Walkthrough Dishonored

Full walkthrough of the game Dishonored

Dishonored starts off with a little tutorial which includes a game of hide and seek with Emily – hide behind the alcove next to Emily. Then go to an audience with the English Empress.

In the chambers of the Empress, a small lesson in martial arts awaits you when the assassins burst into the room. You can try to stop them, but you can’t kill them. It’s better not to kill anyone at all, but to put them to sleep from behind to get achievements.

You will be blamed for the death of the Empress and thrown into jail. The guard will bring a ration given by friends, in which there will be a key. Unlocking the door, grab the sword and run down the corridor. It is better to quietly put the guard to sleep and drag him into the shade, and then, hiding from his friends, quietly make your way into the front room.

In a room with long ventilation pipes, you can take a pistol. Then climb onto the ventilation and wait for the guard with a key that you can steal.

Go further down the corridor to the interrogation room. In it you are looking for a safe, take away the explosives and go through the lattice door. There are two guards who can be quietly bypassed.

The main gate is guarded by three guards – they can be strangled one by one, or you can go around the ventilation. When you reach the gate, blow it up, don’t forget to hide in the iron container near the door.

Then jump into the water and swim towards the sewer entrance. Avoiding rats, get to the valve blocked by the corpse, drag the body of the poor fellow to the side. Turn off the valve, and throw the corpse to the rats to distract them from you. Climb up the chain. You can disarm the trap at the stairs by climbing onto the pipes and turning off the electronic device. Behind it you will find a box with a crossbow. Then there will be another safe with provisions, the code of which is 4-5-1.

There are four guards on duty at the end of the sewers. You can go around them by climbing through the pipes. Don’t miss the lost shack, which will add gold coins to you. Well, outside, do not rush to talk to the boatman Sam – treasures are hidden in the river near the wooden pillars sticking out behind the boatman.

High Warden

Arriving at Pete’s tavern, chat with the saviors and go to sleep.

Waking up, you find yourself in an incomprehensible place with flying islands. First, get the ability to teleport over short distances, and then go on a journey through the islets. Use the heart to find the magic rune and return to your room.

After waking up, use your heart to search for the second rune in the ruined building by the embankment. Then go to Pierrot, who is ready to sell you the third rune for 500 coins. The missing money can be found in Sam’s boat. With three runes, the hero will be able to see through walls.

The first serious task of the hero is to indulge the desires of the Old Rags. First, a lively old woman will ask you to neutralize three gangsters. You can just kill them and pick up the second rune, or you can track them down in the alley, neutralize one bandit and drag him aside. Accomplices will go to Vetosha’s apartment. Hide on the balcony near the doors, and when they enter, neutralize them with the usual sleep.

The third rune is for sabotaging an illegal distillery.

Sneak into the doctor’s house and steal the infected insides of rats. By the way, do not forget about the safe – its code is 2-8-7 – there will be a lot of good there. After cleaning the poor fellow, go to the plant and complete the task.

After Old Rags, head to Clevering Boulevard and find the electric gates. Disconnect the fuel canister and deal with the guards. Run to the gatehouse for the rune, and then to Holger’s Square.

Here you need to free Martin, who is guarded by only one person. Then go to the checkpoint, go outside, go down into the sewers and make your way to the dog kennel. The code for the locked door in the kennel is 2-1-7. Well, by clicking on the left eye of the statue, you will enter a secret room with a rune.

The next location is the Office. There are a lot of guards here, so be careful and go through the Assembly Room, where Warden Campbell and Captain Carlow will soon arrive.

Hide under the table and, seizing the moment, steal the magazine. Now it remains to make your way to the embankment – poison the wine or break the glasses to get rid of the “spectators”. By the way, you can find a rune above the fireplace.

You can get to the pier by taking the form of a rat (one of the abilities that can be bought for runes) or by stealing the key from the guard. Sam is waiting for us at the pier with a boat.

House of Delights

You wake up again in your room, from where you can go directly to Pete’s tavern, or first get a few runes by going down the drain. One rune is located near the overturned table, and the second one is under water.

The admiral’s emissary will meet you outside and ask you to save the daughter of the Empress Ellie and kill the Pendleton brothers. Old friend Sam will take you to the right place.

We run under the bridge, neutralize the guard and hide it in the trash can away from prying eyes. Then we go further along the street. At the turn you will be met by the guys of Slekjov, the owner of the distillery. He will offer you a deal: he kills the Pendleton brothers, and for this you find the missing gangster Crowley and get a combination from the safe of one merchant.

