Unlike Windows Vista, Windows XP doesn’t have a great screen clipping tool. In this case, it is still possible to take screenshots, screenshots, or screenshots in Windows XP; it’s just not that easy OR sexy.

Using the process below, I’ll show you several ways to capture virtually any image you see on your screen, whether you want to crop your entire screen or just a single window. Windows XP is all you need, no other tools or applications are needed (however, in the next article I will show the process from a few of my favorite screen capture / clipping tools. Some free, some not free).

  1. The first step is to know whatit is that you want to capture , in this case let’s capture our Solitaire score.

Now that you have an image of something on your screen that you want to save, locate the keyboard button labeled Print Screen (also sometimes called Prnt Scrn. ) Look for this button on the upper right corner of your keyboard .

  1. Press Print screenand your computer will save a copy of the entire screen image to the so-called clipboard. *

2.a – if you DO want to capture the entire screen, select the window you want to capture and keep the ALT key while pressing the Print screen button. This action will ONLY capture the selected window.

* If you do not have your own program installed, the clipboard can only hold one copied item at a time.

The next thing you need to do is save the image to your hard drive. The most common and easiest way is to use MSpaint. * There is usually a shortcut called “Paint” in the start menu and clicking on it will open the program. On the other hand, step 3 is a sure way to do this

  1. lick Startand then click Run . Once the Run window is open, type mspaint in the open text box.

* There are many other programs capable of this action, but they must be purchased and installed separately (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, etc.). MSpaint is included and installed with Windows for free.

  1. On the lick Edit menu tab, click Insert

Keyboard TIP: You can also use the keyboard shortcut by holding down the Ctrl key while pressing the V key on your keyboard and paste the image into MSPaint

  1. On theFile menutab , click Save .
  2. SelectFile Name and File Type, ( I highly recommend selecting .jpeg / .jpg for file size purposes ) and C lick Save

TIP: In this example, I clicked on the desktop icon to save the file to a known location on my computer. However, you can choose to save the file wherever you want.

Everything is done! You now have a Groovy screenshot or Screen Shot saved to your computer!v




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