Walkthrough Operation Flashpoint: Red River


ACT 1.

Welcome to Tajikistan.

After watching the introductory video, we listen to the instructor and when he orders to go to the training ground, we execute. Having learned to change the shooting mode (in the standard layout, the T button is responsible for this), we aim at the targets and shoot, after which we replenish the supply of ammunition in a box nearby. After regrouping with the detachment, we climb into the “hummer” and order our subordinates (Caps Lock) to follow our example. You have an awfully long drive through the desert ahead of you, so you might as well go and make yourself some tea. Having been ambushed by the Taliban, we take out weapons and deal with all the opponents, of whom there are five people. Having done this, we again sit down in the car and continue to move towards our destination. Fortunately, this trip will be several times shorter than the previous one, as the car leading the column will be blown up by a mine. Once on foot, we head to the marked building, from where we shoot at the terrorists until they run away with their tail between their legs. By the way, if the screen suddenly turns black and white, press the E button until it is completely cured, otherwise we will simply bleed.

And again the jeep and again the terrorists. True, this shootout will be many times longer than the previous ones. First, we rise to the hill (it will be marked with a marker) and shoot from there at gaping enemies. Having cleared our way a bit, we go down and cross the wooden bridge, on the other side of which about a dozen bad guys are waiting for you. The main thing is not to lose your partners, otherwise you will quickly be turned into a sieve. When only your comrades-in-arms remain at the location, we go to the car for the last trip in this task.

Meet the Neighbors.

After listening to the commander of the detachment, we move deeper into the village, which for some reason is deserted. Having climbed onto the roof of the marked building, we take out the binoculars and look through it in the indicated direction. In a couple of seconds, opponents will trample out of all the cracks, and you urgently need to take a prone position. After waiting for the bots to deal with most of the enemies, we climb down and, in the same lying position, we head to the place where the enemies are firing from. It’s better not to take partners with you, since not very smart AI can ruin everything for you. When you get close enough to two detractors, put a bullet in each head and call your friends. When they deal with the rest, we follow to a small settlement, which was occupied by evil terrorists. Hiding behind stones and cars, we make our way as close as possible to the enemy and shoot in the head, until they raised the alarm. It will be easier if you put a silencer on your rifle or pistol before starting the mission.

Having reached a friendly detachment, help him escort the sapper to the Alpha team and while he will neutralize the charge, disperse your fighters to two points indicated on your map. Once you get close enough, you’ll spot some Tajiks who don’t really like the fact that you want to thwart their plan to blow them up. After a little shooting, we run across to the other side and again we take out the weapon. When the resistance weakens, the opponents will run away with their tail between their legs, but we need to regroup with the team not far from the place with the bomb. Since the charge cannot be neutralized, it was decided to blow it up while there are no civilians in the settlement. After admiring the explosion, we set off to carry out the next task of the commander.

Having examined the house on the left for the enemy, we move to the indicated place and, having climbed to the hill, we listen to the negotiations on the radio. When you are ordered to indicate the target for mortars, hold down ALT and direct the red circle to the desired building. Having waited for the big “BOOM”, we regroup with the Alpha detachment and in their company we overcome the march to the school captured by the terrorists. It is better to leave partners behind, because for some unknown reason they rush under the bullets of an easel machine gun with a joyful face, completely forgetting about shelters. Climbing up the stairs, clear the roof, as well as the corridor separating the two educational buildings. Having done this, call your guys and break inside. After killing all the remaining Tajiks in the building, we rush to the saving Hammer, which will take us to the base to the cheerful music.

The Human Terrain.

After listening to the sergeant’s briefing, we unload from the helicopter and head straight to the trading post, where you will be met by several armed Tajik RPGs. After killing them, we continue to move forward, straightening out along the way with opponents who have taken refuge in the building. When you see a column of cars passing by, we sit down in the marked vehicle and listen to the negotiations of the brothers in arms. Having reached the desired point, we disembark from a comfortable jeep and run to fight. Having dealt with several snipers and covering the Charlie group with fire, we run out onto the road. Having waited for the convoy, we get into the same Hummer and continue to roll along the road.

