Walkthrough Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Complete and detailed walkthrough of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record


We play as Frank West, a photojournalist and the protagonist of the first part of Dead Rising. After the introductory video, we get out into the arena and proceed to the destruction of the zombies. First, we attack with our hands, then we begin to pick up objects that fall out of the ghouls. In total, exactly four copies can be carried at the same time. The platform on which the arena is located will sink lower and lower. When it is at the very bottom, we will face dozens of zombies. We try not to go beyond the site, only occasionally to quickly kill several enemies at once with a powerful baseball bat. You will also have the opportunity to climb the hills in the corners. However, standing for a long time will not work, in four seconds the eruption of fire will begin. So, holding out, a certain amount of time – we win. We take the money, we leave the locker room and go to the exit, following the pointer. Along the way, you can save, for this we will look into the toilet, marked on the map with the letter “S”. After the video, we take a picture of T-K and Brandon when a yellow icon appears above their heads. Soon the guards notice us: we deal with the one who has a piece of pipe in his hands and, picking it up, kill the rest.

We go down the elevator and find that the zombies have broken free! We break through to the exit, and then to the shelter. Green icons mean food, yellow icons mean weapons.

Task 1–1: Important news.


Having reached a safe place, we encounter Sullivan, who is clearly not happy with our location here. After showing him Zombrex, he kind of calms down. First of all, we are looking for a cure, but, of course, it is not here. Ahead of a long 72 hours, during this time we need to find three portions of Zombrex, so as not to die. After that, according to Sullivan, the military will arrive and rescue us.

Find Zombrex.

After meeting Stacey, she gives clues as to where Zombrex can be found. We find a loophole that allows you to leave the shelter, and go to the “Roy’s Store”. There we encounter several marauders terrorizing a pharmacy worker. We deal with them and select the key. We enter the room, take the medicine. Cream lies nearby (perhaps the most effective drink that replenishes health), so we take it away. We return to the shelter, guided by the map, and wait for the right time (7:00 – 8:00 AM) to take Zombrex. In your free time, you can do side quests, because this time is designed to save people who unexpectedly find themselves in a difficult situation. AT

Task 1–2: Alive and in place.

September 25 8:00 AM. We watch the video, provided that we are in a shelter in a room with Stacy. We leave for the hotel to meet with Rebecca Chang. At the exit, Sullivan hands us the universal key to all the workshops of the city (red doors). They allow you to upgrade weapons and make them perfect murder weapons. For example, a baseball bat + a pack of nails = a spiked bat that allows you to deal with enemies much faster. We get to the hotel and communicate with Rebecca.

Task 1–3: Danger.

Having found out a little about the record that Rebecca received from unknown sources, we follow her into the main security room. You can save along the way. Arriving at the place, we find that everything is destroyed here and it looks like someone was trying to cover up the watch.

Task 1-4: Alliance.

Stacey calls us and wants us to return to the shelter as soon as possible, since Sullivan saw the report and threatened to kick her out. We get to the shelter and inform Sullivan that we are starting our own investigation and will try to justify the name of an innocent girl, the leader of the GPP.

Task 2–1: Information from the GPZ.

We go to Stacy and watch the video. Through the monitors we see how a certain guy drags the girl by the hair and beats her. It turns out that this guy just recently joined the GPZ. Perhaps T.K. deliberately introduced him into the ranks of this organization in order to cover up his dark deeds.

Task 2–2: A familiar face.

We go to Brandon to find out the details. Let’s take something heavy with us. We get to Luna Park and proceed to the toilet. And here he is with the same girl he beat. It will not be possible to release her, but we can teach the guy a lesson. We attack him until he jumped into the booth to release the zombies. His attacks are short but powerful enough. Therefore, we need a powerful and at the same time fast weapon.

Task 3–1: It’s about the GPZ.

We return to the shelter to find out new secrets from Stacy. At the exit from the Luna Park we meet … Chuck. He still lost his daughter and in connection with this became very aggressive. You can deal with him, or you can just run to the next building and hide.