You can refuse the deal – in this case, kill all the enemies on the embankment, then make your way to the right into a new location and go to the twins’ hangout. We remove the guard and find Ellie on the third floor. Then we go down into the steam room, find a locked grate, teleport from it into the opening. We climb into the room through the opening, find the valve and attach it to the mechanism.

Next, we deal with that Pendleton, which is located in the golden room on the top floor. After taking the keys from the housekeeper, we return to Sam.

If you want to fulfill Slackjaw’s conditions, then go to Old Rag’s house, teleport there to the “bridge” that protects the pipes from corrosion, then to the next one, and then jump to the ledge in the wall. From the wall along the ventilation shaft we move to the balcony to the lone guard, whom we will have to get rid of, and we go into the building.

There are two guards wandering around in Dr. Galvani’s office – you know what to do. In the main room, by the way, there is a safe. The lock combination is 2-8-7.

Then we go up the stairs, go through the red room and deal with the guards in the Galvani laboratory. Look for the audio log and return to Slackjaw.

You can run for the rune to Galvani’s secret laboratory, where you found poisoned rats in the last chapter.

To complete Slackjaw’s second task, you need to return the same way to the doctor’s house, go down to its base and go to the slums.

Visit Old Rags in her new home, and along the way, save the girl from two bandits – for this you will receive additional rewards.

In the Captain’s Bridge Hotel, there is a rune under the mattress. Having picked it up, run to the roof, from where you need to get over to the neighboring roof of the attic, and then to the parapet of the Golden Cat brothel. Get inside through the open window. Find the stairs, go down to the floor, go into the left room and neutralize the red-haired woman, taking the key from her.

Deal with the guard in the red room and smash the bars above the table. Then enter the door opposite and quickly run across to the leftmost room. There, a masochist is tied to the electric chair and wants to be tortured. From him you should get a cipher, so just satisfy the strange desires of a person.

Ellis is hidden in one of the rooms on the second floor. Having found the girl, we take her to the boatman, and we ourselves return to Slekjov.

royal doctor

The new task is to kidnap the scientist Anton Sokolov, through which you can get to the mistress of the Lord Regent Burroughs.

Sam will take you to the southern part of the bridge, where you need to climb the stairs, cross the street and teleport to the overhang. Go through the ventilation, teleport to the outhouse with a spotlight, and to the trash can.

We enter the door, climb to the very top, move to the opposite side, and then to the valve. After unscrewing it, go downstairs, taking the battery with you, which you need to insert into the opening by the grate so that it opens. Jump into the cradle and move to the other side of the bridge.

Teleport across the street to the balcony, then onto the parapet by the alley and turn into it. Reach the iron chain, climb up and jump to the balcony. Get rid of two guards, find and lower the lever, and then go to the opposite side. There will be another handle, pulling which you will rise up. Through the balcony you will enter a room with a rune.

Then return to the iron bridge, run across it and climb to the very top – there you will find a door to the street.

First, let’s climb into Pratchett’s house – go down the street, turn left and jump through the window. Inside you will find a safe with the code 4-7-3 and a rune inside. After we go down, we cut down the returned owner and pick up the key. Then we look at Pratchett’s crazy neighbor, pick up the shrine, get out through the balcony and go through the ventilation to the right, to the bridge.

Having reached the embankment, wait until the local guards talk, and then teleport to the bridge. At the dead end, climb the chain onto the scaffolding. Kill the guard and go to the control cabin, raise the bridge with the lever, cross to the other side and disconnect the batteries from the searchlights so that Sam can swim right up to Sokolov’s house.

After turning off the searchlights, go down and return to the city. Jumping from the roof to the balcony, get into the control cabin of the bridge, neutralize the guard and turn off the lever. Hide the body, cross the street unnoticed and, after climbing the stairs, turn off the batteries that power the lights. Then go back and teleport out the gate, bypassing the guard. To your left will be a balcony, which is better to climb through the ventilation.

At the bottom, another “girl in trouble” will be waiting for you, which you need to save from the rats. Throw the corpse to the rats, and then deal with them.

Opening the doors under the balcony will take you to a new location. On the left side there will be another door, behind which at the top, several balconies to the right, a rune will be waiting for you. Then we move to the right and, having met a guard and an assassin on our way, we turn to the ruins. On one of the balconies we neutralize the patrolman and go inside, right to Sokolov. We put the scientist to sleep and free the hostage. Then we take the snoring Sokolov, teleport to the embankment and go to Sam.

