Walkthrough Assassin’s Creed 3

Assassin’s Creed 3 consists of a dozen episodes, each of which in turn is divided into several parts. We’ll show you how to get through them.

Memory Sequence 1

There will be no problems with the passage of the first sequence – in fact, it is a training mode that allows you to master the controls and the basic principles of the game. In the chapter “Death Number” the hero will have to destroy the target in the theater. Once backstage, you need to move to the other side of the stage and enter the balcony. After killing the target, an alarm will sound and panic will arise in the hall – just blend into the crowd and leave the theater, following the signs.

In the Journey to the New World chapter, the hero travels to Boston by ship. On board, he will have to fight with a sailor and uncover a conspiracy. To do this, you need to talk with the helmsman Mills and go down into the hold, where you can examine the barrels with the help of eagle vision. One of them will be marked. After that, there is one more fight – the game will give you some fencing lessons.

The tests will not end there – you will have to save the ship caught in a storm. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the captain – to fix the sheets (at both ends and in the middle of the deck), climb the mast along the net near the ropes and cut the rope to lower the sail. Along the way, you have to save one of the sailors. All in less than a minute. After successfully completing the tasks, talk to the captain and climb onto the mast, from where you can already see the New World.

Memory Sequence 2


In Boston, Charles Lee will meet you, who will find horses and help you settle in the city. Examine the world map. There you will also receive a task to search for stolen pages from Benjamin Franklin’s almanac. But first you need to look into the weapons store and buy a sword and a pistol. After that, get on your horse and go to an institution called the Green Dragon. One of the guests will ask you to find the thieves who stole important records. However, you don’t have to look for anyone. You just need to participate in the operation to destroy the robbers. To do this, talk to the man at the fence. After killing the bandits, search the corpses. Don’t forget to escort your allies back, as there will be several more enemy units along the way.

Charles from the Green Dragon will ask you to find another person. Go to Mr. Church’s house and carefully eavesdrop on the conversation of the neighbors. To do this, stand next to other people so as not to attract attention. Then go to the church, climb onto its roof, press the sync button and perform a leap of faith, hitting the hay cart. Listen to some more conversations and wait for Charles. After that, you need to quietly enter the warehouse, taking the key from one of the guards. Benjamin Church is being held in a warehouse and needs to be released.

The next task is quite simple – together with Charles you will find yourself in a military camp. Follow the patrol, being careful not to get too close to it. Then Charles will divert the attention of the soldiers. You will only have to go after them and kill the opponents. So that reinforcements do not arrive in time for the enemies, be the first to kill the soldier who will run into the alley for help. To complete the mission, talk to Braddock. The last chapter is devoted to completing a few more tasks for Charles. You need to kill a detachment of guards and free three groups of captured Indians – the last group is on the ship. In addition, the game will teach you how to avoid bullets by using soldiers as human shields.

Memory Sequence 3

On horseback, follow Charles to an extinct fire, and then follow the tracks heading north. Find and catch up with the girl who will be hiding in the tree. Talk to her. After the next cutscene, jump into the hay wagon and go to the tavern, where you can listen to the conversations of the soldiers and take part in the fight. You can complete a side quest by breaking a few interior items. To do this, counterattack the soldier when he is standing near a table or other object that can be broken.

Go to the fort. To remain unnoticed, hide in the wagon you meet along the way, and then hide behind the bushes. Remember that soldiers cannot be killed, but the enemy can be stunned if you do not have a weapon in your hands. The task is to eavesdrop on the conversations of the soldiers, hiding on the roof, and then disable two cannons and steal the map from the tent. Distracting the sentry is easy – hide in the wagon and attract his attention. When the soldier approaches, just stun him. It remains to pick up the map and, after leaving the camp, talk with the girl found earlier.

Now, together with your allies, go to the enemy camp and stealthily kill two soldiers, taking possession of the form. After changing your clothes, saddle your horse and set off in pursuit of Braddock, remembering to destroy three barrels of gunpowder along the way. Having caught up with the enemy, kill him. Then return to the Green Dragon and talk to your allies.

Memory Sequence 4

Now our hero is a little boy. The first task is a hide-and-seek game. Finding your friends is very simple – just carefully study the clues and footprints on the ground. Then it’s your turn to hide.

After that, you will meet with the already matured Connor. Talk to an Indian who will teach you how to climb trees. Move to the rock and pick up the feather. It remains to find three more feathers – you can see the places where they are located on the map. Then talk to your friend. Now it’s time to learn the basics of hunting by killing animals from the specified list. Make it simple. At the end of the hero is waiting for a meeting with a bear. Press the buttons shown on the screen to avoid the attack of the beast, and then run away from it, leaving the red zone. Return to the village. In the final episode, the hero will turn into an eagle. He will need to overcome a certain distance, trying not to run into obstacles.

Memory Sequence 5

Now Connor needs to find a man with the sign of an assassin. First, go to the mansion marked with a marker and enter the door, then head to the stable. The next day, knock on the door again and climb onto the balcony. You need to return to the stable and fight the robbers at night, retaining at least half of your health. Only after that the owner of the mansion, whose name, by the way, is Achilles, will open the door for you and lead you to a secret shelter.

