Walkthrough Risen 2: Dark Waters


Cutting through the mighty waves, the merchant ship was approaching the last bastion of people in the Old World. The caldera was doomed to be destroyed by lava from a revived volcano. However, the port city at least knew what fate the goddesses of fate had in store for it, which cannot be said about a merchant ship…

Our Nameless Hero has aged since the battle with the Fire Titan. Ten years have passed, after all. An eye lost using Inquisitor Mendoza’s Eyepiece cannot be returned. This evening, like many evenings before it, our hero passed away with a bottle of rum, or grog, or a bit of everything. But this evening was special…

Juan, who was on duty today, knocked on a tiny room, located almost on the wall of the Crystal Fortress. He said that the commandant wanted to see the lieutenant.

Meet the commandant!

The hero reluctantly got out of bed. The sirens were still dancing in his head, but he could not help but come to the commandant. Attaching an officer’s sword to his belt, and also grabbing a couple of apples and a bottle of grog, just in case, he went outside. Turned to the right, again met with Juan, who drove him a little more. The downpour had time to wash away the remnants of sleep and dull the hangover. The commandant was at the gates of the fortress and watched through a telescope what was happening at sea…

explore the shore

The commandant sent a lieutenant to investigate the shore for shipwreck survivors. Juan had already made it down to the gate, just in time to open it. Descending the stairs to the shore, the lieutenant went in search of survivors. He soon spots a woman trying to fight off the sand devils.

Save Patty

Without a second’s hesitation, he comes to her aid and kills them. However, it seems that the woman herself is quite good with a sword. Taking a closer look, our hero recognizes the pirate Patty, his old friend. She came here to tell Commandant Carlos that there is a weapon against the Kraken, and her father, Captain Steelbeard, who is currently on the island of Takarigua, may be the key to his search…

Talk to Carlos

The morning is wiser than the evening. Now we can discuss everything more seriously and carefully. Without waking Patty, the lieutenant went down to the yard where Severin was in command of the formation. He doesn’t mind a little practice fight at all. Carlos and Sebastiano discuss the fate of Caldera, as well as the lieutenant’s mission.

If you go up the stairs, you can find Angus, from whom you can get some gold.

Onward to Tacarigua

The lieutenant stepped out into the yard thoughtfully. Although, he’s not a lieutenant anymore. Patty was already awake and was waiting for him near the door to the room. After the conversation, the former inquisitor passed through the gate towards the Black Betty ship, which was leaving shortly. There he told the captain about his readiness to sail and went to the cabin allotted to him …

Side Quests Caldera:

Wrecks of a shipwreck

The warehouse manager asked the lieutenant to walk along the shore and find at least six crates of supplies that washed ashore after the shipwreck.

Finding boxes on the shore is not at all difficult.

Also, the lieutenant wandered into a cave under the fortress, in which sand devils live, and the walls glow from a strange mineral. True, no boxes were found in this cave (and where would they come from?).

The lieutenant returned to the head of the warehouse and gave him the six boxes he had found.

By the way, it is this warehouse that can be robbed if you learn the “silent step” from Largo, a prisoner in the fortress.



The lieutenant was interested in the prisoner, who beckoned in a whisper. His name was Largo. He complained about his fate and illegal arrest. However, even a prisoner will not interfere with gold. He can teach the hero “Silent Step” and tell you where you can fill your pockets with unnecessary things. After being publicly excluded from the ranks of the Inquisition, one could begin to get used to the role of a pirate. Patty thought the same, and even more – she managed to throw the uniform of the Lieutenant of the Inquisition overboard! There is nothing to do, you have to look for new clothes, moreover, suitable for a pirate. Sebastiano is already waiting for you to go to Puerto Sacariko. There he listened to the report of Roquefort, which he was dissatisfied with. Di Fuego runs the settlement terribly, and Sebastiano intends to talk to him. The retired lieutenant decided that it would not be superfluous to also pay a visit to the governor. First of all, he thought, he needed a map of the island, and where else would she be, if not with the governor? ..

Titan Weapon

The main task, the goal to which the whole journey leads.

Find the Pirate’s Lair

Having wandered around the island for a long time, the adventurer arrived at the Great Gate. Having chatted the guard Fens, he was able to get to the pirate settlement.

Find Steelbeard

Steelbeard is on his ship in the Pirate’s Lair.

Become a pirate

They don’t take anyone to be a pirate. To do this, you need to go through fire, water, jungle and giant termites. You need to complete the tasks of the pirate population. When all, or some minimum number of tasks have been completed, it will be possible to report to Steelbeard and take the oath. The main thing is to put rum on the ship.

