WALL-E Cheat Codes (PC)

Cheat codes for WALL-E that open all bonuses, costumes and give invulnerability and weapons

Launch the game and upload your profile (or create a new one). From the main menu, select the Cheats option. Select the item Secret Code #, and enter the desired code with the corresponding number. To do this, you will have to click on the desired letters on the screen – unfortunately, you cannot enter codes from the keyboard.

The codes on the left side cannot be entered – they can only be bought by collecting enough bonus points when passing the story (Story Mode). Or, you can download this archive, unzip it to the “My Documents” folder, and start the game, select the “TNT” profile. The file will open these closed codes for you.

Attention! When you enter the code, you will only open it – to activate it, you need to click on the code, or press the “Enter” key. Also, the open and/or activated code is stored in the active profile.

Code – Number – effect:

  • BOTOFWAR – 1 – Kills (or stops) everything in a WALL-E radius
  • STEALTHARMOR – 2 – Enemies cannot see or hear WALL-E
  • RAINBOWLASER – 3 – WALL-E laser constantly changes its color
  • EXPLOSIVEWORLD – 4 – Make ordinary cubes explode
  • GLOWINTHEDARK – 5 – WALL-E highlights dark places
  • BOTOFMYSTERY – 6 – WALL-E wears ski goggles
  • GOLDENTRACKS – 7 – WALL-E gets golden tracks

Launch the game and upload your profile (or create a new one). From the main menu, select the option Cheats (Codes):

Code – effect:

  • Wall-E, Auto, Eve, Security Bot – Unlock all bonuses
  • MO, Auto, Security Bot, Eve – Unlock All
  • Security Bot, Wall-E, MO, Auto – All Suits
  • Wall-E, Auto, Eve, MO – Super Weapon (WALL-E)
  • Wall-E, MO, Auto, MO – Invisibility
  • Auto, MO, Auto, MO – Create Cube
  • Wall-e, Auto, Eve, MO – Super Weapon (WALL-E)
  • Wall-e, Auto, Eve, ZPM – Unlock all bonuses
  • Wall-e, Eve, Eve, Wall-e – WALL-E always has a laser with him
  • Wall-e, MO, Auto, MO – Invincible
  • Auto, Auto, ZPM, ZPM – All holiday costumes
  • Auto, MO, Auto, MO – WALLY-E can create a cube at any time
  • Auto, ZPM, MO, Wall-e – Unlock all single player levels
  • Eve, Wall-e, Wall-e, Auto – Upgrade Eve’s weapons
  • Eve, MO, Wall-e, Auto – Open multiplayer maps
  • MO, Auto, ZPM, Eve – Unlock all
  • MO, ZPM, Eve, Eve – WALL-E and Eve can create cubes at any time
  • ZPM, Wall-e, MO, Auto – Unlock all multiplayer costumes
  • ZPM, Eve, MO, Wall-e – WALL-E and Eve are always armed
  • Wall-e, Eve, Eve, Wall-e – Get laser




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