Reception Lady Boyle

This time, Ellie wakes you up and thanks you for saving you. We go to the admiral and knock out information from Sokolov that the madam we need will be at the masquerade today. You will have to follow her. Sam, as always, is ready to take you to the place.

For bonuses, you can go to the left coast, making your way through the window at the electric tower. Having searched everything inside, go up to the roof, move to the opposite street and dive under the bridge – there you will find another rune.

We move to the other side, where one absent-minded young lady will lose her invitation, which you should use. Inside we meet Lord Shaw and give him Pendleton’s letter. Written on Shaw will like it, and he will challenge you to a duel. You can kill him or put him to sleep with a dart.

We find Lord Brisby – he is in the mask of the Cheshire Cat. He gives the name of Lady Boyle, who will need to be dragged to the basement.

But first you can go up to Lady Boyle’s room and find a lot of interesting things. We wait until the guard of the stairs leaves his post, pull the cord over the table and make our way into the secret room. Don’t forget to search the bedroom next door as well.

From the first room, follow the keyhole as the guards move. Having seized the moment, sneak into the room with a fireplace, search it and other bedrooms.

We return to the dance hall and go in search of Miss White, who will gladly tell you what color Lady Boyle is wearing today. We find her, put her to sleep, drag her to the cellar and hand her over to the Cheshire Cat.

Behind one of the basement doors you can find a lot of treasures, after which we get out home, going to Sam. By the way, you can get to it on the water directly from the basement.

Return to the Tower

Returning to the base, find Lord Pendleton – he will reward you with a rune for the events at the ball. This is followed by a briefing from the admiral. This time, you need to return to the tower of Dunwall and send the Lord Regent to rest.

Before the task, you can get a rune by finding Ellie, a girl sitting in the Callista tavern. Search in the following locations: the corvo room, the base of the tower where Ellie’s room is located, or the neighborhood of the abandoned apartment.

Having finished peaceful affairs, go to the pier to Sam, who, as always, is ready to take you to the city. At the Dunwall tower, jump into the water and swim to a dead end. Then climb up the pipes and ledges. Behind one of the bars, by the way, there is a corpse – many different things are hidden under it. To get there, jump over to the opposite wall and find a bypass.

We get to the balcony level above, open the door and teleport to the left wall. Don’t forget to remove the battery from the shield, and then go to the second floor and exit through the door to the outer side of the tower. Eliminate the sentry and go up the outer stairs to the huge doors. Inside, carefully move towards the balcony along the right wall. Deal with the guard and teleport to a small balcony, where you can pick up another battery. From the balcony, teleport to the roof and follow it to the opposite side of the castle. From there, we teleport behind the pipes to your right and move even higher.

Having risen, we hide behind the bushes and go right to the stairs. We go down along it, turn left and look for a hole in the wall. Through the hole we move to the iron scaffolding, along which we climb up. We eliminate the guard and hide the body somewhere below.

From the place where you eliminated the guard, you can teleport to the room on the left. The room is empty, but the treasured rune will be waiting for you under the bed.

After picking up the trophy, return to the stairs and go upstairs, and then to the roof. There you will need to deal with another sentry – it is advisable to take his body down.

Climb back up, neutralize another guard and again attach the body somewhere near his comrades.

Finally, climb up again and move to the parapet of the building to your right. Walk forward and teleport inside the room with the red light in the window. Open the hatch – and you are in the Dunwall tower itself.

We make our way forward to the main hall, teleport to the chandelier, and then to the upper level. Using time dilation, go down and disconnect the battery.

Then go upstairs again, where the propaganda officer will just be transmitting another message to Burroughs. If you want to overthrow the Lord Regent, then the officer should never be killed. By the way, he will tell you the code to Burroughs’ safe – 9-3-5.

After the conversation, go down two floors below, go along the corridor, transfer to the balcony and go into Burroughs’ room. In the safe there is a real dirt on the Lord Regent, and in the chest by the bed there is a rune.

Return to the propaganda officer’s cabin and start the exposé recording live. Then you can go down to the floor below and watch the police arrest Burroughs.

By the way, the dictator can be killed personally. Make your way through the ventilation to the main hall, go along the wall to the left and, going down, just deal with everyone you meet.

To return to Sam, you need to get back into the ventilation. If you eliminated the enemy with compromising evidence, then wait until the corridor is empty, teleport to the chandelier, and then to the balcony you already know. If you killed Burroughs, then go up to the corridor and do the same operation.