By order of the command, you will be dropped off near the dam and instructed to preserve the integrity of the convoy with any valuable. The whole trouble is that three cars with an easel machine gun on board are approaching you. We quickly take the mines from the box (it will be marked with the corresponding marker) and put them on the road. After that, we hide in a nearby shed and forbid our comrades-in-arms to fire at the enemy. After waiting for the explosion, we get out of the shelter and finish off the surviving Tajiks. When the column arrives, talk to the authorities and head straight for the dam. After fighting a little, we turn left and climb the mountain range, where the enemy’s strategically important building is located. After clearing it of snipers, take a comfortable position and prepare for the onset of the enemy.

When the Tajiks run out of foot soldiers, they will send you a jeep loaded with warriors. There are two ways to solve this problem: 1) if you have a sniper rifle, just shoot the driver. 2) if you do not have a sniper rifle, pass the coordinates to the auto mortar crew and they will smash it to smithereens. Having sorted out the car, we climb even higher up the slope and occupy a small house, on which a massive Tajik attack will immediately begin. Having awarded everyone who is against you, we move to the column with a lead present and go to the base.

Almost Too Easy.

Having got out of the turntable, we deal with a lone sniper and proceed to climb the mountain. Follow the advice of your partners and before running past, inspect each building, otherwise the probability that you will be fired by a bullet is 100 percent. Having reached a small village, we clean it from the Tajiks and listen to the new instructions of the sergeant. He wants us to indicate the target for the missiles. We go down a little lower and, having hobbled to an advantageous position, hold down ALT, after which we aim the red sight at the marked settlement. Keep in mind that the more accurately you strike, the fewer enemies you will have to finish off with direct contact. If the blow was unsuccessful and there were survivors among the Tajiks, we go down and on our own we get to the place where the explosion recently thundered.

Having finally finished off the remaining opponents, we continue the descent down the slope. The sergeant will contact us again and order us to indicate the target for the airstrike. There are three targets and each requires a rocket salvo. When the target is destroyed, we head towards the gorge in order to finish off the remnants of enemy resistance in the area. The suspension bridge is best crossed in a prone position. It’s much longer, but safer. Having crossed to the other side, we kill all the Tajiks who have settled in the houses and return back, but on a different bridge.

It’s time to storm the “anthill” of the Tajik rebels, but first you need to get to it, so get ready for a hell of a long march. In the end, you will reach the iron bridge, on the opposite side of which you will find a huge number of snipers, as well as armed RPG soldiers. Having broken through the crowd of rebels and having cleared all the necessary points, we rise to the upper point, where the retreating Tajiks fled. Grab whatever is bigger and run inside. True, I do not advise you to stay there for a long time, because they kill here quickly. The best way is to use the tactics “Killed – hid – killed.” When all the enemies are lying in a pool of blood, we go downstairs in order to sit in a cozy hummer, which will take us to the place of the next task.

ACT 2.

The Wrong Way.

Having reached the place by helicopter, we get out into the fresh air and follow the comrades-in-arms, bypassing the equipment blown up by the enemy. Having reached the fortifications, we climb higher and take out more powerful weapons. All that will need to be done for the next five minutes is to accurately shoot at the advancing soldiers of the PLA (China) and wait for the helicopter to arrive. Unfortunately, everything will fail, and there will be no promised help. Will have to retreat. Stepping back a little, we are again preparing for defense. If you run out of ammo, you can replenish their supply in the ammo box. Like last time, Chinese soldiers will rush to our positions in batches, but we, in the company of several comrades, will have to shoot at them so that the turntables can take the wounded from the battlefield. Then we repeat this combination (shoot-retreat) a few more times and get to a small residential settlement. It will be more difficult to defend here, since there are much fewer advantages on the side of the “narrow-eyed” ones and even more advantageous positions. After waiting for the arrival of the Hummers, we guard them while the technician is doing repairs. Fortunately, they will allow us to take an RPG and fry several enemy armored personnel carriers. Having done this, we sit down in the “hummer” and get out of this ill-fated place.

