What is a Long Distance Relationship?

Many times, love may not be as smooth as we hoped. We all have to face many obstacles in life. both personal and relationship Which I am sure that many couples will have to face the problem of having a long distance love or Long Distance Relationship.

But how can we support long-distance love smoothly? and can be happy together? The simple answer is that having a strong relationship doesn’t break up easily. Like the phrase “Even though the body is far away, the heart is always close” Today, I would like to share a technique or method for managing a couple’s relationship. with obstacles related to distance Let everyone try to apply it to suit their own relationship.

What is a Long Distance Relationship? 

Long Distance Relationship or “love relationship with a distance” means that we and our loved ones must be far from each other. May be in different provinces, different cities or different countries. Causing obstacles that come between two people It is a very important proof of love.

In the eyes of some people, Long Distance Relationship can be a challenge that can make the relationship stronger.

Problems of Long Distance Relationships  

The distance causes problems for many couples. In some couples, even having to break up Because I can’t stand the nostalgia Or there may be someone closer to you instead. can make one’s heart flustered

Therefore, distance can easily cause problems in relationships. If one person does not have enough strength and stability in existing love Which signals to show that Couples start to have problems with long-distance love, for example:

  • quarrel more often due to long distance love This may be followed by communication that is more difficult, for example, at different times in different countries. Failure and stability of the Internet signal or important activities that each person must do differently.
  • faded love Didn’t miss each other as much as before. Caused by the feeling that we can live by ourselves. without having to have another person in life because I started to get used to being alone
  • feel distrustful of the other party so much worrying I assumed that the other party might not be honest with us. I think love is based on trust. which is very important for each couple to be able to love each other for a long time If we begin to distrust the other party It will result in a relationship that is full of suspicion and distrust. leading to break up and eventually break up
  • feeling intimidated by other people who enter It’s normal, when we are apart in life, we still have our society. to meet other people There may be someone who can flirt or create a wavering in our hearts. If we are not stable enough with our loved ones We will be able to be easily shaken by anyone who comes in. like saying True love loses to intimacy/true love loses to distance Which, if we are in a state of panic, is a warning signal to this relationship that it is already dangerous.
  • Feel that this love is difficult/impossible. This also starts to convey a relationship that tends to break up easily as well. Because we don’t have confidence or trust in the relationship. So we have a question like this in our head.

How to do Long Distance Relationship? – How to take care of love 

long distance love It’s not always difficult. We are able to maintain a better relationship. It is also a test between us and our lover as well. that both of them will be able to overcome obstacles in being far apart or not How much stability is there in this love? I would like to share a good technique. That will help everyone who has a long-distance love to try to apply it. as follows

  1. Trust each other:Trust is essential. Especially with couples who have long-distance love. The best way to be in this relationship is to have an open conversation. If there is anything in doubt You should ask each other honestly. but don’t get emotional Let’s have a constructive conversation with each other. to lead to better joint problem solving not repeat
  2. Be Trustworthy/Honest:Having a good demeanor is very important. You and your lover should be trustworthy. Make the other person feel at ease and trust you. If they have to live far away from each other, such as telling each other’s schedule of activities and time for each other’s activities or always reporting when it’s convenient This will help the other person feel trust. And it shows the feeling that we care about each other very much as well. We therefore report to him what we do, where and when, so that he doesn’t have to worry or worry too much about us.

In addition, for people with very good interpersonal relationships should be reduced to an appropriate level Because it’s a double-edged sword that can make our loved ones feel suspicious. Always thinking and respecting each other is very important.

  1. Plan possible future together:Set goals and destinations that will be together when and when. It will help to have hope for waiting. Rather than letting it go on and on without a relationship’s destination at all.
  2. Keep in touch regularly:Nowadays, there are many devices and applications that help facilitate communication more than in the past. Therefore, keep in touch, talk on Facetime (Line Video Call) and send messages to each other regularly. Not used to each other will help strengthen the relationship to remain unbroken Be a part of each other’s daily lives.
  3. Pay attention to each other :Even though the distance is far But attention should not be diminished. We can care about each other as before. through caring words I asked if I was worried send things to each other Remember each other’s important days To keep the relationship still as sweet as before
  4. Don’t feel discouraged easily:even if distance is an obstacle in love for two people. But the important thing is encouragement to keep fighting together. We shouldn’t give up easily just because we’re apart for a while. We should think about the days ahead when we can get back together. to encourage each other and there is hope for purposeful and joyful waiting.
  5. Find new activities to do:help reduce loneliness and not distracted while being far from loved ones And it also gives us the opportunity to try new things. May also allow us to find favorite activities to relieve loneliness as well
  6. Understand loneliness, but don’t resist:We shouldn’t try to resist the feeling of nostalgia or loneliness in order to make us feel more comfortable. But if we change our perspective to understand the feeling of loneliness and accept that it will pass It will help us feel at ease and not be depressed.
  7. Tell each other you love each other:even if you’re apart We can always say “love” to each other. Let love be juicy Don’t think that actions are more important than words alone. Because when we are far away from each other, we cannot express each other as well as when we are together. Therefore, the best way to show love Is to let the other party know that we love him.
  8. Be each other’s encouragement:share happiness and suffering together. Being by each other’s side when we’re far apart It will help strengthen the relationship and make it more stable.
  9. Spend time with friends and go out and have some fun:You don’t have to sit alone and hang out, have fun, or hang out with your friends. Don’t let him have any questions in mind. because it will lead to problems in relationships
  10. Don’t doubt your relationship:Try not to get distracted . or constantly doubting the relationship How will this love be? Will it end or not? Will he have someone come in when he’s not together? or various questions that come into our heads in a negative way Will affect the relationship can be shaken. From being obsessed with thinking when reality is not like that at all
  11. Think about the first day you started dating:Every relationship has a starting point. and the connection point until it became the relationship that we are today We should think about the first day we met and how we fell in love. See the value of starting together and have the encouragement to be ready to overcome obstacles together. even though the body is far away But my heart is not different.
  12. Make time to see each other:Making time for each other is very important. We should arrange to meet when we have some free time. Not meeting each other at all will make you feel more distant. and during the time we were together should only create good memories together so that time is far away to think of each other only good things have a smile together Makes me want to want to come back and meet again

How are you? I hope everyone in a long distance relationship can apply what I’ve shared to their relationship. The important principle that I would like to summarize is the word “Teamwork”. You must be the same team, you must trust, be confident, and encourage each other. There is a lot of stability in the relationship.

I wish everyone in a Long Distance Relationship to be able to overcome the obstacles of distance smoothly. and get back together happily in the near future




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