We pass through the ventilation into the red room, teleport to the spotlight and turn off the power to it. Then we move to the roof of the building to your left, go down to the embankment, climb over the wall and jump to the roof, then to the next one, then return to the balcony and into the room. We put the sentry to sleep, go out to the balcony, from which the mission began and jump into the water.


In Pete’s tavern, take part in the celebration of the successful operation and go up to your room… in the room you will faint – someone decided to poison the main character.

flooded quarter

After waking up from the action of the poison, you will find yourself in a boat that will bring you to the place of imprisonment. Having received on the head you will again find yourself in a world with flying islands.

You will wake up in a locked basement, which will be guarded by two killers. There are two ways to get out: turn into a rat and run away through the tunnel, or exit through the “front door”. In the second case, take one of the bricks and throw it at the wooden door.

After teleporting upstairs, you can have a bite of bread on the table, and then climb up the stairs. We deal with the guard, go to the balcony and jump into the water.

Swim for a while, and then climb up and move along the wooden boards. Where to go, your heart will tell you. As a result, you will find yourself at an abandoned building. Climb up the chain, and then teleport to the roof. Walk forward, turn left and move to the ledge of the neighboring building. In the window you can find another amulet.

Then we cross the river to the opposite side of the street, go into the light and go through the door. We pass through the building, and then along the roofs and ventilation we get to the refinery. Near the logo there is a hatch that leads to a room with treasures.

Then use the heart that will point to the reeds – there is a rune. After taking it, return to the shore and climb the stairs. Pull the switch there and take the uncharged battery. You need to activate it using the apparatus at the beginning of the stairs.

Now you can climb to the very top, enter the door and insert the battery into place opposite the entrance. Then pull the switch by the window, which will lower the stairs along the opposite wall. Go to the very top, turn left and take another talisman.

Then continue along the perimeter of the building. When you meet two people – just wait for them to leave and climb the chain up. After looking around, feel free to go inside the building. Reach the dead end, break the boardwalk and take the battery, which needs to be charged and installed in place. This will allow you to lower the iron bridge, reach the next iron chain and go down.

We quietly deal with the unknown, and then we stumble upon a girl who rises from the opposite side of the building. Teleport behind her and put her to sleep. Then carefully lower yourself down and collect your equipment.

To go further, you need to climb a level higher, and, after unscrewing the valve, go to the embankment. From there, teleport down, save yourself from the piranhas and climb up the stairs along the building on the right. We climb onto the roof, carefully go around the patio and move towards the light.

Ignore the corpses, but immediately go to the doors. Behind them there will be a bridge that will take you to the end of the building. In order not to disturb the guards, quickly teleport down to the ventilation, and then to the balcony of the neighboring building. Entering the room, you can hide from prying eyes.

We jump down to the ventilation, go around the courtyard around the perimeter and move to the doors that will lead us directly to the center of Rudshore. Seeing the sentry, we quickly dive into the water – we will have to swim under water so that no one notices.

After emerging, climb higher and go to the right, neutralizing the dog-like mutants with dusting darts. Then turn the corner and teleport to the second floor of the abandoned building on the right. Here it is better to slow down time and run to the open window of the building on the left. But you can just kill the guards.

Let’s move on to votes. When the sentries finish talking and one of them goes about his business, the second can be strangled. Go through another room and drop the body into a dark opening between the doors, and move yourself to the canopy above it.

From here you will have a good view of the lighted room, where a couple of guards are also chatting. We quietly teleport to the ledge on the right, get out through the window to the street and move to the window higher, where we immediately hide in the closet. We skip the guard past and eliminate. The body can be hidden on the closet.

After going a little further you will see Lord Daud, from whom you need to steal the keys. To get started, teleport to the stairs near the right wall, climb it and jump out the window – this way you will be behind Daud.

First, put one of Daud’s wards to sleep and take it upstairs. Then go down the stairs, jump onto the closet and, after waiting for Daud to turn away, teleport behind him. There you can not only quietly steal the keys, but also grab another talisman.

Return to the closet, and from there to the upper room. There are a lot of guards in the courtyard – wait until they scatter around the corners, neutralize the last guard and hide around the corner. Then go down to the basement, where you can find a rune, as well as a grate, the key to which you stole. Behind it will be the Flooded Quarter.

After leaving the tunnel, go to the left and wait for the train to dump the corpses of those who died from the plague. You understand that it is better to climb higher. On the roofs, get to the gate on the left, turn off their power. Walk forward a little and go down the chain that will be on your left.