In the carriage of Achilles, the hero goes to Boston. In the city, you need to go to the shop and buy the goods ordered by Achilles, although the seller does not have boards. Then return to him to receive a task to pursue a certain person. Try not to get too close, but don’t lose sight of him either. Climbing onto the roof, kill the enemy. After that, you need to escape from the pursuers – just leave the red area. You only have 1 minute and 20 seconds to escape.

Connor is still wanted, so to meet the new character, Sam Adams, it is better to make your way through the rooftops. To reduce the interest of the guards in Connor, you need to rip off at least two posters with a portrait of the hero, which are hung everywhere. After that, again on the roof, return to Adams and go to the entrance to the dungeon. Go through the tunnels, following the directions of Adams. After getting to the surface, follow Sam to the port. After that, you need to return to the Achilles mansion, which will give the hero a weapon.

Now you need to help a character named Godfrey. He leads you to the river, where his friend is carried away by the current. Jump over rocks and tree trunks, and at the end dive into the water to save the man. After that, Connor finds out where to get the boards that Achilles asked to find.

The next episode is about learning. First, the hero will help restore the ship, and then he will be able to control it and even take part in a real naval battle. This is one of the most interesting parts of the game, but at the same time one of the easiest – follow the directions clearly enough to deal with enemy ships.

After this fun, a rather boring mission lies ahead – in the role of Desmond, you need to find a source of energy. Everything is very simple – run forward, overcoming obstacles, and at the end, climb onto the crane, jump from it and use a parachute to glide to the helipad.

After returning to the cave, do not rush to activate the source – this can be done later. Better get back to Connor’s adventures.

Memory Sequence 6

Go to Boston and talk to Sam Adams, then help Stefan fight off the guards. It is necessary to act very carefully and once again not to catch the eye of the soldiers. Go to the meeting point marked with a marker and get a new task. Go to the port where you need to destroy the boxes. To do this, place a barrel of gunpowder next to them and shoot at it. Now kill the guards who came running, and then the tax collectors – their groups are marked with a green marker.

After that, you will meet Stefano again and accompany him while he fights and fights with the guards. Connor also needs to covertly finish off several opponents. Take advantage of the turmoil and attack them from behind. To complete the mission, send Stefano to the market, ordering him to kill the target.

The famous Boston Tea Party! The task is to drop 10 boxes of tea into the water and push at least three British soldiers into the same place. To do this, stand near the side or bridge of the ship and simply intercept the blow of the attacking opponent. And do not forget to help your allies until all the boxes are dropped into the water.

The new task is to kill Johnson. To do this, go to the area marked in red. Climb onto the stone roof and jump straight at Johnson. Kill him before he deals with one of the locals. Now head east towards the cliff. Run along the leaning tree and dive into the river.

Memory Sequence 7

At the first stage of this chapter, everything is very simple – follow the instructions of your partner and knock on the right doors indicated by the marker. The only caveat is that in the final you will have only two minutes to get to Prescott, but it will not be difficult to meet this deadline. To complete the mission, travel to Lexington and enter the house marked with a marker.

Now go to Concord and rescue the hostages guarded by the soldiers along the way – you can easily identify them by the red dots on the radar. After that, Connor will lead the militias for a while. To give your subordinates the order to open fire, you need to drive up to a special circle outside the detachment. Moving between squads and issuing orders, you will need to destroy more than a hundred enemy soldiers, trying to save as many militias as possible. After successfully completing the task, just talk to Barret.

The next task is to eliminate the ships firing at the militias. After making your way through Charlestown without taking any damage, jump into the water and swim towards the target. On the ship to the right, it is enough to throw a patrolman into the water to get on board unnoticed and set fire to the gunpowder. The second ship is a little more difficult – first you have to deal with two soldiers on the bow, and then send a grenadier to the next world with an air attack. Now you can destroy the second ship. After that, climb onto the indicated mast and raise your flag, and then swim to the shore.

After receiving the next task, go to the specified point. You will have to move in dashes, as the soldiers are constantly shooting. It takes about 5 seconds to recharge, so running to the next cover is not difficult. Then climb the rocks up the trees. It remains only to kill the indicated character in a jump, while trying to complete one more side task – to send no more than four Englishmen to the next world.

Memory Sequence 8

Once in New York, follow the sign and spy on the counterfeiter by eavesdropping on his conversations with an accomplice. Try to remain unnoticed. After that, you will need to go in pursuit of another character. At the same time, there is an important condition – during the pursuit, you must not push the townspeople. This is not easy to do, as at times they will literally become a wall. In this case, try to look for another route.

