What are the most used types of internet connections

We know that the Internet is currently part of our lives at almost all times, but the truth is that many do not have a clear idea about all the types of Internet connections that exist , and which may be the most convenient to have based on in their differences.

What are the most used types of INTERNET connections that exist and which one should you have?

It is for this reason that, below, we want to show you all the types of Internet connection to which we currently have access, so that from this you can know which one works best and which suits your needs.

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  1. Types of connections
  2. Wireless network connections
  3. Satellite internet connections
  4. Internet connections by telephone line
  5. Internet connections via ADSL digital network
  6. Internet connections via ISDN
  7. Internet connections by xDSL
  8. Mobile connections via GSM 4G and 3G

Types of connections

Internet connections are differentiated by the type of data transmission they have, that is, by the way or means by which they send the connection . This separates them into several types.

Wireless network connections

The connection by wireless networks is the most widespread in these times, which is why we must take it into account when choosing. One of its greatest advantages is that we can interconnect equipment , and that the electromagnetic waves that receive the signals from the ports are used.

Although these types of networks have some drawbacks, these are almost always related to the maximum speed they can offer, they are generally extremely stable and can be installed almost anywhere.

  • LMDS (Local Multipoint Distribution System): This is a network that has a wireless origin, and that takes advantage of high-frequency radio waves to set up a new loop, standing out for its good final speeds.
  • WIMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access):Another type of high-speed network, in this case one that allows us to have wide coverage, although its speed is not one of its strengths.

Satellite internet connections

In many places it is completely impossible to establish a traditional cable connection, and it is then that alternatives such as Internet connections via satellite are directly opted for . Although they have some specific requirements, we can connect from anywhere.

The downside of this type of connection is the time it takes for the information to be returned to you once you send it, which makes it a rather slow connection.

Internet connections by telephone line

One of the most common there is, in this case we have to say that many people choose this service, since it is an option that is generally quite efficient, since it is not very complicated and not too expensive either. This is easy to acquire, you just have to contract a telephone line and request an internet data plan to enjoy it.

Internet connections via ADSL digital network

It is a form of connection that has spread over time, sharing some characteristics with traditional telephone lines, but by using a special router, it offers the option of connecting to the Internet using the telephone.

Internet connections via ISDN

It is very similar to the connection by telephone, with the difference that it transmits through copper lines , being a circuit connection. This is no longer used as much as when it was launched, but some companies still offer this service.

Internet connections by xDSL

Again we use the conventional telephone network at home, taking into account that there are some differences, such as the fact of being able to use the Internet and the telephone at the same time without any type of problem.

Mobile connections via GSM 4G and 3G

The new type of connection that is dominating searches, while we wait for 5G to hit the market as well. These have some differences from each other , but they are still some of the most popular networks today, managing to offer very good connections from the phone.

If you are interested in knowing the speed of your connection, you can enter Fast.com , this page will analyze and tell you the speed of your connection quickly. In many cases, the type of connection you have directly affects speed, so you should really consider choosing the best type of connection for your location.

Finally, we must clarify that when choosing your type of Internet connection you must take your environment into account . You must see the type of place you are in or if you will need internet access at all times, once you have considered this you can effectively choose your connection type.





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