Walkthrough Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Full and detailed walkthrough of the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent


We follow the trail of drops. There is a closet in the hallway. We open it, we take a tinderbox. We go into the room on the right. We take the tinderbox on the table. We go further along the trail of drops. Next, after the glitches of the character, we go to the first door on the right. We take the tinderbox on the shelves. We go into the next room on the right. The light goes out. We leave and go down the stairs further behind the trail.

[head]Old archives[/head]

We follow the trail. The door opens and the light goes out. Let’s go through this door. We take 2 drones on the shelves. We follow the trail to the room. A lantern falls from the table. We select it. We continue on the trail. Now you can do this with a lit lantern (press F, it consumes oil, you need to look for it to keep the fire going) In the next room, next to the stove, there is a cabinet. Inside the tinderbox. We open the door, take the letter, read it. Former Daniel tells us that we must kill Alexander of Brenenburg. There is oil on the table next to the note. We take it (now, having entered the inventory, you can replenish the energy of the lantern by clicking 2 times on the oil. In the same room, on the left near the shelves, there is a lever. We pull it. A secret door opens).

[head]Part 1


We go where the petals show. Organic mass blocked the passage to the processing chambers. Opposite the stairs to the processing chambers in the hall is a room, in it on the left at the very beginning there is a chest. Inside is a tinderbox and oil. Let’s try to open the big gate in this room. Didn’t work? Organics blocked the exit again.

We go back to the center of the Hall. We go into the passage, located at the base of the stairs up. We get down and go to the door leading to the Laboratory. We go.


If it’s dark for you, then light a lantern or use tinderboxes to light torches on the walls, under the ceiling and wherever it suits you. Here I will not describe where and how to light (this is stupid) We go down the stairs in the laboratory. There is a shelf next to the stone-filled passage. There is oil next to it. We go to the only way under the stairs down.

In the 1st room on the right, among the boxes, there is a tinderbox and a chest with another one inside. We see an alchemical table and a letter on it. We read and find out that all the ingredients are in the wine cellar (with bugagaga ghouls) In the same room, on the other side, there is another table with a jar and another letter. We take a jar, read the letter, find out exactly what ingredients are needed to create the acid. We check the cabinets in the table, inside there is a tinderbox and a “cassette” (a cylindrical artifact, it needs to be read and admired). Opposite this table is a stove, inside it is a tinderbox.

We’re moving out of the lab. We are being intimidated. Put out the light and hide. When everything settles down, we leave the laboratory. In the hall we go up the stairs to the door with the inscription “Archives”. We go.


We go in the door to the right. We read the note. We go to the door on the left. We take a note on the shelves. There is a tinderbox in the table cabinets. We go into the corridor to the door “Cabinet”. We go. We read the note from the table. There is a tinder box in the boxes. We leave the office through another door. We go to the “Old Books”. To the right in the chest is a tinderbox and oil. There is a tinderbox in the oven. We leave.

We are trying to enter the “Hall of Local History”. Closed. We leave to the right into a large beautiful “corridor” with fireplaces on the sides. We go left to the end of the corridor and then turn left again. We take oil from the table next to the piano. Go to Floor Plans. We listen to the story of the rotten castle. In the upper left corner of the room is a chest with 2 tinderboxes and oil. We leave.

Let’s go to Maps. We approach the table. We take a note. Daniel gets high again. This time we are helping him. Moving forward to shine. We take a sphere. We are back in reality. We are content with beautiful classical motifs sounding in the background. In the table where the note was again a tinderbox. The exit was filled with stones. How to get out? We go to the wall between the two offices. Do we see cracks? A fragile wall, but you can’t break it with your hands. We take something heavy (in particular, a helmet lies nearby) and throw it at the wall. We are free.

We go into the room. There is oil on one of the shelves here. At the end of the room on the left is a note. It is necessary to break the window with something (for example, a book) Let’s use the books on the shelves. It is necessary that they be turned on all at once, but each of them is inserted back after being pulled out. Therefore, you need to find all the necessary books and use them as quickly as possible. We take them all out and the passage opens. There is a note in the desk locker. On the table is the key to the wine cellar. We take it. Someone scares us.