True, the task will not end there, and as soon as you arrive at the base, you will be attacked. We immediately run after the anti-tank gun and choose a position advantageous for ourselves. Having blown up several armored personnel carriers, we listen to the negotiations on the radio and, having learned about the approaching enemy helicopter, we grab the Stinger, which can be found in the same place where the anti-tank gun lay. To destroy the turntable, you need to hold it in sight for a few seconds, and then shoot. The equipment has been destroyed and it seems like it’s time to go home, but no. The tank arrived. This colossus will require as many as three accurate, rocket shots. In the end, you just have to wait for the rescue helicopter and fly as far as possible.

Careful What You Wish For.

This mission will take place at night, which means you need to move quietly, and it is best to bypass enemies. Of course, if from the very beginning you pumped a sniper from your marine, and from the additional equipment you used only a silencer and an improved optical sight, then completing this mission will not be difficult for you.

To get started, just follow a friendly squad without forgetting to turn on the night vision device (button V). There is no need to shoot at anyone, as all interfering enemies will be quietly removed by bots. You just have to run, do not lag behind. Having reached the cliff, we regroup. We need to call an air strike, but the desired channel will be open only for two minutes, so we quickly go down and run to the marked position. However, if you do not have time, nothing terrible will happen. It will just make it a little harder for you to fight off the PLA soldiers surrounding you. Having cleared our way a bit, we set off to capture the Chinese complex, in which, oddly enough, about two and a half narrow-eyed people are waiting for you (modestly somehow for an important military facility).

Hiding behind some wall, we shoot the approaching Chinese, and then we head to storm the garden. It is best to move lying down, as several fairly well-aimed (“cheating”) snipers have settled in the building we need. It’s even easier (if you’re playing alone, of course) to wait until the bots themselves deal with most of the opponents, and only then make direct contact yourself. After examining the next house, the authorities will report that the documents they need are not here, but a convoy consisting of several jeeps and a couple of dozen armed PLA soldiers is moving towards you. Here you have two solutions. The first easiest thing is to stand still until the cars get as close as possible and simply reward the driver with lead. The rest of the fighters will be in the middle of an open field, becoming an easy target for you and your comrades. The second way is more difficult but it is faster. We run to the ambush point number one (it will be marked with a marker) and shoot at the approaching column from an anti-tank gun.

When all the enemies are dead, we climb the mountain, where a friendly detachment of marines will be waiting for us. Having chosen an advantageous position, we shoot Chinese warriors for a long and tedious time. A sniper rifle with an IR scope and the ability to call mortar fire can help in this matter. In any case, in a few minutes we will be ordered to retreat. What we actually do. Having risen a little higher, we repeat the previous actions, while not forgetting to look around. The fact is that the NAO landed troops on the battlefield, so we are surrounded on all sides by narrow-eyed people, which means that no one is safe from a bullet in the back. Having fought a little more, we run to the evacuation vehicle.

Line in the Sand.

Having unloaded from the Hummer, we overcome a long march and proceed to clear the complex. There are truly a lot of Chinese here, and the “checkpoint” is only at the beginning of the mission. So if you don’t want to hate (like me, for example) this game, try not to go on the rampage and kill enemies one by one. Having dealt with this area, we are looking for a car and sit in the driver’s seat. Having reached the desired point, we replenish ammunition and take a position advantageous for shooting. There will be too many enemies, and the authorities will order to retreat to the river. True, along the way we will have to make a short stop and help Alfa repel the enemy offensive. When the Chinese start throwing smoke grenades at us, we return to the car and continue our retreat.