After taking the oath, it will be possible to go to the next island!

I won’t leave without rum

Captain Steelbeard will not go to sea without a full hold of rum. It is necessary to solve the problems of Brazhnik so that he makes a sufficient amount of booze. When you complete the tasks Delivery of Sugar and Water Carrier, you need to report to Hawk Moth. When Hawk Hawk and Steelbeard make a deal, you need to report to Steelbeard again.

Sugar delivery

Jack, an old man near the lighthouse tower, started selling Inquisitorial sugar to a pirate hawker. Yes, the termites dragged the last delivery into their nest. The cave is located almost under Jack’s Tower. There are all seven bags of sugar, in the first room. They need to be delivered to Brazhnik in the tavern of the Pirate’s Lair. And then find Alistair upstairs and give the bags to him.

Water carrier

Hawk Moth wants someone to teach the lazy water carriers a lesson. Curtis will clarify the problem. You need to send one of the three water carriers, Doggs, Foster or Colby, to guard the gate.

hat fight

You can find a hat in the pirate lair. I can’t remember where exactly, but it seems it was at night. Once Morris sees a pirate wearing this hat, he claims that it belongs to him and starts a fight.

durable clothing

Pedro, who hangs around in front of the governor’s villa, sent a lieutenant to Carter to sell him suitable clothes. It is reasonable to become a pirate, you need to look like a pirate.

Pete’s Treasure

If you go southeast from the Vasco Tower and then turn north, you can find the temple. But before him lies the body of a certain Pete, and with him a treasure map. They lie just near the same temple, marked with the traditional red cross. The shovel is in place. It can be assumed that Pete threw up the ends immediately after he buried the chest. The chest contains a Hemp Pipe (trophy).

O’Brien Treasure Map

O’Brien, in a tavern in the Pirate’s Lair, mentioned that he had buried a treasure. To get it, you need to drink it by special agreement, putting something valuable on the line, and also buy a painkiller from Brazhnik. After winning the map, it will be possible to mark the chest on the map.

Pursuit in the night

In the tavern you can talk to Meeks. He will talk about the curse of Steelbeard. At the exit, Brazhnik asked to follow Meeks at night. You can sleep in bed until midnight. At night, you must first talk to Hawk Moth, and then follow Meeks.

traitor and monster

Continuation of the task Pursuit in the night.

Meeks leaks information to the drowned servants of Mara. You need to kill him and the drowned man.

Heavy chest

McLain, on Steelbeard’s ship, offers to open one chest. You can look for the master key from the blacksmith Stone, and the skill from the thief Largo.

Crab hunting with Blake

Blake proposes a competition to see who can kill the most crabs. You need to kill at least three.

2. Tacarigua. Side missions.

Head bounty

Di Fuego said that three slaves had escaped from the colony and were very belligerent. The lieutenant needs to find them and kill them, and take their heads as evidence. Savages can be found if you go southeast from Vasco’s Tower, into the jungle. Take their heads and give them to Di Fuego.

Help in the kitchen

Chef Osorio can be found in the kitchen. In addition to selling state-owned provisions, he can offer you a job. Not only to you, but also to Patty. She helps him in the kitchen, and he pays in gold. In addition, you can convince Patty to steal food while cooking. You need Skill 10 Slasher to complete this quest and persuade Patty.

Grog for sentries

Continuation of the task Help in the kitchen.

While Patty takes her place in the kitchen, the lieutenant is to deliver five bottles of grog to Giles at the sugar plantation.

Report to Tomkins

Continuation of the task Grog for sentries.

Gilles is so lazy to get his ass off the bench that he asks the hero to walk thirty meters and tell Tomkins that there is a drink for him.

Meat for Coca

Continuation of the task Tell Tomkins.

The hunter asks to hand over the meat to Osorio. Finally, he paid the reward and released Patty from captivity.

Fat roast

Hunter Tomikins, who is in the sugarcane plantations, offered to kill a warthog (Huge Shard) nearby. Much more interesting is the character himself, he can sell firearms.

Hungry slave

A slave named Assad on the Sugar Plantation doesn’t mind chatting about provisions.

pirate post

Roquefort, having learned that the lieutenant wants to find the pirates, asked him to deliver a message to those. It’s sealed, so if you want to read it, you should use save/load.

You need to deliver the letter to Brazhnik in the tavern of the Pirate’s lair.

Sugar trade

Continuation of the task Pirate post.

Brazhnik explained the situation with sugar and wrote a letter in response. First you need to get the gold from Pedro, and then take it to Di Fuego.

