What are the best Apps to lock any application on Android

There are many reasons why we want to lock our device with a fingerprint. To prevent third parties from accessing our device as this means they could have access to our information. In this article we show you which are the best Apps to lock any application on Android or iPhone with a fingerprint.

Also, in case your phone is stolen, it may also be a good idea to have it blocked. In this way we prevent a stranger from accessing our private information . But we also make life a little more complicated when it comes to wanting to sell the device.

By having a fingerprint, all we have to do is put our finger and that’s it, the phone is unlocked. It’s even much faster than having to press a button and swipe the screen if you don’t have any kind of lock.

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  1. Best Android Fingerprint Lock Apps
    1. AppLock para proteger tus apps
    2. App Locker – Best App Lock
    3. FingerSecurity
    4. AppLock
  2. The best Apps to lock iPhone with fingerprint
    1. Password
    2. AppLocker 2.2
    3. Secret Apps Lite

Best Android Fingerprint Lock Apps

AppLock para proteger tus apps

One of the best alternatives that we have to protect our applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram where we generally have private conversations.

With this application we are going to find an excellent alternative to configure the fingerprint and protect all the applications that we want.

App Locker – Best App Lock

The application has a simple design, it is not very attractive, but it works wonderfully and does its job. First you are going to have to set up a password or a pattern. After this you have to navigate through the application options to activate the fingerprint. Pretty simple to use.


In addition to being used to unlock the phone with a fingerprint, you can also implement this security measure in all the applications you have installed. In this way you will have double security.

You can place the fingerprint for all apps and the unlocking of the terminal separately. But also a different pattern for the phone lock and another for the apps. In this way , no matter how much a person discovers a pattern to be able to review the information, he must have both.


Overall it’s an amazing app and quite efficient in every way. With it you can safely lock the phone . First you set up an initial pattern. Don’t worry, you won’t have to enter the same every time, it’s not the idea.

In addition, another quite efficient security measure is that every time a person tries to enter your terminal and fails three times , the front camera activates without the person noticing and takes a picture to later send it to you by email.

The only bad thing about this app is that it doesn’t work on all mobile devices . In the description that you find in the Play Store you will be able to find a complete list of the devices with which it does work.

The best Apps to lock iPhone with fingerprint


It is one of the safest and simplest applications to manage your passwords. You can use it to generate pretty strong random passwords and then have one global password that you remember, to log in and manage all your strong passwords.

You have a large number of advantages and configuration options to leave the application as it really is useful to you.

AppLocker 2.2

You can add a security code and then configure the fingerprint to have greater protection and above all, a lot of comfort. After installing the application from the settings options you will be able to configure everything as it is comfortable for you.

It has a wide variety of possibilities, with many configurations and you can put your fingerprint in order to protect your entire device from third parties or in case you lose it.

Secret Apps Lite

Making use of your front camera. When someone wants to unlock your phone and fails in the process, a photo will be taken that will be saved in one of the folders of this application. You can then review that photo to find out who was the person who tried to access your device.

Striking a balance between security and ease. The application allows you not only to lock the phone. You can also block all the apps you have on it.





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