Task 3–2: Signs of life.

Stacey continues to claim that her group is not to blame for anything. In the meantime, we notice on the monitors a few more guys in the warehouse. We go to this place and really, something is wrong here. We take a few photos, and when they notice us, T-K and the mercenaries will hide on a loaded train. We manage to get to them at the last moment. Immediately kill the first mercenary and pick up his weapon. Thus, we continue to deal with the mercenaries and pick up their weapons. To replenish health, use boxes of juice scattered everywhere. T.K. unhooks the cars and leaves on the locomotive. Press “TAB” and select task 4-1. The arrow will point the way to the shelter. In front of the stairs leading to the surface lies Zombrex. Don’t forget to pick it up, because we will need it very soon. Returning to a safe place

Task 4–1: Explosions in the city.

We communicate with Stacy and Rebecca. Someone is trying to break into the casino vault. You need to go there and figure it out.

Task 4–2: Running for money.

September 26 1:00 PM. We go to the first Americano casino. From now on, we can instantly destroy several dozen zombies located in close proximity to us. To do this, it is enough to catch the “Queen Bee” (yellow, something similar to a bumblebee) and crush it. The living dead will be beheaded. There are not many bandits here, so we can easily kill the first one and take his weapons. And then everything went on and on. We kill all the rest and make our way to the vault. We destroy the drill, drilling a large door that leads to money. In the same way we get to the rest of the casino. However, the further we advance, the more enemies become. Therefore, we carefully look around and be sure to carry drinks that restore health with us. For example, vodka, cream, juice, etc. Having visited all three casinos, we head to the truck, who is about to leave with the stolen “good”. We kill marauders and destroy the van with improvised means. T.K. was dissatisfied, and reporter Rebecca manages to make good shots.

Task 5–1: Source.

September 27 12:00 AM. We are waiting for Rebecca and her informant at a local cafe, which is located in the Americano casino. The meeting will take place on the second floor, however, upon arrival at the place, we do not find anyone. But on the other hand, there is a walkie-talkie on the counter and T-Key contacts us. He grabbed Rebecca and asks for $1 million bail.

Task 5–2: Abduction.

So, we have a long nineteen hours of work ahead of us. During this time, we must collect the required amount. We visit all available casinos and deal with the destruction of slot machines, as well as rarely seen ATMs. Don’t forget that in seven hours we need Zombrex. By the way, you can buy it at any pawnshop for fifty thousand dollars. Pawnshops are marked on the map with a dollar sign “$”. We deliver money to the Otmel nightclub at the appointed time. We will take more weapons with us, preferably firearms. For example, just opposite the doors of the club, behind the counter, there is a shotgun, and in the Yucatan casino, climbing one of the hills, you can get an excellent rifle. We will also need specialty cocktails that we can prepare in local bars. We mix wine + beer and, voila, we get a great drink called “Temp”,

Challenge 5-3: Two ladies, one club.

After the video, we start the fight with the twins. Most of the time they will run around the room and only occasionally will they try to hurt us with their big swords. We accept the Tempo cocktail and simply run away from them, shooting from a distance from all kinds of weapons. It is enough to kill one of the sisters, so we will focus all our forces only on the chosen target. As a trophy, we take the twins’ katana.

Task 6–1: Escape.

Having freed Rebecca, we go to the Fortuna Hotel. Bandits with weapons are waiting for us there, so we will prepare accordingly. Then we get out onto the roof and see T-Key flying away. At the last moment, we manage to hook the helicopter with a winch. When the light at the base of the winch turns green, it’s time to activate the mechanism. It is not so easy to do this, because T-Key’s assistant does not stand idly by. He constantly pours fire on us from a multi-barreled machine gun and wiggles from side to side in every possible way, in an attempt to hit us with a crane. When the winch pulled the helicopter, without thinking twice we grab heavy boxes and throw them into it. We repeat these steps until the end. T.K. is captured and taken to the hideout.

Task 7–1: Help will come.