After going down, go left. There, opening the door, you will find yourself in the Old Port Suburbs. From there we calmly and slowly make our way to the catacombs – peaceful people are hiding there. You can look into the safe with the code 5-2-8, and then still help the man escape from the crazy old witch. You should only be afraid of hanging from the ceiling and not only muck that sprinkles with green muck.

You need to go quite a bit and you will find a way out of the catacombs. This completes your mission.


In this short chapter, our task is to get to the hero’s room on the third floor of Pete’s tavern, cross the bridge, meet Callist and signal Sam. But if you want to meet Pierrot, you’ll have to stay a little longer.

In an abandoned apartment near the tavern, you will meet an old acquaintance Cecilia, who will tell you what is happening. When she’s done, go upstairs to get the keys and head outside.

There you will immediately meet your “saviors”. First, turn left quietly, moving along the building, and then teleport to the balcony of the second floor of Pete’s tavern and run inside.

Once in the building, go downstairs for a note. You don’t have to worry about the guards talking very close – they won’t pay attention to you. Don’t forget to look for Pierrot’s blueprints – they’re lying around somewhere in the trash can.

After reading the letter, go upstairs, where you will need to put two sentries to sleep. On the table you will find Ellie’s letter. Read it and go through the window over the roofs and jambs to Pierrot. Having climbed into his barn, do not forget to grab the rune lying on the table.

Pierrot will meet you with Anton Sokolov. They will tell you that the device on the roof of the barn can help deal with the bandits and will ask you to get the blueprints that will help put the device into action. Actually, we have already picked up the drawings in the tavern.

Scientists will activate the machine and ask what is still better to do with the invaders: kill or just paralyze? Make a decision, and then go upstairs and activate the battery. It must be installed on the roof of the barn in order for the device to start working.

As soon as you do this, the machine will give you an electric shock and you will lose consciousness. After recovering, you can go to Elli’s tower, where Callista will meet you. She will help send a signal to Sam – we go down to the embankment and get into the boat.

guiding beacon

Having moored in the right place, go to save the heiress of the empire. First, climb the stairs, teleport to the spotlight and turn it off. Then calmly dive into the water and swim to a safe shore, avoiding the boats.

On land, make your way under the bridge and, teleporting into the sewers, make your way into the building. After neutralizing the sentry, find the battery and turn it off. Then go up to the floor above and do the same again.

Return to the entrance to the sewers and move to the right ledge. There are two guards waiting for you. Hide behind a rock and wait for one of them to turn his back on you. Put him to sleep and drag him by the stones. Then we get rid of the second one with a sleeping pill and carry it to a friend.

The path to the gate is free, but since you still don’t have the key, you will have to teleport to the gate. From above, you will notice another sentry – you can not touch it for now.

When the path is clear, jump down and make your way forward along the right wall. Sometimes you will have to hide and wait until the guards disperse.

Get to the side door, enter and deal with the guard. The body can be hidden in the side room, the door to which opens with a lever.

After we climb up the chain, we find a ladder and go down it. Having reached the iron valve, unscrew it, climb into the hatch and swim across to another hatch. Following it to the next room, you will find a rune under water. Then return to the first room and move to the balcony of the second level. Before that, be sure to check where the guard is now – it’s clearly time for him to rest.

After getting rid of the guard, find another iron valve and unscrew it. Then go back down with the body and attach it somewhere nearby. Having unscrewed the valve, you opened the tunnel – crawl along it to the hatch, neutralize the guard with a dart and hide in the tunnel.

After clearing your way, go up the stairs one flight. There will be a chain along which you can climb even higher and put another guard to sleep. It is better to hide it under the stairs, and then climb further – there you will see a bridge on which the sentry is on duty. Under the bridge there is an additional section – use it to go unnoticed.

At the end of the bridge, wait for everyone to disperse in different directions, and quickly transfer yourself first to the balcony, and then to the upper ledge. From there, you can move to the building, where you can quietly eliminate the guard.

Then get to the elevator and take it up. Then run up the stairs and calm down the sentry, whose body can be hidden in the elevator. Then we rise even higher, lull the guard on the balcony with a dart and carry it to the elevator. Returning back, we find a new sentry – you already know what to do. We go further, we eliminate the next sentry – and now, finally, you can enter the lighthouse. Inside we go up the stairs, climb onto the closet, and then even higher. From here it will be convenient to observe all the movements of Havelock – wait a moment and kill or put the traitor to sleep.

On the table by the fireplace you will find the key to the room where Ellie is locked. Where to go you will understand by her cries. The last mission is completed.




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