We go into the room with books – we see that the door, closed on the right, is now broken. We leave the archives in passing being frightened. Having left, you must quickly move away from the door – the shadow is indignant. We go to the wine cellar. (the door is in the same descent where the laboratory is, on the contrary). We use the key on the door.

[head]Wine Cellar[/head]

We’re going down. We listen to the scene. We go in the door opposite the stairs. We take cuprite. In order not to go crazy, we light some kind of candle and wait 20 seconds in this room (the enemy is wandering outside, though not a fact, but caution did not bother anyone) We leave, go through the rooms clockwise. Let’s go to the next one. Are cockroaches crawling on your monitor? Do not try to knock them down) There is a tinderbox on the shelves. To the right is a barrel of oil (the most useful thing in this game 🙂 ) There is another tinderbox on the tables. There is calamine on the floor. We take it. It rolled over like a barrel and the door was blocked by a blockage. We parse it. We drag heavy stones by holding the mouse and w, a, s, d moving. Has the dam been cleared? We leave.

The next entrance is without a door. Someone made a pate. It’s a pity. We listen to the scene. There is a tinderbox in the chest. There is a note on the table and… ROGA vodka… mmm. Unfortunately, we just take it. We go to the last door under the stairs. Or rather, there are 2 of them, but we go into the one to the left. We take opium at the end of the corridor on the left on the shelves. Beware, a deadly ghost is roaming this room. We select tinderboxes on the shelves. (We also look at the top of the shelves) We examine the whole room. We find Orpiment and exit the wine cellar. Again the shadow is indignant. We go to the Laboratory.

[head]Lab 1.1[/head]

Remember the alchemy table? We run to him. We install all the ingredients, the jar too. Now let’s start chemistry. We turn the valves in a circular motion. Gas first. Then in turn at each test tube. We take the resulting bottle with acid. We see the consequences of such strange noises – the stairs are destroyed. We use the wonders of the local physics: we put boxes on the remains of the bottom of the stairs, climb onto these boxes and jump up. We leave the laboratory.


We go to the already hated organic mass that blocked the way to the processing chambers. We use on it a vial with acid. The mass has dissolved.

[head]Processing chamber[/head]

We move through the tunnel. We listen to the scene. We see the enemy. We hide. We move more carefully in the direction where the enemy went. We go into the room. We take a note. On the shelf on the right is a tinderbox. We move to the next door. Another tinderbox. Next room with a locked door. To the right of the door are several boxes (carefully, between the boxes and the door is a red substance). We rake them – the passage to the next room.

In it we see … A barrel of oil! Hooray) We take all the tinderboxes from the chest (2) and shelves (1) We see the hatch down. But it’s too heavy to lift. We see a rope. But the mechanism does not work because the stick is stuck in one of the parts. Searching from above. We remove the blockage. We turn the lever. The hatch is open. We jump down. We go to the door to the basement archives.

[head]Basement Archives[/head]

Here it is, one of the most disgusting missions of Amnesia. Entering the room and walking a bit, you see how the light goes out and the room is already partially filled with water. Everything seems to be in order. But you must not stand in this water. Because there is an enemy in it and he wants to eat you. You have to jump on the boxes.

We jump into the room on the right and use the lever there. Now you need to run to the door that is open but will be closed in time. Did you run? Another room with something hungry on the floor. We throw him pieces of meat and run to open the door (here you will have to control the lever yourself) Have you opened it? Quickly run in, open the next door and jump onto a box. The next door needs a key. There is no key, but there is a hollow needle on a shelf in the same room. We use the needle on the door and exit into the Archive Tunnels.

[head]Archive Tunnels[/head]

Oh my dear mother!!! The monster wants you dead right here and right now. Just run, run headlong, remember the wise saying “Good food is dead food” Today you are food and you need to run away. The tour is short and linear. Don’t get confused.

