Unlocking a mobile without a pattern

One of the main security functions that smartphones have right now has to do directly with the screen lock, which ensures that no one other than the true owner of the device can access it, and that way, no one can be poking around. in our messages, social networks and others. The truth is that there are different screen lock methods , among which are the lock pattern, the password, and in the newer terminals, the fingerprint readers.

The best of all is that we can choose any of these methods without problems, always considering the type of security that we are looking for in our devices. For most users, the pattern lock is still the most used method, especially for those who do not yet have a fingerprint reader. Removing all these elements that we have already mentioned, we have to emphasize that there are some general issues that are well worth highlighting.

Depending on the smartphone model, it is more convenient to use one or the other unlocking or blocking method, although we always recommend betting directly on the fingerprint , considering that it is the most secure system that can be aspired to today. The interesting thing about this system is that it does not even unlock when we place a finger on the sensor that is not the one we have registered, so it is much safer than any other of the traditional options.

In any case, and although it is clear that previously we have been talking a lot more about other options such as the pattern or the fingerprint, the password is also safe, since as long as we look for a good combination, we can be completely sure of the matter. In any case, we can have a high security key by making combinations that are recommended by security specialists, including lowercase, uppercase, and also numbers .

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  2. Unlocking a mobile without a pattern
  3. How to unlock the mobile if you do not remember the PIN code

How to unlock a cell phone

Now, unfortunately, on occasion you may have forgotten what your lock pattern is, or you may have forgotten the password, so that you cannot unlock your device. What you have to do in these cases is to perform a factory reset, or also called Hard Reset. We recommend, then, that you start by pressing the following combination at the same time: Volume Up + Home + Power button in some terminals;  Volume + Power button on others, of course .

Once the new screen in question has appeared, the next thing to do is move to the option called wipe data/factory reset, for which you have to use the Volume buttons, and then the Power button once you have selected the option. When it asks you if you want to continue with the system, put Yes, and then go to the Start menu and click on  Reboot system now to reboot and enter Android as normal, although of course with this step by step you will lose all your content, like this that tries to never forget your passwords or patterns .

Whenever our readers ask us about the different tips that we can give them in terms of mobile security, we say that it is convenient to have some kind of blocking of access to the device screen . Of course, we know that the most modern equipment has fingerprint or iris scanners, but in older ones we have to take the PIN or a pattern for granted.

Specifically, many users use the famous patterns, in which we have to slide our finger across the screen, joining different points, to generate a key that will allow us to enter the terminal screen. Now, what happens when I have forgotten my pattern, or if I find a lost mobile phone with a pattern and I want to unlock it to return it to the person who lost it? Is there a way to unlock it without a pattern?

Indeed, at this point you have to know that luckily we can unlock a cell phone without a pattern if for some reason we do not remember it , or in case we have found it lost, as we said. For this reason, we advise you that if you are suffering from this problem right now, or if you are afraid that it will happen to you, continue reading this article to avoid taking it to a technician, and therefore spending money.

Unlocking a mobile without a pattern

When the screen in which we should enter the pattern appears, if we remember it, we will see that an alternative option appears below, in which the system itself asks us if we have forgotten the pattern. Obviously, if the mobile is ours, we are going to say yes, because they will send us an email to our Gmail account associated with the device so that we can unlock it .

It is obviously the simplest solution that we can offer users when we have forgotten the unlock pattern of the mobile , although of course we also know that we cannot always take advantage of it. Unfortunately, if we do not remember our Gmail account at all, if we have bought the mobile used and it is associated with another, or if we have found it on the street, the previous trick will not be useful .

The remaining alternative to that tutorial that we mentioned earlier has to do with resetting the mobile or factory resetting our Android, something that we have been teaching to do lately, of course, the problem here is that since we cannot access the contents of the device and thus make a backup, we will lose all our information .

If you want to save some other content, the only option left is to trust that the device has a microSD card inserted, since we can remove it without risking the documents, music and applications installed there. Then, following the step by step that we have mentioned in the previous link, you will be able to factory reset your cell phone , and you will not have problems using it even if you do not remember your lock pattern.

How to unlock the mobile if you do not remember the PIN code

Well, then we begin with all the details that we believe you should take into account in this regard. And the first thing has to do with the situations in which the mobile is blocked. Basically this happens when after several attempts the mobile does not let you access its contents. The problem in these cases is that the only solution that does not imply loss of content has to do with unlocking the mobile with the Google account . The rest is the Hard Reset. Let’s go with the details.

If your mobile has been blocked, the first thing you should do is go to Google and look for the option to Remember password, at which point the system will ask you for the email you have as an alternative, sending you some methods for identity verification so that the sconces. In this way, through your Google account you will be able to unlock your mobile even if you have forgotten the pattern, PIN or password . But what happens when we do not have a second email and the possibility of having this one.

Unfortunately, as we said before, the only alternative that you will have at hand has to do with restarting the device and starting to work on a new account. What you have to know in this regard is that you must enter the Recovery Mode of the device. At that time you will have to reset the information and cache . It is a simple method that anyone can execute, although the problem is that we are going to lose all the information and also the content that we have.

We recommend, then, that you start by pressing the following combination at the same time: Volume Up + Home + Power button in some terminals; Volume + Power button on others, of course . That is the easiest step to unlock your device. Once the new screen in question has appeared, the next thing to do is move to the option called wipe data/factory reset, for which you have to use the Volume buttons, and then the Power button once you have selected the option-

Finally, the system will ask you if you want to continue with the step by step, and at that moment you put Yes, and then go to the Start menu and click on Reboot system now to reboot and enter Android normally . Within a few minutes, your mobile should reboot. As you may have seen, our recommendation in these cases is that if you enter a PIN, pattern, or password, try to remember it, or at least always have access to a Google account to serve as a security.

Unlock via Gmail

If you enter the unlock pattern wrong, the mobile itself will give you the option to enter your Gmail email account to solve the problem. It is as easy as indicating the name and password of the account from which you access the Google Play Store .

Hard reset, the final option

If none of the options that we have told you has worked for you, the only option you have left is to do a hard reset of your device, that is, a total format that eliminates data, files, etc.

To avoid the damages derived from losing all the information you have on your mobile, it is best to use a program that allows you to have all your data in a cloud storage system, so if you have to format the device you can recover it later . all the information.





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