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Tips for Risen 2: Dark Waters

21 legendary items will be shown here

wooden leg

Stamina +1

In Eddie’s Fisherman’s Hut on the southeast coast of Antigua, you will find a book called The Brave. Read this book to find out that the legendary item – the bone leg – is located on Tacarigua.

On Tacarigua, head to Vasco Tower. Above the tower is a cave that leads to the other side of the island. Having arrived there, follow the path past the bridge to the very end, where on the plateau above the temple, right behind the bushes, you will stumble upon a wooden leg.

hemp pipe

Small arms +1

Read the book Master of the Guns in the Caldera Archives to start this quest.

Please note that you will definitely need a leveled thief talent (at least 75 points) in order to open a room in the archive!

The legendary hemp pipe is part of Pete’s treasure.


Krasnobay +10

In Old Jack’s Tower in the southeast of Tacarigua, you will find a book entitled Privateer Raids, which tells of a legendary mirror currently in the possession of the innkeeper Booz. You can buy the mirror from him for 2,000 gold.

Gunpowder bag

Pistols +10

Read Sophia’s notes that you find in Miguel’s warehouse in Puerto Isabella to get this quest. Having pumped talents of the thief (75 points), you will be able to open the door to the upper floor of the warehouse, behind which these notes are located.

The legendary gunpowder pouch that the papers are talking about is in the possession of camper Miguel. Complete the Cargo Crates for Miguel quest to receive a bag of gunpowder as a reward.

Silver mask

Durable Leather +10

The book “The Masked Man”, which will start this quest, lies in the house of the governor of Puerto Sacariko, in the left room of the first floor. Their books will tell you that the last time the silver mask was seen was in a tavern in Antigua.

There, in a room on the second floor, you will find a yellowed book that describes the treasure hidden in Gibson’s grave, and the mask you are looking for lies in it. But in order to get into this room, you will need a key, which can be bought from Quinn, who is sitting in the bay to the east of the city.

The voodoo needle

piercing weapon +10

In the northern highlands of the Sword Coast, west of the pirate tower, there is a cave in which two natives and a pirate are located.

Read the Pirate’s Diary, which lies on the chest of drawers in the cave, to learn about the legendary voodoo needle. You can find it in Antigua, at the voodoo saleswoman Emma.

Emma will gladly sell you a needle for 2,000 gold.

Comb with one tooth

Swords +1

Read the book “The Art of Swordsmanship”, which you will find with Isabella, on the second floor of the fortress in Puerto Isabella, to learn about the legendary single-pronged comb.

It can be found hidden in a treasure chest in a crystal cave on Caldera Beach.

You will have to complete the Treasure on the Fortress Beach quest in order to get hold of the crest!

Left boot

Agility +1

There is a brothel room in the tavern in the pirate nest. Find and read the book “Pirate Stories” there.

You will get some information from it about the cursed left boot, which you will find on a very small island in the northwest of Antigua.

The legendary left boot will lie lonely in anticipation of its owner.

parrot wing

Thrown weapons +10

Read the book “Thug”, which you will find in the northwestern crypt of the Isle of the Dead, to learn about the legendary parrot wing.

You can find it in a treasure chest on Thieves Island.


Dirty tricks +10

Search the Antigua house behind the tavern where the pirates spend the night. In it, on the second floor, you will find a book called “What they talk about in the port.

The latest history of venereal diseases, told by the participants in the events, which tells about a dwarf who stole a flask from the harbormaster. At the moment, this legendary item is in the possession of Kaan, the leader of the Dwarves on the Isle of Thieves. You must complete the Gnome Eater quest to get the lost item.

Jaguar paw

Ritual +10

Read the Precious Items book at the Black Dog Camp in Maracay Bay to receive the Talisman quest.

You will find this talisman in the form of a paw of a jaguar in a room with an altar in an old temple near the village of the Maracay tribe, next to the body of a dead pirate.

Dead man’s skull

Voodoo +1

Read the book Chaka Pagabudu found in the kitchen of Mauregato’s house in Caldera City to learn about the skull of a Maracay Aboriginal chief who is credited with powerful magical powers.

To obtain this skull, travel to Maracay Bay and complete the Legacy of Chaka Datu quest to receive the skull later!


Slashing weapon +10

Read the Life of a Pirate book found in the cave behind the cemetery in Antigua. The book tells the story of one-armed Willy and his legendary hook.

You will find this item on the Isle of the Dead after finding the treasure map in one of the houses in the arena.

This card will start the Treasure in the Crypt quest – the hook is part of this treasure.

The old coin

Bulletproof +10

The book “Happy Accidents”, which starts this quest, you will find in the village of dwarves on the island of Thieves, lying on a barrel in front of Tseki’s cave.

To get a coin, you have to go to the Isle of the Dead and … die in order to go to the other side.

Only there you can find a coin lying on the table next to the altar of passage.


Shotgun +10

Read the book “Naval Battles in the Early Periods of Shipping”, which lies on the box, on the defensive wall of the Sword Coast Inquisition tower.

The book is about the legendary cannonball, which you can buy for 2,000 gold from Mercutio the storekeeper in the temple in Maracay Bay.


Theft +10

In the cave on Thieves Island, where Slaine hid his treasures, you will find a book called “King of Thieves”, which tells about the legendary snuffbox.

She can be found in the Caldera at the merchant Possodino, who trades in front of the stairs leading to the High Council. He is ready to part with a snuffbox for 2,000 gold pieces.

dried head

Intimidate +10

Read the War Traditions book in the Maracay Tribal Village in Maracay Bay for information on the legendary desiccated head found in the Sword Coast Indian Cemetery.

The entrance to this cemetery can be found by going a little southwest of the Inquisition tower. A dried head stands on a pedestal in front of the entrance to the crypt.

hanging loop

Musket +10

Read the old diary in Admiral Alvarez’s room in the Captains’ house in Antigua to learn about the hanging noose Alvarez keeps as a reminder of a near-death execution on the top floor of the Antigua warehouse.

Exit to the balcony of the warehouse, which overlooks the tavern. See the hole in the roof? Climb up there using the monkey (you need to have the monkey training skill, of course) and pick up the hanging loop on one of the boxes.

Bottle of memories

Cult of the Dead +10

Read the book called “Rituals” in the grave near the Shaganumbi cemetery, after you have placed the Shaganumbi idol on the altar to open the stone portal.

The legendary bottle of memories mentioned in the book can be found in the hands of a tribal merchant named Capua. She will sell you a bottle for 2,000 gold.

broken ratchet

Black Magic +10

Read the book Practicing Voodoo at Emma’s shop, who sells voodoo goods in Antigua. The book is about the legendary ratchet that serves as a magical catalyst for Aboriginal shamans.

To get a legendary item for your collection, go to Maracay Bay and complete the Ancestral Tombs quest, after which Shaman Osama will give you a ratchet.

The Pirate Almanac can be found by completing the Steelbeard Treasure quest.


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