[head]Part 2

Remote Hall[/head]

Follow the trail to the room on the left. We listen to the scene. We are trying to start the elevator – it does not work. We leave. We go up the stairs to the Living Room.

[head] Living room


We read the note. We get opium from the table locker. We take a tinderbox in the next room on the table and read the note. We use the bed. We listen to the scene. We approach the only door on the right that does not open. Use the crowbar on this door from inventory. We move the scrap here and there. Bam. The door then opened. We read the note. Approach the closet on the right. Bugaga! The enemy is coming. Hide in the closet and close the doors. Remember Freddie’s rhyme? It’s time to remember her. We listen to the sounds. We are waiting for the monster to come out (the sound of the door) We leave the closet.

In the same room, a key is hidden behind a painting. We move the picture and it falls down. We take a bottle with a key and let it go. The bottle is broken – we select the key. We return to the “Remote Hall” Leaving immediately from above we go to the next door “Study”.


We enter the door on the right. Open the chest – take the tinderbox. We enter the door on the left – we read the note. We leave – we go along the corridor. Next to the windows we go into the first door. We listen to a scene about how dogs were tortured. We read the note on the table. Read the note in the next room. We search the table – a tinderbox and a pile of skulls. We leave these rooms. We go along the corridor to the right. Blockage. Don’t pass. We return to the windows.

The first window cracked (there is oil next to it, we take it) We throw something into the window, for example, a chair. We go out to the ledges. We jump on them until we see the entrance to a new room. In this room, see the new “cassette” (cylindrical artifact) In the next room, fill the lantern with oil from the Barrel. We read the note, select the rod. In the next room is a chest with 2 drones. That’s it, you can go the same way back along the ledges and return to the “Remote Hall” In the Remote Hall we go down the stairs and go into the room on the right – “Storage”.


We move forward. We take a tinderbox. In this room, try to light at least some of the torches – there is little light, or use a lantern, but it must be used wisely. First, we go to the door on the left, take the part from the drill on the shelf (before taking the part, close the door for God’s sake!). We hear the grumbling of the monster. We are waiting in this room. There are 3 drones on the shelves. Since there are no torches and candles here, you will have to stupidly spoil your already shattered mind, but nothing, not the first time. We leave the room. But be careful.

We go to the next (if you count clockwise) from the room a passage called “Details”. We light candles and torches along the way so as not to get confused later. We go all the way, go down and see that the passage is littered. We need explosives. To make explosives, you need to mix 2 substances. We have a bank. We go back to the center and move to the next passage called “Equipment” We are looking for other parts from the drill in different rooms. There is a handle and 2 drones in the center of the room. There are 2 tinderboxes in the room on the right and oil + opium + tinderbox in the chest. In the room to the left there is a base from a drill and 2 tinderboxes on a shelf (1 in the middle, another on top). Putting the drill together by moving items on top of each other. Now we find next to the horizontal barrels (with wine?) Vertical barrels with taps. But the faucets are rusty. We use a drill. We substitute the container. There are 2 such barrels. We are looking more carefully, both are here. Poured explosives? We are afraid, but we are not afraid, because we are fearless pioneers. Now we return to the “Details” room. We install explosives next to the stones. We take the meanest pebble of those that lie nearby. We retreat about 10 meters. And we throw a pebble. Don’t get in? Then you can just come up and hit with a boulder close … but is that interesting? Explosion. Bang bang! We go into the room. We take our favorite tinderbox on the shelf (what number is there?) We go to the left. We listen to the scene. In the next room, we take tinderboxes on the shelves (on the left and on the right, one at a time) Don’t get in? Then you can just come up and hit with a boulder close … but is that interesting? Explosion. Bang bang! We go into the room. We take our favorite tinderbox on the shelf (what number is there?) We go to the left. We listen to the scene. In the next room, we take tinderboxes on the shelves (on the left and on the right, one at a time) Don’t get in? Then you can just come up and hit with a boulder close … but is that interesting? Explosion. Bang bang! We go into the room. We take our favorite tinderbox on the shelf (what number is there?) We go to the left. We listen to the scene. In the next room, we take tinderboxes on the shelves (on the left and on the right, one at a time)

