What happens if I unlock the Bootloader on my Xiaomi mobile?

Have you ever wondered if unlocking the bootloader on Xiaomi phones is bad ? You have to know then that many users have been asking us the same questions, and what happens is that sometimes, we find articles that indicate that this procedure is not recommended.

The truth in these cases is that today we are going to talk about all the details that make up the process of unlocking the bootloader in Xiaomi , so that you know all the details  that you must take into account in these cases.

The first thing you may be wondering in these cases is why someone would be interested in unlocking the bootloader on Xiaomi phones, and the first thing we have to say when we carry out this step by step, we are going to obtain certain benefits that would otherwise be impossible .

You will have the possibility to change the ROM, change the kernel, apply the overclock, among many other important actions. Therefore, if you want to know some more details about it, you have to keep reading.

The truth is that as a huge number of Xiaomi users bet directly on this type of procedure, there were many who bet directly on searching for information on the web to be able to carry out these steps step by step on their devices as well.

And not only that, but  Xiaomi started selling all smartphones with locked bootloader . But here we are going to show you some of the reasons why we advise you not to perform this procedure.

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Reason for not unlocking Xiaomi bootloader

Well, we have said then that unlocking the bootloader in Xiaomi is one of the best alternatives that we can consider in these times. Not only that, but it offers us a huge number of options that we would never be able to enjoy in any other way.

The problem is that, in order to unlock the bootloader  , the phone must be rooted . And by rooting the terminal, we will be losing the guarantee, in addition to other benefits.

For example, when we talk about the ROM of the device, in terms of its interface, we have to highlight that although Xiaomi terminals used to be highly criticized in this regard, they have advanced extraordinarily in recent times , and for this reason we believe that they are not they should be criticized too much.

On the other hand, you have to know that we have the possibility to search for a launcher, so that we change the appearance of the device software a bit, without it being necessary in any case to unlock the bootloader and then, there are some other reasons why that we recommend that you do not unlock the bootloader. In this particular case, related to the security of the device.

The truth is that when this terminal has the bootloader locked, we move inside a completely secure device in case it is stolen or lost. In case you unlock the bootloader, you will find that if you lose the terminal or it is stolen, much of your information will be at the mercy of others.

How to unlock Xiaomi Bootloader?

The good thing about Xiaomi devices is that they offer us a good number of features to take into account at a very affordable price .

As all mobile devices should be basically (Ups Apple) The issue is that with this company we can acquire extremely cheap devices and also quite powerful. It is even very easy to be able to experiment with them as a root user and installing custom ROMs among other things.

The issue is that for security reasons all Xiaomi devices that were released after 2015 (at the end of that year) have a locked bootloader . It is not that it is too complicated to unlock it, but it is something else that we have to do to become root users obviously. In this tutorial we are going to show you how you should unlock said bootloader and finally be the root user.

Unlock Xiaomi bootloader

It must be taken into account that the bootloader is something that is executed before the operating system starts, it is basically a bootloader and as long as we have it locked, Xiaomi maintains the guarantee on its original mobile devices . The issue is that when we unlock it, it is common for the guarantee to be directly void.

Best of all, and it’s like other brands like Sony do, is that they give you tools to unlock the bootloader , obviously warning of all the negative things that this can have, CAN have, read well there. Luckily it is easy to unlock it.

You have to have a Mi account, it would be a Xiaomi account. You do it from your mobile device, then you have to go to the bootloader unlock request website on the official Xiaomi website and press where it says “Unlock Now”.

This will be when we are going to log in with the previously created account. In theory, you should receive a text message, an SMS where it says that the bootloader can be unlocked on your Smartphone.

Once with the SMS, we go to the previous website but this time we are going to download Mi Unlock, we are going to open the MiFlashUnlock.exe file on the computer.

Turn off the mobile device, turn it on again by pressing the power + volume down key for several seconds and now connect the mobile to your computer, use the original USB cable if possible to avoid any kind of error.

Once it is connected, you should simply press where it says Unlock Now and we will wait for the process in question to finish. And as you will see, in this way you would already have the bootloader unlocked.





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