to the treatment of victims in a way that is not equal to others just because of the difference

From the report on the situation of bullying (Bully) in schools in Thailand. Outlines the characteristics of students who are often bullied. They tend to be weak and different from their peers. which has the following characteristics:

  • special students with mental disabilities such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Down syndrome, etc.
  • LGBT students
  • Students who prefer to be alone, have few friends, and are not good at socializing.
  • Students with home problems and introverted
  • non-competitive students, such as students who are smaller than others or someone who is patient and compassionate
  • Students whose appearance is distinctive or different from others, such as being obese or dark-skinned, etc.

Types of bullying

Currently, the Department of Mental Health has divided the types of bullying into 4 main types as follows:

  1. Physical bullying (Physical Bullying)is the nature of physical harm of the other party, such as punching, hitting, pushing, etc., causing damage. bodily injury which can be seen from the outside And in some cases, it may affect the state of mind as well.
  2. Social or emotional bullying (Social or Emotional Bullying)is a characteristic of creating a social trend around you by borrowing the hand of those around you to jointly harm the victim. Pressuring and separating victims of bullying from the group out of pain or regret caused by such actions, such as by preventing victims from participating in activities. or avoiding interactions in the group Including convincing and persuading people around them not to care about bullying victims As a result, people who are bullied feel that they are invisible, have no friends, no one to talk to, no one to associate with, and can’t find a way out of this problem.
  3. Verbal bullying (Verbal Bullying)is a manner of slandering, cursing, insulting, gossiping, satire, mocking, slandering, vilifying with words to others to hear. with the aim of causing pain even though it did not inflict visible physical wounds But it affects the feeling, which is considered a psychological wound quite a bit. And in addition to creating shame anxiety then may also create stress Including suppressed symptoms This may result in depression. or fear of society at all
  4. Bullying in the online world (Cyber ​​Bullying)is another type of bullying that is emerging nowadays and is becoming a major problem in society. by using various electronic media tools, including mobile phones A computer or tablet connected to a social network on the Internet. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Attacks by threatening or using vulgar language, posting, cursing, slandering, slandering
  • online sexual harassment by threatening Forced to perform sexual acts on camera as well as unfolding or editing nude photos to post
  • impersonation of others by posing as someone else Posting vulgar, libelous messages or indecent images.
  • blackmailing by exposing other people’s secrets or pictures or slandering
  • deceitfulness or tricked into transferring money through various methods
  • Creating a dedicated social group to attack may set up an anti page Attack and catch every mistake. victim’s actions and then brought to discuss the issue of damage

In addition to these 4 types of bullying There are two more types of bullying which are:

  1. Material bullying, which is characterized by taking other people’s things. or intimidate with intention In order to obtain money or what you want, such as destroying other people’s belongings or bringing things to hide, etc.
  2. Hate-motivated bullying (Hate-motivated)This type of bullying will happen to people with differences such as race, religion, national origin, skin color, gender, etc.

Solving bullying problems in society

Nowadays, there are so many bullies seen in society that many people may consider it normal. and gave up thinking about solving the problem But I would like to present another concept to solve the problem as follows.

Solving the problem of bullying in society must start from the family and educational institutions. which is the main institution that must have a duty to instill in that child or youth Know how to empathize with others. Putting his heart on us and recognizing the consequences of our actions Until it became a habit to stick with from a small age. When children or young people understand and realize the good and bad results of their actions. They will not bully other people.

In the matter of sympathy Although many people think that it is something that we must have from birth. but in fact Empathy is also a ‘skill’ that can be trained. You can learn more about this article. Empathy for others, how do you start?

Counseling to help people who are suffering or uncomfortable in various matters. And also prevents bringing their own suffering or inferiority complex to other people by bullying which is the wrong problem solving The counseling will be individual or group counselling. Whether it’s a group that bullies others a group of people who are bullied by others or people at the event as well as family counseling In case parents are required or parents involved in bullying

Setting up a support team To help and solve the problem of bullying in schools, especially and groups of people who should be involved in this problem, including guidance teachers, class teachers, school administrators parents Counselors, psychiatrists, lawyers and communities, etc. This form of prevention and problem solving is very popular and effective abroad. Because it has received cooperation from relevant people and agencies.

It can be seen that the problem of bullying in society This is basically due to the lack of instilling the right mindset and attitude. which leads to behavior that is not accepted by society when the conflict itself or dissatisfied with something Until there are victims of that action or speech

And if we can solve the problem from the root cause By making them understand and realize the consequences of their actions. The problem of bullying that has been around for a long time in society will be gone.




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