What is an Extrovert? And can we be sociable or not?

We often see that our society likes being able to approach other people well. cheerful The more people who can attract people around The more advantages you have both in your career and in your personal life. This personality is what many people call an Extrovert.

In this article, we’ll talk about Extroverts or people who like to be outgoing. Let’s go try it.

What is an Extrovert?

Extrovert refers to an outgoing personality. Being a person who likes to socialize or like to be surrounded by people, Extroverts feel happier socializing than being alone. Overall, Extroverts are self-confident, assertive, assertive

Most people with “Extrovert” personalities like meeting people a lot. I feel a lot of energy in being with people. These are also introvert home quiet alone because it is seen as a very boring thing Likes to hang out or party with friends more like to comment have high self-esteem and like to be the highlight or the focus of society

They are also good at initiating communication and speaking conversations with others first. friendly self-confident Gets along well with others easily. don’t like to be alone Likes to get to know new people. It is a skill that the opposite personality like an introvert envies.

which in terms of work People with “Extrovert” personalities tend to advance in their careers because they know how to approach people who are bosses or bosses. Know how to talk, know how to talk very well. They can also get along well with their co-workers. when encountering problems or encountering obstacles They will have the opportunity to be helped because they know a lot of people.

But sometimes they speak without thinking first and always act before thinking. They are also unable to organize their thoughts as well as introverts because they perceive too much information from other people, causing their minds to become distracted and confused. Until I feel that I really need What exactly is your own? This is considered a disadvantage of people who are Extroverts.

The opposite of an Extrovert is an Introvert, an introverted person. high private world

being alone Doing things alone is their happiness. And also good at writing skills than speaking. Most introverts speak less. and choose to speak only on important and meaningful matters. They are very thoughtful and always reflect before speaking. But they are not so open-minded about getting to know new people that they lose the opportunity to meet good people in society and feel that it is a waste of energy when talking to or hanging out with other people for a long time.

However, whether someone has an “Extrovert” or “Introvert” personality, everyone is different.

But every personality can definitely coexist with others. We cannot judge what personality is good or bad. Don’t let anyone blame you. But stand up and enjoy being yourself. It’s all up to you how you use your personality to the fullest.

Causes of Extroverts

parenting factor

Simply put, it is parenting that encourages children to be more social.

The father and mother have an idea that allows children to have a wider experience. Try to take your child out on vacation. do outdoor activities Or maybe it’s a family activity that can be done together, such as playing sports, playing music, baking, or learning a language, etc.

When the child has to face a lot of people or a situation that must be featured in society Parents should always encourage and support their children. to strengthen the confidence of the child So that children have the courage to think, dare to do, dare to express themselves in the right way. When the child acts in the wrong way should tell and advise explain cause and effect and softness Do not use a commanding tone or make your child feel bad and become a bad memory for the child.

Sometimes children may not be raised to be extroverted. (Extrovert) directly but caused by the environment that is an indirect factor That is being in close contact with adults. This means grandparents or relatives because sometimes children may not live with their parents. But it is necessary for the family to take care of it. There is a chance that the child will absorb the behavior unknowingly.

When children have the opportunity to participate in activities or learn new things with friends in the group of classmates. Parents can train their children to be leaders. fix the problem yourself If the child really can’t do it, parents should guide and teach him to understand and try to do it first. when the child succeeds They will feel proud, confident, and more daring to think.

The important thing is that parents must try to let their children be themselves. Know how to admire or compliment When the child succeeds in any matter Do not use words that make your child feel bad and insecure. feel worthless and no self-esteem

However, appreciation or compliment should be in moderation. Should not make children feel too confident in themselves. Because it will negatively affect the child as well, for example, when the child makes a mistake, it must be known to correct the child. Shouldn’t say that it’s right or that it’s okay all the time. Teach your children to recognize success and failure. and let them learn from those failures or mistakes that if this happens How should I cope?

genetic factor

Genetic factors are something we cannot control. Some people are born to like to socialize. Some people just love being alone. even though they were raised the same

Genetics contribute to the shape, appearance, color of skin, eyes and hair. However, the color of skin and hair can change. Due to the external environment, such as being exposed to UV rays from the sun or certain chemicals, the hair color changes.

but in terms of personality There have been reports of studies that found that genetics is the foundation for extroverts. It may be caused by father and mother, may be outgoing, extroverted, talkative, talkative, have good human relations or are Just a single father or mother or even from grandparents

A child who is born big and has good eyesight may become a good sports narrator. people around admire Until developing into a personality that likes to socialize unconsciously

However, parenting and genetic factors certainly affect the personality of the child. People with “Extrovert” personalities are born from parents raised with an open mind, allowing children to explore, experiment, find new experiences or do new activities with friends. Make children know how to solve problems by themselves. Parents encouraged and supported as well. Contributes to making children have self-confidence, dare to think, dare to act and dare to express themselves. know how to approach or live with others

Can I become an Extrovert?

If we look at Extrovert/Introvert is a personality And people can change or improve their personalities. we can say that We can become Extrovert as well. or worth to change have to consider again)

Everyone can be an Extrovert, which is external factors or environment. It is what makes each person have a different personality, such as the person’s personality. An “Introvert” can become an “Extrovert” just by shifting yourself out of your comfort zone little by little. So that you can open your mind to learn new things, such as eating Shabu with friends. from never eating beef I try to eat some.

In addition, you may set new goals or things each day to challenge yourself. At first, it may seem a bit difficult. But it helps you know how to prepare yourself to learn new things, even in public speaking. In this section you should be organized. Plan well and comprehensively. To reduce worry and less nervous

To go into a place where there are many people Practice speaking to the translator at a party or social event. For the most part, introverts are already prepared and planned. You may also prepare a conversation using open-ended questions such as “What do you like about this province?” and cause a conversation to continue

Participating in clubs or activities such as drama, music, yoga, meditation, maybe talking to a friend next door. Or ask some yoga teachers. Without having to talk to or get to know everyone to be called an “Extrovert”, which is not always true.

Finally, about the Extrovert.

Finally, although today’s society is starting to place more emphasis on specific duties and skills. But we often see that most leaders in society tend to have Extrovert personalities (emphasize that most not all)

We can be different or different. as long as our decisions and actions do not interfere with your rights. This applies to both Extrovert and Introvert personalities. You should accept and respect who you are. And should not insult the personality of people who are different from us. should respect each other Because everyone has strengths or strengths that are used differently.

Always think you want to do that thing Because it fills your life and makes you happy. Don’t let anyone tell you or judge you should be like that. You have to do this. You should be proud and love who you are best.





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