We go into the room on the right. We take another tinderbox. We go to the far right room. We open. Bugaga! Zombie. Actually, it was not necessary to open it, but I scared you) Shut the fuck up this door and run forward into the passage, run run and in the end you listen to another scene and go through the door on the right. There are 2 more rods and a note. We take them and try to get out. Zombie!!! He scared us again. We sit in the room. Then we carefully get out of it and move in a squat. It is advisable to put your head under the pillow. There is not? It’s a pity. In general, we are moving towards the exit from the Vault, along the way meeting monsters and our most secret horrors. Going out to the Remote Hall, we see how it has changed and move to the Engine Room. It is located in a room where the elevator is only on the left. We open the door with the key.

[head]Engine room[/head]

We enter the door on the right. We read the note. A little further we turn on the light in a suspended lamp. We see the mechanism. See the numbers above and below the levers? It is necessary that the levers be raised up by the sum of the numbers \u003d 8 and down 8. We solve the problem – it gives the inscription “The flow is uniform” We go down. We go to the 1st door. We take 2 notes. We turn on the light in this room (mandatory) in order to better understand what needs to be done here. We see 3 notches on a large metal panel. We insert rods into them. The steam cycle rod is round. Triangular to triangular. Four-phase to square. We leave the room.

Pay attention – there is a large gear in front of the room. Another one inside the room. They will still be useful to us. We go down. In this room, we also turn on the light next to the mechanism. Here you need to put 3 gears. 1 is in this room and 2 is where we just came down from (read a couple of lines above) Did you put 3 gears? Excellent. To the left of this mechanism is a firebox. Here, too, it is necessary to turn on the light in the lamp from above, otherwise you will not see the nose. We open the firebox. She is empty. In the room on the left there is coal (there is also 1 tinderbox on the shelf). We take balls of coal and throw them into the furnace. You need 3 pieces. Filled the firebox – close – press the lever. Approach the mechanism on the right – press the lever. Did you feel like a driver? Still) Exit the engine room to the Remote Hall. Run to the elevator!!! We’re leaving home.

[head]Part 3


We listen to the scene. We clear the blockage at the door. We go. We go to the right next to the wall. If you see something that can be lit (torches, candles) – light it. We move all the time along the right wall (this is not necessary, but this way you will understand what places I am talking about, otherwise it is unlikely) We see the first light coming from above. We turn right and go further, we see the first camera. We go into it. We take a tinderbox. We leave the room and go further along the wall. We take one more tinderbox, and actually this is a dead end. We return to the light from above. Have you regained your sanity? Now move along the left wall … We go into the cell 1st cell. We take a tinderbox and oil.

We go to the far camera. They scare us with knocks. Let’s go back and reclaim our sanity. There is a hammer in the chamber opposite the left one. We take it. We go further along the right wall. Zombie ghoul scary AAa! In general, we hide and wait until the creature disappears. Well, either you can die and the next time he will already be somewhere else if you walk carefully. We go up the stairs. We turn right. We go along the right wall. Next is the entrance to the room. (point 1) It is advisable to light a torch next to it. Inside is opium and a tinderbox. We get out of it. We go further along the wall, there is a descent down. We are being intimidated. We rise back to point 1. Moving directly from point 1 – the room. It contains tinderbox and oil. We leave to the left from the room with oil.

Let’s go into the left room. We listen to the scene. We move the bed – we see a hole, but the passage is too narrow. Well, let’s look for tools. We leave this room and go straight to the stop. Entering the room, we listen to another scene. We take a chisel on the floor. We leave. We approach the door on the left. Writes that the lock is weak and rusted. We connect a chisel and a hammer. We use it on the door. Barrel of oil! Yuhu! We refuel and move to the room with a narrow hole. We use a hammer and a chisel on the hole. She got bigger! Human anatomy? No, friend, physics!