As a result, we will be driven to the roof of a three-story building, from where we will have to shoot at the nimble people of China for an hour. It is best to use a sniper rifle, which fortunately lies at the entrance to the house. There you can profit from ammo and other useful equipment. In the midst of the battle, the pilot of the rescue helicopter will contact us and ask us to destroy the anti-aircraft guns that are preventing him from landing. We move along the markers to the desired point and kill everyone who gets in our way. The problem is solved, and the helicopter can safely pick us up from this notorious place.

ACT 3.

First And Ten Left`s Do It Again.

And again we are thrown into the thick of hell. This time we need to win back the tower from the PLA, which for some reason was needed by the tops. During a firefight, special attention should be paid to machine gunners, as well as snipers who have settled at the foot of the same tower. When the carcasses of the Chinese turn into a kind of Swiss cheese, we return to the road, where our transport has already arrived. Sitting comfortably, we move to the next point, occasionally exchanging words with partners. Unfortunately, they won’t let us stay in peace and quiet for a long time, and after a few seconds, we will fall into an ambush, from which we will have to get out in the old grandfather way – just kill everyone. Having done this, we wander back to the jeep and continue moving.

Having reached the desired village, we deal with the soldiers in the machine-gun nests and pick up the Stinger from the warehouse. In a few seconds you will understand why. Having destroyed the Chinese helicopter that came to the rescue, we continue to climb up the slope to the enemy’s main base. But do not rush to relax, because on our way we will meet about three enemy camps. The Chinese are in the houses, but we are running in the middle of an open field. It will be difficult, but if you competently give orders to subordinates, and also do not rush into open battle yourself, you will surely emerge victorious. By the way, here you can destroy three cargo helicopters. For this you will get a plus to the statistics, and maybe one extra point for the development of your marine.

We continue to climb. At the highest point, serious resistance awaits you, but the main enemy here is the lack of ammunition. Of course, weapons can be taken away from the rebels, although their quality is poor, and constant failures will often lead to your death. In the middle of the way, you will finally be allowed to replenish your ammunition, and they will even throw in reinforcements in the form of several marines. And, ultimately, you will capture the desired fortress. The authorities are proud of you son!

Vantage Point.

Before embarking on this mission, I highly recommend taking a sniper rifle with you. The fact is that for almost the entire duration of the mission, we will have to crawl on the bark and win back certain areas of the terrain from the PLA. As you can imagine, doing this from a distance is much easier.

Having unloaded from the jeep, we forbid our subordinates to shoot, and we ourselves take a prone position. Creeping up to the first reconnaissance point, we remove the people standing behind the machine gun. Panic will begin in the camp and it will not be difficult to kill the remaining warriors. We move to the next point. Here we repeat the previous actions and continue to rise to the PLA checkpoint. Having dealt with the guards, we take a position advantageous for firing and wait for enemy reinforcements, which arrived at the sound of shots. Having stuffed the Chinese who came to the rescue with lead, we go down and run to the village fenced with a fence. Here you can find the Javelin, which in the future will help shoot down the enemy turntable.

It’s time to recapture the observatory from the PLA. You will have to get to it on your own two feet, and besides, there are several koi snipers waiting for you who will gladly reward you with an extra hole. We run from one boulder to another until we get close enough to the desired territory. If you followed my advice and took a sniper rifle on a mission, it will not be difficult to pass this place. We just shoot at anyone who dares to stick their head out of cover, and when there are almost no enemies left, we make our way inside and finish off the survivors.

The next step will be the destruction of anti-aircraft guns that prevent our helicopter from landing. First you have to get an anti-tank gun. You can find it in the observatory, there is also an unlimited supply of ammunition, so if you suddenly don’t get in, you can easily return the charges spent to empty. Having blown up the anti-aircraft gun, we proceed to the armored personnel carrier of which there are several pieces. Dealing with them will be more difficult than with an anti-aircraft gun, because they also give change. In any case, when the enemies are defeated, and the joyful cries of your commander begin to be heard from the radio, we head to the marked point and wait for the helicopter that will take us to the base.

That’s all, but if you are drawn to play more, you can safely replay a few tasks as a scout, technician or attack aircraft.



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