What devices are compatible with HBO MAX?

HBO MAX is an American platform that belongs to WarnerMedia . It was released on May 27, 2020 and is available in various parts of the world. In parts like Europe and Asia its launch is getting closer.

HBO Max will arrive in Spain on October 26 and will replace our current HBO. This new platform comes with so many changes and among those improvement changes, there are the user profiles , which are a very important part to take care of what each member of our family sees, you can also block adult content using parental control.

What Devices are Compatible with HBO MAX? | Cell phone, Tablet and TV

Another of the big changes is the content in 4K and HDR , for which we must be prepared with an internet connection that can receive the image on our device, of at least 25 megabytes, if it is wider the band is better, I don’t know it loses resolution or we avoid unforeseen events in case of having another device connected. If you use a mobile device you can see here how much data or megabytes HBO consumes .

To view the content of this new platform, you will also need devices that support image quality, let’s see which devices are compatible with HBO MAX.

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  1. What requirements does your Android TV require to use HBO MAX?
  2. Can Xbox One and Xbox Series X use HBO MAX?
  3. What Smart TVs are compatible with HBO MAX?
  4. Can I watch HBO MAX on my iPad?

What requirements does your Android TV require to use HBO MAX?

You need your Android TV to be compatible with HBO MAX, for this your device must meet the requirement of having an Android 5 operating system, if it is later you are more secure, but Android 5 works fine.

Just download the HBO MAX application on your TV , if it is already registered, just log in and you can start searching for content. Or, if you need registration, you can do it through the HBO MAX application, if it is not available in your country, make your subscription using Google. For more information you can go to the HBO MAX help center .

Can Xbox One and Xbox Series X use HBO MAX?

If you can use the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, just download the HBO MAX app on the console, go to the Xbox home screen, launch the app store and search for HBO MAX and wait for it to install. Once it is installed and click on login. Although this option is not available for all regions, it is a matter of hoping that they expand it to those missing places.

What Smart TVs are compatible with HBO MAX?

HBO MAX is compatible with all Samsung TV models that are 2020-2021 and also 4K or later from 2016 and up. You can download the app through the Samsung App Store.

LG Smart TV devices 2018 and below are compatible with HBO MAX. You may also be able to stream to LG Smart TV using Apple AirPlay 2018 onwards with webOS 4.0 onwards.

You only have to sign up for HBO MAX if you don’t already have the subscription. If you are already registered, you just have to go to the LG home screen, start the application store and search for HBO MAX, download the application and wait for it to be installed . Then you just have to log in with the HBO MAX credentials and now you can enjoy this platform on your Smart TV, you can add content to the favorites list.

Can I watch HBO MAX on my iPad?

HBO MAX allows Apple and iPad phones and tablets running iOS 12.2 or higher to be compatible. To be able to watch HBO MAX on the iPad you only have to first; download the HBO MAX application and once downloaded you must log in.

Open the app and click on the profile, it’s on the left side of the tablets. Tap Sign in to your account , then the settings icon, scroll down the screen and sign out. Now enter the email and password of the HBO MAX account and select enter. Finally select your profile and ready you can start enjoying HBO MAX

Although HBO MAX has its list of devices that are compatible with the resolution of its content in 4K, as we saw that they are Android TV, Apple TV 4K, LG Smart TV, Xbox consoles. It is expected that more electronic devices will be compatible with this 4K viewing of HBO MAX in the future.





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