[head]Dungeon (Northern Corridor)[/head]

We crawl through the tunnel. Left or right? To the right, of course 🙂 Are you out? We follow the signs to the “Storage” (Receptaculum) We are guided by the signs on the walls. Since there was a barrel of oil at the end of the last level, I hope that you are not walking blindly and see these signs. If something, light the torches on the walls to see. We come to the Vault, take a jar and 2 tinderboxes. Now we follow the signs to the “Kitchen” (Culina). If we meet monsters, then we hide cheerfully, sit out and go hunting again. Did you go to the kitchen? We read the note. There are 2 drones on the shelves.

We approach the boiler at the end of the room and use the jar on it. Alarm! Alarm! Zombies are here! We hide behind the pig carcasses and put out the light. Sit down and that’s enough. We take oil from here nearby and leave the room. Again we go towards the storage. Climb the stairs, go right, left, left, right, left. We go in the door on the left, we take oil and tinderbox. Through the door on the right, listen to the scene.

We go further in the old direction. We read the note in the room. We go back – they intimidate us. We hide. Did you sit out? We leave. Now we go in the opposite direction, then left, right, left until it stops. We see a door with a lock in poor condition. We pour acid from a can on it. We finish with a hammer with a chisel. We are being bullied again. We open the door and run into the Passage to the Cistern.

[head]Part 4

Passage to the Cistern[/head]

We listen to the scene. We see in the middle of the pillar on it a lever that lowers the stairs. But it needs to be lubricated. We go to the pipe from which oil flows, we substitute the jar. We take the bank and go to the lever. We use on it. Let’s use the lever. The ladder did not go down to the end – the pipe interferes with it. You need to break it. We raise the ladder. Lower again with the lever. And so several times. The stairs descended – we crawl up. We go forward to the door. We use the right lever, the left lever. We go along the bridge that descended from the right lever. Let’s go to the cistern.


We walk along the path and listen to the scene. We see a descent and a new rise from the other side. Let’s go to it. We jump along the bridges to the very end. There is a note and you need to scroll the lever. So we lower the water level in an adjacent location, we will need to go there later. Cool. We go back. We pass to the right side. We take oil and a tinderbox from the chest. Now we go to the other side of the footbridge after which we crossed the water for the first time (there seems to be no one in the water, although I have not been there for long enough). To the right of this rise is another one. I’m going to him. We see a suspension bridge. It is necessary to throw a stone along the chain. The bridge went down.

We go to the end. We read the note. To the right of the boxes is oil. Turn the valve. Monsters are rampaging. We return back. The last valve remains. It is located on the left if you walk on the water, then after 10 meters you will see a rise – we are on it. Gas pipes. We pass carefully, wait for one to go out – we pass. We are waiting for the next one. Easier than a steamed turnip. We twist the valve so that it does not smoke here. We go to the end. We read the note. Turn the valve. You can leave here. We go to the Passage to the Cistern. We went out to the passage. Now we go into the “Control Room” (where there are 2 levers for lowering bridges).

[head]Control Room[/head]

Let’s go listen to the scene. We go into the room on the right. We take the tinderbox on the box. We look at how the levers are fixed. We go to the room opposite. Here they must be fixed in the same way. If it doesn’t work out, try turning and twisting. The only strange puzzle in this game, because they are fixed in fact not exactly the same as in the room opposite. You may need to listen for clicks in the mechanism. Have you noticed pipes lying around in these rooms? They will still be useful to us. Approach the door to the next room and turn the valve. We go into the room and at the same time I advise you to throw 2 of these pipes into it at once.

We go first to the right room. A tinderbox and a note. Also on the floor is the 3rd pipe. There is oil by the stairs. Remember how the levers are located at the mechanism. We go to the left room. We take the handle. We install the levers in the same way as in the right room. We go to the last room. Here you need to install these 3 pipes that are lying around in different rooms. Bring them all here. Install the pipes on the left as you look from the entrance to the room! How to install? (Just bring it up, they will stand up on their own) Long in the middle vertically. 1st small through the long horizontally. 2nd small to the left of the long vertically. Earned! Just 2 games in one. Exit the control room. You can not? Has the valve fallen off? Use the handle instead.

