What are personal rights? What are they?

What are personal rights? What are they? – Social rules that we should know.

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Living a life of freedom and happiness is probably the goal of many people. However, what follows along with freedom and happiness is society. Although humans are social animals Although people love freedom and happiness. But at times, when society and freedom and happiness clash, it will cause problems. personal rights

In this article we will look at how What are individual rights, what are they, and what do we know about living happily in society?

Table of Contents

  • What are individual rights?
  • What are the privacy rights?
  • personal rights and opinions in the online world
  • What is privacy violation?
  • Finally, about privacy rights.

What are individual rights?

personal rights or rights of privacy Refers to the rights that a person has from those around him. It is a righteousness that is protected by the laws and rules of society. The basic privacy rights that everyone is protected are: Personal data, property or freedom

a person has the right or power to do something without causing trouble or affecting others Including the matter of privacy as well When there is a violation can be prosecuted or prosecuted.

It can be seen that the 2007 Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand has provided for the protection of personal rights in section 35, talking about the right to privacy in the family, dignity, reputation, and privacy. will receive protection

The right to privacy is another matter that should be realized and given importance. because of the right to privacy It’s not just a matter of not causing trouble to others. Others must not intrude or try to violate our rights as well.

What are the privacy rights?

Dissemination of anyone’s information by any method or channel without permission or for personal benefit Those who have been harassed are surely protected. But if it is beneficial to the public, it can be done, for example, the information of the culprit who committed the case or dangerous person, etc.

This also depends on the extent of individual rights and the right of the people who have the power to know them.

Whether publishing biographies, pictures, important personal information such as phone numbers, various codes that are used only for that person, address or e-mail address. or the matter of eavesdropping or taking pictures Use of trackers or stalkers Invasion of private space, etc. All of these should have permission from the owner first. Otherwise, it will be considered an invasion of privacy. And can definitely prosecute according to the law

In the past, we will find that news or what we hear in Thai society today has found that there are many violations of privacy rights. causing many negative consequences Most of them occur from various communication channels such as media, publications, or even online or the internet. often cause trouble Shame and distress on the offended person.

Nowadays, Thailand has given more importance and awareness of individual rights or privacy. The provisions for the protection and reparation of victims are increasingly being implemented and this is good news for the Thai people.

However, issuing clear and concise requirements People are also involved in cooperating with the country. to reduce concerns and fears of privacy violations Because it makes us feel safer and more peaceful. I would like to request cooperation for Thai people to be aware of their privacy. and respect each other’s rights for the benefit of ourselves, society and the nation

personal rights and opinions in the online world

The online world has become increasingly important to people in society. And the online world is like a double-edged sword. It is up to us whether to use it in a way that is beneficial or harmful. It depends on the intent or intent. and ignorance as well

The online world has made it easier to communicate. This means that information is also easier to disseminate. Whether it is good information that is useful or bad information that infringes on privacy rights.

Nowadays, it is known that expressing your opinion is a matter of a right that anyone can do. because everyone is equal in expressing different opinions, but must not allow other people to feel bad or disrespect each other

Whether it is news or media, news is presented on a daily basis. We have hundreds of fathers and thousands of mothers. would have different ideas But we can choose in which aspect we will express ourselves. And does it cause benefit or harm or not?

We will find that accessing private information online. Manipulating or attempting to manipulate images or text. to cause damage to others or lose their reputation no place to stand on society Even posting insults or allusions and specifying who it is Nowadays it’s a common thing. Which the consequences are not worth choosing to make decisions just for fun or prank.

In addition, insulting, criticizing other people’s appearances through corrupted images. This is also considered a violation of privacy rights. Because you don’t have the right to criticize others for damage or shame. Because everyone has their own values. And they should have a space to express who they are and to do what they love.

Therefore, we should encourage and encourage them. They will feel good and will be encouraged to go on with their lives. and do not feel alienated from society You’ll feel better and more valuable about empowering others to carry on with their lives.

Thai people should think and reflect carefully before expressing their opinions. Because the consequences may cause damage to our own reputation and honor. even family lineage Which, when those opinions are published or disclosed, will reflect the attitudes and thought patterns of those people as well. It’s not just affecting the present. But it also affects the long-term future. Including the matter of work and living with people in your society as well.

We all want acceptance and standing in society. Should live a conscious life Don’t go with trends just because they’re fun, exciting, or wild, or just because you don’t like them. So I decided to do that.

You have the right to dislike But you don’t have the right to damage other people’s reputation. Therefore, I would like Thai people to realize and give importance to this part. Understand and empathize with each other in living together and our country will be a better place to live.

What is privacy violation?

Violation of privacy rights is doing things that the owner does not allow or acts that are arbitrary. and cause damage to those who have been violated, such as physical damage, property, freedom or affect the mind cause suffering, shame

and infringement of privacy rights It must be compensated for damages according to the law that has been specified.

However, the infringement of personal rights may be intentional, unintentional, or ignorant because of the negligence of that person. However, it depends on each case how serious it is and the discretion of the official.

infringement of privacy It is very important in society if you are unable to respect the rights of others. which is the basis that people must practice together, which is true that we do not respect others It’s like we don’t respect ourselves too. and it makes other people miserable

Some Thai people think it’s a small matter. Some people may think just this matter can be serious and still think that it doesn’t have much effect on your own life Therefore, there is an action that violates personal information. or tracking, stalking, to know the lives of those we want to know Just the wrong curiosity. and for their own interests There will only be a loss and a loss to yourself.

Feelings of people that return to the same may take months to years. Or maybe cut off interest and end life at all Just because things aren’t like this Because each of them loved their own honor and reputation. Even we ourselves do not want anyone to destroy our honor as well.

Finally, about privacy rights.

Some people who violate privacy rights may have to pay compensation. or may be imprisoned Which sees that it does not have any good results It also negatively affects people who have been subjected to personal abuse. That person must remain vigilant. Worried that you will encounter something like this again? Therefore, we should be better off taking care of him and paying attention to us (empathy).

Not only will this make you feel bad about the consequences. It can also result in you becoming unreliable. Unreliable, disrespectful, and unacceptable to people in society. Therefore, think a lot about the future and your own image, because if there is a wound or a stain in your life. It will remain with us forever.

Although we want others to accept, trust, trust us as before. It took a lot of time to prove myself. Therefore, when doing anything, you should think a lot about the consequences, hoping for a short-term benefit to be better.





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