What are the advantages of portable programs

One of the things we least like about installing a portable program is precisely that, installing it. Because in some cases, despite the size of the software, the installation process is very tedious. Although there are ways to install software quickly, they usually take too long.

In addition to the fact that in most cases, they saturate the computer with information, making it slower and more unstable. Therefore, in each process we must wait longer and it becomes physically and mentally tiring.

Thanks to these and other inconveniences that acquiring a program represents for the common user, a modality has been implemented in some programs; which is classified as ” portable program “.

Portable Program What is it, What is it for, Advantages, How to Make or Create One? -Windows

This file saves us all the inconveniences mentioned above; from the fact that it does not require a previous installation , to the fact that it is possible to move to any USB storage device and use it on another computer.

As computer systems are updated and renewed , these software models have been surpassed in many aspects, adding features that improve the user experience when using this type of program.

Through this article, everything related to this type of software will be reported; Questions like: What is a portable program ?, What are its characteristics?, What advantages does it represent?, How to use it?, among others.

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  1. Defining a portable program
  2. What are the advantages of portable programs
    1. Does not require prior installation
    2. portable
    3. No need to modify the operating system
    4. no junk files
    5. Same characteristics of the installable programs
  3. How to choose between the two versions of the same program?
  4. How to use a portable program? Step by Step
    1. Choose and download the program
    2. Connect external storage device to computer
    3. Launch portable program easily.

Defining a portable program

Portable software is an executable file that allows access to a specific program without the need for prior installation.

Mostly, this type of executable consists of folders that have stored all the information of the program ; information that is saved in a more stable way by means of a common installer. But in this way the user saves a lot of time and computer resources.

Not all computer applications are portable. Usually there is a normal version of the application (typically non-portable), and then this is modified to create a portable application.

On the other hand, there are applications that without being modified can be used as take-away applications, such as the eMule application , since they are distributed in an executable and do not need to be installed but just copied to a folder , which could well be on a USB stick. .

This type of application can be stored on any storage device, including internal mass storage programs and external storage such as USB sticks and floppy disks – store your program files and configuration information and data on the storage medium alone.

If configuration information is required a portable program can be run from read-only storage such as CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. Some apps are available in installable and portable versions.

It is worth mentioning, the fact that these programs have their own limitations and their own alterations; Since the program is unzipped into folders , all of its components are exposed, which can be easily modified.

In principle, this modality had few programs, with very few functions, but with computer advances, new technologies in software creation and decomposition, now it offers us the vast majority of programs in portable format , due to their practicality. .

In addition, it can be in its full version as it is portable . Of course, not all programs have this highly refined format because it varies by the number of different features, size, and functionality of the program.

What are the advantages of portable programs

We cannot continue talking about portable programs without first mentioning some advantages, in this case the following advantages or benefits are worth mentioning :

Does not require prior installation

As we mentioned before, this format allows us to access the application or software without installing it .

You will be able to say goodbye to all that time spent downloading the operating software, since thanks to this executable, just by opening it you will be able to quickly and easily access your program.


Those responsible for the initiation of this format of computer programs could not have chosen a better name.

Because it perfectly defines one of the main features of these programs , despite the fact that they can use it on any computer that contains the appropriate specifications to start the program.

Just by sending it to any storage device, you can take the portable program wherever you want. This function is very practical for the DJ who does not load his computer at the time of working, and needs a borrowed one.

If this PC doesn’t have the program it requires to run the sound mixes, you shouldn’t have to worry; since you have the program on your storage device to run it on your friend’s computer and start the party.

No need to modify the operating system

Because some programs take up a lot of space and resources due to their extensive and extensive features cause PC performance to slow down ; of course depending on the type of computer.

But since the program is portable, you don’t need to modify any operating system add-on, since it already has all the files it needs in its folder, without the need to affect its internal system in any way.

no junk files

For those of us who always want our PC to have the best possible performance, it is very cumbersome to have to install a program to remove the junk files that software installations cause , and the remains that remain when removing them.

For this reason, you don’t have to worry about leaving junk files on your computer, since junk files are only found in your .

At the moment of deleting it, you will only have to completely delete its folder , and in this way all existing traces of the program will be erased.

Same characteristics of the installable programs

You will surely think the following: “If this type of program is so easy and comfortable in terms of its execution, it will surely be somewhat deficient in terms of its operational part.”

Well, if you think so, you are very wrong, because this type of software, although it does not require installation, has each one of the components of the installable program and, in turn, with these, the characteristics of the program, from the most important to the most less conspicuous but essential.

In addition, nowadays, portable programs have been incorporated with the ability to update themselves automatically, which was one of their disadvantages, which is in the past.

How to choose between the two versions of the same program?

Finally, we will answer the million dollar question: When to choose the executable, and when is it better to download the portable version ? In the event that your Windows profile is not the administrator, you will not be able to install any program.

Since this process requires its permission, in this case you should choose the portable version so that you can use the program without affecting the computer that you are not the full owner of.

In case they are very powerful programs and that require all the resources of the computer, we recommend that you use the installable version , because the portable version is usually a bit unstable, and being such a heavy program, it might not work correctly. With these tips and recommendations, everything is up to you.

How to use a portable program? Step by Step

If you have already read enough and want to use one of these programs, then what you should do is follow the steps below so that you can use any portable program on your preferred computers.

Choose and download the program

The first thing you should do is search for the program you are going to download . You can do it directly on its official pages or on any type of page where said software is stored. Remember to have the latest version of the program.

Once you find it, all you have to do is download it to your computer to start using it In case you want to take it everywhere, remember to transfer it to your portable device or USB memory.

Connect external storage device to computer

In this step you only have to connect the external storage device or USB memory, where you have the portable program, to the computer where you want to use said software. Remember to go to Computer or My Computer to be able to open the external memory and run the portable program.

Launch portable program easily.

Once you find the portable program in the external memory , just double click on it to run it. In this way, you will be able to use all the tools of this software without any problem.

Remember that portable programs must always provide the necessary security and protection to all computers, so you will avoid any type of threat or virus infection on them. Therefore, always try to analyze your external devices.





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