We leave in the Passage to the Cistern. Use the lever to lower the bridge to the next room. The bridge doesn’t want to go all the way down? We get down to the ground. We take a larger stone and throw it on the bridge. If you don’t have enough strength to throw it right at it, we first throw it on a stone base on which we have already run gloriously. The bridge went down. Let’s go to… MORGUE.


What will be next. Maybe Hell? So it does not matter. Let’s go ahead. We listen to the scene. We go without turning to a room with a bunch of bones. We listen to Daniel’s panic. We take a tinderbox and a copper tube. Opium is on the shelves above. We go back to the turn. Let’s go to that room. We see inside the laboratory for the study of human organs and other perversions. Inside the table, we look at another “cassette” (cylindrical artifact) + tinder box + opium in the cabinets. There is a note on the table. On the shelves next to it is another + tinderbox. I hope you didn’t go to examine the corpses in the adjoining rooms? Fu, well, you and … ts ts ts. Anyway, okay.

We approach the corpse on the table. We drill his skull with a drill. We stick a copper stick into the hole. Insert a needle into the stick. Hooray! Anatomy lesson completed. Now we prick ourselves with this needle and catch the Teletubbies! Now try to get out. Oh my bastard! Tinky Winky is banging on the door! Rather, hide under the corpses (heh, it’s a pity that you can’t) In general, just hide in the rooms with the corpses and wait and leave from here to the Passage to the Cistern. Are you out? Get down. Go to where it used to be flooded. Now you can safely go there. Forward. We go down to the Collector.


We are moving forward. We’re going down. Let’s go. We see zombies. We hide. We go further carefully to where he came from. Then we go all the way to the right. To the left and enter the room. We refuel from a barrel of oil. 2 levers. We put them in such a position that there is less noise. (right maximum to the right, left maximum to the left) We go back to where we were frightened by the ghoul-ghost-zombie. Fig there. He came here too. We hide. We are waiting.

Let’s go where I said earlier. Have you come? So you are standing next to the “water tower” Go to the remaining tunnel. On the way, there is a tinderbox in the pipe (how many of them do you already have? 🙂 ) We reached the end. We see a broken pipe. Breaking it down finally. We return to the “water pump”. We block the movement with a pipe. We crawl. I’m going straight. Right. We enter the door. There is opium at the aisle. Move on. Dead end? We return back. Boom! The monster broke the bars. We hide. We are waiting.

We go to where the lattice is broken. Now here you need to lure the monster on one side to run around in a circle and run on the other side to where it blocked the passage (how to lure it is up to you. I can only say that you can’t get into it with a stone – they fly through, try throwing this stone at wall or hit it … and NEVER try to lure zombies with your carcass and try to escape – even if you manage to survive in the tunnel, dodging pipes, you will most likely be killed at the first door (in one fell swoop), although lovers of sharp Feels like it. Hear the growl?! Hurry up, run, open the doors and crawl up the stairs. Uff … Light light! Oh yes! And we are crawling out somewhere. This location is Nave.

[head]Part 5


Next to the well is a tinderbox. We go into the door to the right (to the right of the rope, if we consider your location as the original after the previous level). The door does not give in. We go straight through the door – there is a tinderbox and the passage is littered. We go to the door behind. There is a barrel of oil, a tinderbox, a note and 2 levers in the room. We don’t need them yet, but remember this place, let’s call it Point Bravo. Now we go to the last door on the left. We move along the corridor – the stairs down. We’re going down. There are 2 drones under the stairs and a door next to it. We go in the door. We listen to the scene.

We go to the left, open the door and go down. Who do we see? Old friend, Agrippa. He tells us a couple of lovely stories. We listen to him and look to the left. There is oil on the table. We take and crawl onto the table. From above we open the hatch. We put a chair on the table (items can be rotated with the R key) and climb onto it. Fixing the detail. The mechanism has been fixed.