The next episode begins in prison. After following the guard, use eagle vision and talk to Weems. After playing dice with him, Connor learns about the key to the cell, which was stolen by a certain prisoner. It is located on the top tier. Find him and steal the key from him. After returning to the cell, it turns out that the key does not fit it. Now you need to get into solitary confinement – for this, arrange a fight with other prisoners. Once again behind bars, steal the key from the warden, who is standing with his back to you. Open the door and follow the guard to Weems, who will show the cameras for VIPs. One of them contains the character you were chasing earlier. You need to get to it in two minutes, while trying not to catch the eye of the guards.

The hero will start the next episode with his hands tied – he is being led to his execution. Press the buttons shown on the screen in time to release. Now it remains only to catch up with the marked character and kill him, killing a couple more soldiers along the way. The mission ends in Philadelphia.

Now you will meet again with Desmond – he needs to find a second source of energy. This time the events unfold in Brazil. Enter the stadium through the door on the right, and then look for the door to the toilet. Get out through the window, go up the stairs and go to the bed. After making your way through the iron structures to the other side, you will see that you are ahead of you. Chase the opponent and take the artifact from him. Then return to the subway.

Memory Sequence 9

Talk to George Washington and follow the sign to the church. Examine the tracks, and then catch up with the owner of the wagon. Then quietly move behind the wagon, hiding behind the rocks. When it stops, you will find yourself inside and will have to quietly kill three soldiers.

Returning to New York, follow the indicated character along the rooftops. Connor will need to change into his uniform. To do this, find the target marked in red and quietly drag the soldier into the hay cart.

The events of the next episode take place in a brewery. First, fight the mercenaries, while remembering to protect your ally – he should not lose more than half of his health. After that, escape from the burning building by jumping along the ceiling beams after your partner.

Once on board the ship, you need to deftly maneuver between the rocks. To do this, it is better to lower the sails a little. The desired ship is in the bay, but it is empty – the target is escaping on another ship. Chase him, trying to keep up. As a result, Connor’s ship will be trapped – first you need to kill small enemy ships, and then take care of the battleship, damaging its masts and boarding it. Having dealt with the soldiers, go down into the hold and kill the main target.

Memory Sequence 10

Follow your ally again. Climb the ruined church and jump into the crowd of soldiers. The task is to kill everyone marked in red. This is where the ability to use enemies as human shields comes in handy! After that, you need to catch up with the fleeing officer and deliver him to the fort.

Talk to Washington and ride a horse to the indicated point, destroying all five messengers in three minutes. Once in your native village, talk to the elder. Now you need to neutralize the Indians who are going to attack the militias. To do this, hide your weapons and stun them with blows from behind.

The next task is even easier. Connor will control the cannon. Its task is to hold back the offensive of enemy troops for three minutes. Everything is elementary – aim and shoot. Then it’s time to retreat. Along the way, don’t forget to kill the soldiers who want to execute a few patriots. This will complete another side quest.

And again, the hero returns to our time – in the image of Desmond, you will look for an artifact in Italy. After killing the guards, go into the elevator and go up the shaft to the open door. Catch up with the fleeing mercenary and kill him. After dealing with a few more opponents, you will find yourself in a room that you have already visited in the first part of Assassin’s Creed. Watch the cutscene, kill the opponents and go out the door, then go to the Animus.

Memory Sequence 11

After talking with the port chief, go to the ship, look at the map and choose the mission marked with an exclamation mark. The mission is simple, but very exciting – you will become a participant in a big naval battle! Everything will end with the boarding of the battleship and the murder of its captain. After that, it remains to have time to leave the board before the explosion.

It’s time to put an end to Lee’s story as well. Returning to New York, go down into the dungeon and make your way through the tunnels to the fort. Don’t forget to give the admiral the signal to start the assault. To do this, you need to quietly remove the sentries and climb the lighthouse. The time limit is three minutes.

The last thing left is the battle with a truly serious opponent. Try to quickly parry attacks, and then success awaits you. It is best to counterattack when the enemy is standing near wooden objects. Watch the cutscene and complete the mission.

Memory Sequence 12

There is an important limitation in this mission – you must not leave behind more than 15 corpses, so you will have to act covertly and carefully. After killing the mercenaries who grabbed Connor, go to the pier, dive into the water and swim to the ship. By this point, you will have finished off 13 out of 15 possible opponents. Climb aboard and, hanging under the window, eavesdrop on the captain’s conversation. He must be killed. Wait for the captain to return to his quarters after the round, and quickly finish him off by attacking from behind. It remains to jump into the water and return to the shore.

Once in Boston, the hero receives a new task. You need to go to the harbor, where with the help of eagle vision we find the target – it is highlighted in gold. The rules of the chase are simple – the hero must not lag behind the pursued by more than 50 meters. In addition, you can not push, knock down other characters or cause them other harm. Let’s just say it’s not easy to do. The main thing is to act coolly. Not the first time, but you will be able to cope with the task. The chase will end on the upper deck of the ship, where the hero will take a makeshift elevator. Watch the cutscene and after that go to the point marked with a marker.

However, the game does not end there – now you need to place the previously found artifacts. To do this is quite easy – you just have to jump a lot on various obstacles, but you are already used to this. After the successful installation of the three sources, all that remains is to watch the final splash screen. Game over!




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