Voice changer: how SoundBot works Voice changer

What it is and how to use a voice changer like SoundBot: it alters speech in real time, allows you to use effects and VoiceMeme as well as record compositions in WAV and MP3 formats.

The main characteristics of the voice are range, loudness, pitch and timbre. The blend of attributes inherent in each voice make it unique and interesting. A vocal synthesizer is an instrument that can intervene on both the hardware and software sides and allows you to modify the voice by altering its characteristic parameters.

Among the best voice changers , programs that allow you to change your voice in real time, there is SoundBot : one of its main advantages is the possibility of intervening on speech while pronouncing the words and listening to the result through headphones.

SoundBot allows you to use the modified voice in any application installed on the PC: on Skype, Meet, Teams, Discord, on the main video editors but also with the various gaming titles . It also allows you to record the changed voice and save it as a WAV or MP3 file and then import it into another program.

SoundBot integrates a “database” made up of over 100 voices: they are divided by category and it is possible to activate the voice changer simply by clicking on the icons in the main application window.

To test SoundBot, you can download the 64-bit Windows version : the application is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. It is advisable to use a system equipped with at least 8 GB of RAM even if the minimum requirements include 4 GB of RAM.

The strength of SoundBot is that all the voices are customizable and it is possible to create new ones: just act on the Fine tuning tab in the right column to intervene on parameters such as reverb, vocal extension, characteristic frequency (formant), pitch or the fundamental tone of the voice and dozens of other distinctly professional cutting parameters (just click on more and download the plugins offered where necessary).

SoundBot also allows you to add background sound effects as well as a versatile equalizer.

Any customizations created on your own can be saved as presets and recalled as needed.

By clicking on Soundboard in the left column, dozens of sound effects are available that can be combined with speech, background music and all the other contributions that SoundBot can manage simultaneously. In this way it is possible to create extremely rich audio compositions and adapted to any need.

The very rich offer of SoundBot is completed by dozens of VoiceMemes or audio recordings taken from more or less famous characters, ideas and styles known both in the media and the Web sector.

VoiceStudio: How to create a modified voice

We said that the flagship of SoundBot is the extensive catalog of voices prepared by the manufacturer and continuously updated. By accessing VoiceStudio you can create your own voices using the many filters available.

For example, it is possible to intervene on the vocal characteristics by modifying bass, medium and treble, activating the chorus effect, distortion, delay and echo, reverb, acting on the pitch, tremolo, cutting frequencies that exceed a certain threshold or are below it and much more.

Using SoundBot is very simple: once installed, simply select the microphone and headphones connected to the system in use and tick the appropriate option to have the opportunity to listen to your modified voice in real time ( Hear myself ).

By clicking on the Record Voice Change button at the bottom , you can save the recording, possibly enriched with effects and background sounds, as a WAV or MP3 file that can be easily used in other applications. With File Voice Change you can import a recording acquired through other channels, for example through the voice recorder of a smartphone and submit it to modification with SoundBot.

Ultimately, SoundBot is an extremely complete, flexible and versatile voice changer that is continuously enriched with new voices, effects and VoiceMemes . Once the trial period has ended, it is possible to activate a subscription plan according to your needs: the lifetime offer , which provides for a “one-off” payment and ensures the use of the program without limitations, at the time of writing this article costs less than 40 dollars.





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