Now we run to the Bravo point (where there are 2 levers) Use the levers. We run again to Agrippa. We go further down the corridor to the next large room. I’m going to the cameras. In the near right bottom is a tinderbox. In the far right top is a tinderbox. When lifting from the left side up, we see meat on the table. We take.

We return to Agrippa. Now two gates have opened in this room. We go first to the right (if we count where we just came from) or to the left (if we stand next to Agrippa and look at these two gates). Come in? We reach the room. Well inside. We tie the meat to the rope. We lower the meat into the well. Om-Nom-nom. The monster says thank you for the dessert. We pull back. We take a bone. We go further in this tunnel to the entrance to the Transept.


There are 3 rooms (left, right, front) + a room up the stairs. Let’s go to her first. We go into the office. We take a tinderbox and oil. We take out a note from the table and look at the “cassette” (cylindrical artifact) We take the rope on the table (here it is worth considering two options: 1 – the one described by the author, the second one is mine, it seems to me more economical: after taking the rope – go into inventory and connect jar with a rope, now (continuing to act on the passage) in the torture room, where people were sawed upside down, we approach the infernal apparatus and look at the grate below. her later, and immediately do all the experiments with the potion (we are talking about the laboratory much later).

We go into the room to the left. We enjoy torture. We take out the 1st piece of the sphere from the cabinet. We leave the room. We go straight to the room. We listen to the scene. We go in a straight line to the stop. We open the door. We listen to the scene. Tinderbox nearby + 2nd piece of the sphere under the bags. We take them and leave the room.

We go into the room to the right. We go to the room. Enjoying another torture. We take the 3rd piece of the sphere and we can leave the Transept. Are you out? So you are in the Nave. Now we go to the gate opposite. Door on the left. We go. On the shelf is a tinderbox. There is a tinderbox + “cassette” (cylindrical artifact) in the cabinets of the table. There is a note on the table. We leave the room and go into the Kliros. (Before going to the Kliros or better BEFORE the Transept), you can visit the Altar, inspect it all (carefully there are zombies, but after the first patrol it disappears somewhere), I especially advise you to go to the right room (if you look from the place where you entered. Why? More on that below.)


We go along the corridor. We enter the door on the right. Below and on the table are tinderboxes. We go to the door on the left. Let’s use the note. Take knife. Cut the “bastard”. We leave the room. We go further along the corridor – we go down. We go to Kliros (Main Hall). So here, as well as in the Transept, there are 3 rooms for each martyr. I hope you have enough oil in your lantern 😉 Because it’s terribly unpleasant, foggy and dark here. In general, remember how to return to the original point (let’s call it the Gamma point) and everything will be in order. First we move to the left. You can go straight along the left wall.

We reach the room. In it, in the passageway on the left, there is a tinderbox. On the right is opium. In the middle is the Iron Maiden. We enjoy torture again. To the left of the iron maiden lies the 4th piece of the sphere. We leave this room and return to the Gamma point. Again, just go along the wall (now right) So you are at the entrance to Kliros. Now go to the room on the right. The main thing here is not to miss the bridge to it. Did you find the bridge? Which looks like Morrowind bridges. So you are on the right track. The main thing is to move strictly next to the wall on the right. If there is a dead end, then go to the next wall and move back. In general, all the time on one wall. So you will stumble upon the room for sure. Do not forget that a monster is walking nearby (either he is alone, or he wanders exactly where you need to go and then disappears, be on the alert PERMANENTLY, you can calculate the infection without even seeing it – by grinding, the howl and, most importantly, the fright of the protagonist, who, apparently, sees much further than you. We go inside. We enjoy torture. We take the 5th piece of the sphere.

Then we leave the room and continue to move along the right wall. As a result, after a long torment, you will stumble upon the 3rd room. There is a mushroom nearby. Break it with a hammer and chisel. Poison gland with us. Hooray. We go into the room. We enjoy the torture and take the 6th piece of the sphere. Phew. Now you can leave the Kliros and forget about it like a bad dream. We approach Agrippa, he is again more talkative than ever. We go to the very last room in which we have not yet entered – the Altar.


