Walkthrough STALKER: Shadow Of Chernobyl – Apocalypse v1.0

Full walkthrough of the modification Apocalypse for STALKER: Shadow Of Chernobyl


First of all, at the checkpoint and in the Ancient of Beginners, you need to talk with all possible characters (Military Technician, checkpoint commander Captain Yaroslavkin, Nemets, Tolik, Fox, Wolf, Nimble), this will give us several quest and additional tasks:

  • Technician: the task “Get out of the Zone” – will be available at the end of the game;
  • Nemets, Yaroslavkin: task “Find something to do” – talk to Sidorovich;
  • Tolik: the task “Check the Old Legend” – find the artifact “Heart of the Controller” in the village of bloodsuckers in the Army Warehouses (the artifact can be given to the Bartender or the Swamp Doctor);
  • Fox: the task “Find a case in Pripyat” – in one of the hotel rooms in Pripyat;
  • Nimble: the task “Clear the Cordon” – destroy all the bandits on the Cordon (ATP, checkpoint in front of the Dump);
  • Sidorovich: task: “Find adventure on your … op” – talk to the quest characters (Wolf, Petruha, Captain Kuznetsov);
  • Kuznetsov: the task “Talk to the checkpoint commander” (Yaroslavkin).

Amber and bar

As a result, Yaroslavkin sends us to Yantar with the task “Deliver products to Yantar”. We search Sakharov on Yantar and get the task “Find out what happened” with a hint to visit at x16. In the laboratory we meet Pinochet, he sends him to the Ghost, who gives the task “Find information” – to examine three corpses of zombified (two near the bunker, and one on the way from the transition to DT to x16). We search, we report to the Ghost (climb the stairs up, refusing to go to another location). We move to the Bar in search of information.

In the Bar, we are again trying to talk to all possible quest characters:

  • Bartender: the task “to find Timokha Merck” – the “Search” group is based on the territory of the Bar – when we talk with everyone, Timokha will appear near the fire closest to the Bar in the hangar.
  • Yermol: find a modified MP-5 in the tunnel at the Junkyard – we find it, we bring it, Yermol puts weapons and suits on sale;
  • Gena Hacker: find a case with a laptop in the Landfill – we find it (a crane near the hangar), Gena gets the opportunity to change the GG grouping;

After talking with Merck, we speak again with the Bartender, who sends him to the AC, to talk with the leader of Freedom. To talk to Lukasz, you must first talk to Max and Skryaga. During a conversation with Lukash, an invitation from Voronin arrives – we move forward to the Bar. Voronin sends the GG to the laboratory x18 in the Dark Valley, but before that you need to find the missing code from the door.


In the Dark Valley, in search of a code, you need to examine several places (the Senior’s room at the Base, a safe on the second floor of the gas station administration building, a box in one of the farms near the transition to Cordon, the door to the laboratory), after which we go to the informant (the hint is in the description of the task ). For his code, the informant demands to find the artifact “Black Soul”, located at the Mole in the Agroprom.


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At Agroprom we meet Hitler, we help. We find the corpse of Mole in the subway of Agroprom, pick up the artifact (you can simultaneously inspect the pipes in the cache of the Strelka group for the presence of the author’s arsenal, which the Swamp Doctor hints about if we show up to him with the art “Controller’s Heart”), take it to the informant, get the code from the laboratory.

We get inside x18 and find a case with information (we also find a lot of rubbish in the form of walkie-talkies, laptops and system units that can only be sold, they are not needed for quests). Since we receive SMS from Charon, we talk about the case first with the informant, then with the Bartender, and only then we refer Voronin. The General sends to talk to the captured scientist, from whom we learn about the base of the Apocalypse Group on the Radar. We ask Sidorovich to make Strelka a merchant and advance to the Radar.

X-10 and beyond

In the laboratory x10 (closer to the burner switch), we find Number 11 and talk with him until the task “Check the laboratory” is counted as completed (you can exit the conversation without saying the last phrase, or the 11th will become a corpse before the conversation, then the task will be counted when searching his corpse, otherwise the whole group blushes).

We report to Voronin, he sends to the Bolotny Doctor (the cache of the Strelka group in the Agroprom dungeon). The Doctor gives Strelk an invitation to a meeting from Charon in Pripyat to jointly attack the Apocalypse at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

To do this, the GG needs to agree with the groupings on the unification and with the Search group on the trip to Pripyat. The Doctor also gives the task to find three detectors at Agroprom and take them to Voronin (a wagon in a swamp, the first floor of the main building of the western complex, the second floor of the central building of the eastern complex of Agroprom). We find the detectors, take them to Voronin, the task is counted and the detectors can simply be sold.

The task “Agree with the groups:

  • We agree with Voronin
  • We agree with Lukasz
  • Negotiating with the military (Captain Yaroslavkin at the checkpoint on Kordon)
  • We negotiate with the Veterans of the Zone (Petruha in the Ancient Beginners on the Cordon)
  • We agree with Charon in Pripyat (Charon will appear only after completing Slaven’s task “Prepare for a Breakthrough”)

Assignment from Slaven: “Prepare for a breakthrough”

  • We speak with Slaven, he and the group agree to join the GG in Pripyat, but for this you need to get 6 Daggers;
  • We speak with the Bartender, he sends to Sidorovich for money and offers to talk about earnings with Yermol and Grisha Budulai;
  • Yermol offers to pick up the case from the Behemoth in the Dark Valley (Gena Hacker can change the GG grouping). The task is counted when examining the corpse of the Behemoth, we return to Yermol and report back;
  • Grisha Budulai asks to find his friend in the Wild Territory – we find a corpse (upstairs, in the cockpit of a crane beam near a fallen helicopter), we report, we get money;
  • Sidorovich gives money and says that GG was looking for a Fan. The Fan has a task – to bring a case from the laboratory x16 on Yantar, we bring it – we get a Stunner as a reward;
  • The amount is collected, we take the daggers from the Bartender, we distribute to the members of the Search Group (Slaven will take two, for another Searcher who will join in Pripyat).
  • We advance to the German on Cordon, transfer Slaven’s order and take a flash drive to activate the teleport to Pripyat (armored personnel carrier east of the checkpoint, in a hollow, near a fallen tree, sometimes you just need to fidget inside it to start).

Pripyat, Chernobyl, final

In Pripyat we meet with Charon, he sends a report to the Doctor, he sends to Yaroslavkin to be sent by helicopter to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

We arrive at the Station, speak with someone (does not care with whom) from the united group, storm the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

In the Sarcophagus we meet Charon, we talk with him, we observe suicide and in indignation we go to the Monolith Control Bunker to destroy the Leaders of the Apocalypse Group. We talk to them, destroy them (at the same time we see the author’s backlog for the second part), we return to the station, we talk with the senior of the Search group, we advance to the German.

On the way we go to Voronin, learn about the groups of members of the Apocalypse group leaving the Zone, agree to destroy them, examine the corpses of the executed, talk with Ivantsov, listen to his tips, destroy the groups (Yantar, Agroprom, Landfill, Dark Valley, Cordon).

  • At the dump – at the bus stop name and surname F.A.
  • At the border – the far gate checkpoint
  • Agroprom – Central building, 2nd floor
  • Military base, building to the right of the hangars, if you get out of the dungeon
  • D – in the building x-18 1st floor – before turning to the stairs to the 2nd floor
  • Yantar – where is the bus measurements

We report to Voronin.

We come to the German and leave the Zone…




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