Pirate clothes

Prisoner Largo, who arrived with the lieutenant from Caldera, spoke about who Carter sold his belongings to.

The earring remained with Carter. Learn the Pickpocket skill to learn how to steal it.

You can buy a “leather shirt” from Carter.

The bandana is in Riley’s overseer. You can challenge him to a duel and, if you win, the bandana will change its owner again.

The boots are in the barracks. You need to be able to sneak in order to sneak into the barracks at night and steal them. Running barefoot on a tropical island is dangerous.

Svobodu Largo

This unfortunate thief proved to be useful. The lieutenant thought that accepting the offer and bringing him a master key would not get any worse. The master key can be taken in the Pirate’s Lair from the blacksmith Stone. After escaping, he will agree to teach lockpicking.

Odesha Largo

Continuation of the tasks Free Largo and Pirate Clothes. Largo wants all four items back – leather shirt, pirate bandana, black pearls, worn out boots. For the whole set, he will pay a thousand gold pieces. After the escape.

Go to Largo

You need to take Largo to the Pirate’s Nest.

Termite infestation

Old Jack from the lighthouse doesn’t want to be around dangerous giant termites. He promises a reward for their destruction. You need to kill 10 regular termites and 3 warrior termites. From the tower you need to go down below and find their cave. After the extermination of the parasites please Jack.

Distract Alistair

Morris tried to steal a couple of bottles from the hawk moth, but Alistair caught him. Now Morris has come up with a new plan that involves stealth and distraction. Climb to the second floor of the tavern and persuade Lola to distract Alistair.

10 blood roots

Elijah, who works at the brewery above the tavern, wants 10 blood roots for a bloody mary. In addition to the usual collection in the jungle, you can ask the water carrier Colby. For this, Elijah will give the Bloody Mary recipe http://u.to/G7sKAg 1. Black Betty ship. Characters: Patty, Sebastiano.

2. Puerto Sacariko. Characters: Boatswain, Shutrman, Pedro, Osorio, Roquefort, Di Fuego.

3. Characters: Carter, Largo.

4. Plantation of sugar cane. Characters: Riley, Assad, Gilles, Tomkins.

5. Vasco tower. Character: Vasco

6. Safe cave.

7. Dangerous cave in the north.

8. Legendary item: Wooden leg.

9. Cave.

10. Great Gate. Character: Fence.

11. Temple. to open: climb the gate (10) and shoot the cannon at the door to the temple! If you hit right, the temple will open.

12. Fugitive savages from the “bounty on the head” quest.

13. (Bottom) Pete’s body. On the body is a treasure map.

14. (Bottom) Temple. To the left of the temple are Pit’s treasures. The temple can be looted.

15. Jack’s tower. Character: Jack.

16. (Bottom) Termite cave.

17. The only attraction in this area. The closed temple. If you know how to open, please share!

18. Pirate’s nest. Characters: Flannigan, Barney, Stone. In or around the tavern: Hawk Moth, Curtis, Morris, Holly, O’Brien, Mix, Hank, Alistair, Lola, Elijah. By ship: Steelbeard, McLane.

19. Water carriers: Colby, Doggs and Foster.

20. Character: Blake

Legendary Items


hemp pipe

In the chest, in the quest Pete’s Treasure.


There is a book in Jack’s Tower called “Private Raids”. The mirror is sold by Hawk Moth in the Pirate’s Lair tavern.

wooden leg

Lies to itself lies. See map: 8

Left boot

In Lola’s room, above the tavern in the Pirate’s Lair, is the book “Pirate Stories”.

List of teachers



Sits behind bars in the courtyard of the fortress. Teaches you how to Sneak.



Puerto Sacariko. Teaches melee weapons.


Agility. Theft


Pirate nest. Firearms. Pistols.


Pirate nest. Agility. Dirty tricks.


Pirate nest. Steel arms.


Tavern in the Pirate’s Nest. Endurance.


Tavern in the Pirate’s Nest. Agility. Krasnobay.


Blacksmith in the Pirate’s Nest. Learn to forge blades.



Left boot

In Lola’s room, above the tavern in the Pirate’s Lair, is the book “Pirate Stories”.

List of teachers



Sits behind bars in the courtyard of the fortress. Teaches you how to Sneak.



Puerto Sacariko. Teaches melee weapons.


Agility. Theft


Pirate nest. Firearms. Pistols.


Pirate nest. Agility. Dirty tricks.


Pirate nest. Steel arms.


Tavern in the Pirate’s Nest. Endurance.


Tavern in the Pirate’s Nest. Agility. Krasnobay.


Blacksmith in the Pirate’s Nest. Learn to forge blades.





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