We go up the stairs. We open the door. MOM NATIVE. A bunch of perverts are running up to you! What will they do?!? Phew. Just chopped off. The loading screen says “Sleep”… so Sleep. So we’re in prison. We listen to the scene. Oil under the bed. We break off a steel bar from the grate (you can use a hammer and a chisel, I still had them by that time (and then disappeared). The wall on the left is unstable. We insert the bar. clockwise camera we select a note and oil behind the bed.

In the next chamber, we are shocked! And we see an ordinary and naked man. Not! Down with perverts. It’s just a naked man. And he’s dead. We select 2 drones and go to the next chamber. In it we take an opium bucket and a tinderbox. We are trying to exit through the main door. However, he doesn’t want to. We approach the well in the middle and unscrew the rope up. We attach the bucket and lower it. We raise again. We take a bucket and approach the pipes. The key is there. We use the bucket on the pipes and wash the key on the ground. We use the key on the doors.

We leave. Ai MAMA freak minya back! A creature with 65 tentacles and 21 eyes is chasing us!!! Okay… and you can’t dream up. It’s just that the graphics would not pull out like that. Red fog is chasing us. We run with all our might. We open all the doors and dismantle the rubble and forward forward forward. And by the way, I feel sorry for you as well as myself, if by that time the lantern had run out (it’s generally worth saving throughout the game for such cases) We leave for the Nave.

[head]Part 6

Nef 1.1[/head]

We take a tinderbox from the table and a note. Let’s look at the intro. woke up? We go straight to the door. Another door. We take a tinderbox and through the door to the left. +1 tinderbox – we leave. We go to the door on the left / straight. We go along the corridor. We go down the stairs. The location is familiar to us, though it became dark. We see that the Alchemy room has opened on the right. We don’t need it yet (we used my method – go to the room). We go to Agrippa. He tells us that everything is fine.

We move into the passage opened on the left. We take a saw on the shelf. See the blood trail on the floor? We approach a small hatch where blood flows. We open it, before that we connect a jar with a rope in the inventory and put it there (if there is already blood, this is not necessary). We get the bank. Now we go to the Alchemy room. We put a jar on the device on the right and warm it up. On the device on the left we clamp the grass. We substitute the jar – squeeze it out. On the device in the middle, put the bone there, substitute the jar. We fry. Ale op! Alchemy lesson number (what is there already?) is over) We return to Agrippa for further water procedures. We do what he says. We take what he gives. We go back to the altar.


We go up the stairs. Here again the system is left-middle-right (on the right now there is a failure and there is no way to get there). We go to the left. If there are zombies, then we wait for him to disappear where the thread will disappear and anyway we go to the left. We take a note. We take a tinderbox and a bucket of resin. We’re going down. We need to stop the mechanism by jamming it. We take the box from above and stick it between the gears. Now we go straight into the room. We are close to the final 🙂 We see a pedestal on the left. I put the resin on the pedestal. Next, glue the sphere on the pedestal piece by piece. Ale op. We go to unknown lands. We run into the inner sanctuary.

[head]The Inner Sanctuary[/head]

We go down. Use the lever on the column on the left. We go to the left door. We read the note. We approach the sacrificial table on the right. We pierce (we like it so much, uh) Then we stand on the pentagram. Reason shook. But nothing rest and again in battle. We go into the room on the right. Back to the altar A drop of blood. Then a pentagram. The passage is open. We run into it. And into the Hall of the Sphere.

[head]Orb Hall[/head]

Here he is, Alexander. He gives us long speeches. What can I say? This is already an entertaining end to Amnesia. Decide what to do for you. There are 3 endings. If you haven’t done anything yet, then it’s better to try, if you don’t know what to do, then here are 3 options:

  • Push the pillars that feed it with energy. (Each falls in a certain direction – does not give in to one, push to the other)
  • Do nothing, listen and wait for the gates to open and throw Agrippa’s head in there
  • Do nothing, listen and wait for the gates to open and do not stop Alexander from leaving for another world (the same ending happens if you are killed by a shadow in any other place in the game)




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