September 27 9:00 AM. We take Zombrex at the appointed time and go to the roof of the building, the military should soon arrive. Indeed, they arrived exactly at the appointed time and began to clean up the area. However, this idyll was interrupted by unexpectedly appearing gas from the sewer. The air was filled with a green mixture, and the bloodthirsty zombies became even stronger and faster. Only the commander managed to escape.

Task 7–2: The Last Effort.

Rebecca is in danger, so let’s go save her. A new timer has been launched, stating that in 22 hours the bombardment will begin. We go down and face improved enemies. Fortunately, not all zombies have become like this and only a few, but, nevertheless, even with these some, difficulties can arise. Firstly, they run fast, secondly, they are not so easy to kill and, thirdly, they spit acid, which makes us cough, thus making it possible for enemies to attack at this time. We head to the hammer and kill the zombified military and pick up the machine guns that fell out of their hands. We also select the grenade lying under the hammer. Then we go to the tunnels, but do not spend ammunition along the way! Entering the subway, turn right, going further you can find a room with the ability to save. In addition, boxes of juice and marmalade are nearby. Now you can start the fight with the crazed sergeant. Three of both 60 rounds is enough to deal with him. If not, then there is still ammunition near the hummer. We run from one cover to another, hiding from grenades and trying not to collide with the sergeant. He is especially good in close combat. Having finished with the boss, we free Rebecca.

Task 7-3: Hold on to me.

Rebecca is injured and cannot walk on her own. We take her in our arms and go to the shelter, avoiding the place where zombies accumulate.

Task 7–4: Breakthrough.

TK doesn’t want to talk about the gas that was released into the streets of Fortuna. Meanwhile, zombies are breaking into the hideout! We need a generator, a barrel of fuel and a coil of wire. We find all this in the shelter (carefully inspecting each room!) And deliver it to the control panel. Then, quickly pressing the “Space” close all the gates.

Task 8-1: It’s getting worse.

Sullivan has disappeared. Later we find T-Key in the corridor, which was just attacked by zombies. We quickly save him and again chain him to the bed. According to Sullivan, T.K. somehow freed himself and stabbed him. T.K. will turn into a zombie if he doesn’t find Zombrex.

Task 8-2: The only clue.

We go to the subway to get to the bottom of the truth and find out where the gas comes from. In order not to have to run for a long time, we use loaders. Ahead of us are waiting for several posts of mercenaries. There is always transport next to them or on the opposite platform. So you can not be afraid to be left “without wheels.” The last post is a little more difficult. We do not go straight into the thick of the zombies, but we leave the loader away and we are selected from the left side. We kill the mercenaries and enter the laboratory. After the video, we kill enemies from afar, located on the second floor. We take away their weapons, some food and, of course, a stun rifle, which only works on special zombies. We go up to the laboratory on the elevator and kill two scientists. We take the laptop as proof.

Task 8–3: Underground.

We return to the shelter to give the laptop to Rebecca. New details are revealed: Stacy is a traitor. All this time, she carefully planned the plan of the operation to collect the queen bees. Unfortunately, she manages to kill Rebecca and Sullivan in time. We run after her.


First of all, we will clean Fortuna Park from the queen bee pickers. Each picker is guarded by two or three mercenaries, one of whom must have a stun rifle. And of course, whole crowds of zombies will pester us with their attacks. Next is the last battle against Stacy. The battle will take place in several stages:

1) We dodge the boxes that are thrown at us. We provoke the boss by running back and forth, at the same time avoiding missiles flying at us. We uncover the claws of the robot when they are forged into the ground, for example, with a sledgehammer, which lies nearby. We also continue to attack on the electrified sensors on the claws until the health bar expires.

2) We continue to act according to the same scheme, only much faster. The uncovered claws of the robot have become more mobile and therefore do not linger on the ground for a long time.

3) The claws of the robot fall off and are in a comfortable position. Through them we get to the racks and activate them. Then we quickly run up to Stacy and the QTE begins. We do these actions exactly three times and complete the fight.

We can leave the battlefield at any time and take a walk in search of food and weapons. Watch the final video.




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