Tips for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

how to fall and not break, etc.

* Unlimited photos.

First, save your game (with camera). Now while you’re taking photos, press L1 to make images of any photos you want (save them to your gallery). While here, restart your console. The photos you saved will remain in your gallery, you will only lose the video!

* Fix camera position in two player mode.

After loading the two player mode, press Select to lock the camera position to any player.

* Quickly restore breathing.

While swimming, when the breath indicator is low, return to dry land. Jump up and down by pressing. Your breath gauge will refill significantly faster.

* Survive when falling from a height.

Playing as CJ, press n repeatedly while falling to reduce the amount of damage when falling to the ground.

* Recruit gang members.

Press R1 to plan your gang lineup, then press the D-pad in the direction UP.

* Capture enemies.

During a fight with someone (unarmed), press R1 to grab the opponent.

* Prize on “medical missions”.

Steal the ambulance and press R3. Fully complete level 12 to get the maximum possible health of 150.

* Prize “pimp missions”.

Steal the pimp’s convertible car from the car wash lot near Pay N’ Spray and press R3. Fully complete 10 missions to get money from prostitutes instead of paying them.

* Prize “fire missions”.

Steal the firetruck and press R3. Reach level 12 on “fire missions” to make CJ fireproof.

* Trucker Mission Award.

Steal a truck and press R3. Reach level 8 on these cargo missions to unlock the RS Haul as your own.

Steal any police car and press R3. Reach level 12 on Vigilante missions to increase defense to 150.

* Hints.

In downtown (Downtown), near the three-way intersection and the red line on the map (railway) you will see a tall round building with blue white glass windows. The entrance with the yellow triangle is right in front of him. Feel free to enter, climb to the roof and there you will find a parachute, jump down from the roof, wait a few moments, and then press the button to open the parachute. You can control the flight with the left analog button.

Here, in the business part of the city, you will see a skyscraper near the passage with three triangular columns in front of the corner entrance. On the opposite side of the street you will see a building with semicircular canopies around the windows, which “looks” at the western end of the street. It has a yellow billboard on the roof. Enter the skyscraper, go up the stairs and find the parachute. If you want, jump down from this skyscraper, do not forget to press the button and note that each parachute only allows you to perform one jump.

Go to the police station in the downtown area and near the doors you will see a yellow triangle turned upside down. When you enter the police station, you will see a flight of stairs in front of you. Climb up it, turn left and see a satchel with a parachute. Approach it, make sure that the backpack with a parachute (backpack) is indicated on the weapon display, and when sure, jump down by pressing the button. The parachute will open, of course. Use the left analog button to control the movement to the left or right, you can also slow down the fall. Slow down a little before opening the parachute or you’ll get into trouble, but if you delay too long the parachute won’t save you.

You can play basketball in Los Santos. After you complete the Tagging Up Turf mission, go to Sweety’s house. Here you will see a basketball court. There is a ball in the center of it. Approach it, press the button and you can play basketball.

You can also play billiards and arcade machines in Los Santos. Go to CJ`s apartment in Ganton County and at night you will see a bar with beer bottle ads flashing on the roof. The bar is next to the bridge. Enter it and you will see a man standing near the pool table. Approach him, press the button to play with him. At the same time, you can bet money on the winner. There are arcade machines in the bar, you can try your luck.

You can also play a video game in Los Santos. Enter CJ’s living room, go to the TV, press the button and start playing “The Came From Uranus”.

The Alhambra Club is located in the Idlewood area between the three-way intersection on the highway and the red line marking the railroad tracks. Finding it is quite easy, four torches are burning at the entrance. When you enter the club, you can practice and demonstrate your dancing skills by pressing the appropriate buttons that appear on the screen (,, and). Here you can also play video games on the arcade machine, as well as buy food and drinks from vending machines.

In Los Santos, go to the bar near Ganton, but don’t enter it. Inspect the area around the bar and not far from the bridge you will find a vending machine selling drinks. Go to it, press the button and for one dollar you will receive a can of drink.

Go to one of the basketball courts around which there is a chain fence, and find the ball on one of the courts. Approach it, press the button to start the game. During this game, press the R3 button and take part in the Basketball Challenge mini-game. A red marker will appear on the court, run up to it and throw the ball. After that, the red marker will move to another point on the site. The goal in this game is to score as many goals as possible within a given time limit. Each successful throw adds a few seconds, but when the time runs out, CJ will automatically stop the game. Your best score will be recorded, you will see it on the screen the next time you want to take part in this mini-game.

When playing basketball, press the button to spin the ball on your finger. Press the n button and then CJ will start rolling the ball over his shoulders.

Go to the Ammu?Nation gun store, go to the shooting range, press the button at the very beginning to leave the shooting range, and if you had a machine gun at that moment, then the amount of ammunition will double. This trick can be repeated as many times as you like.

To stealthily finish off an opponent with a knife, select a victim, sneak up on the opponent from behind, press the button, and if the enemy does not notice you, then instantly finish him off.

When playing billiards, you can get the right to an additional stroke by pressing the button at the moment when you make the next stroke on the ball. If you do everything exactly, then if you score a white ball, the game seems to freeze. Press the button and the right analog button forward. As a result, each time you get the right to an additional strike.

Choose a melee weapon, such as a baseball bat, baton, or regular gun. If you have more than 2 of these weapons, this trick will not work. Select one of the weapons, approach the pedestrian, strike, and then immediately press the button to switch to the gun. If you do everything right, CJ will hit the pedestrian with a gun, using it as a hand-to-hand combat weapon.

Once you have the Respect upgrade level 1, go to Grove street, approach some gangster dressed in green, and without equipping a weapon, hold the R1 button and press the UP button on the D-pad. As a result, you will recruit him, and the gangster will become part of your personal mini-gang. If you get into a car, it will follow you. If you manage to recruit three gangsters in this way and put them in a four-door car, you will be able to drive through the territory controlled by the Balla group, and your “passengers” will be able to lean out of the car and open fire on local gangsters. They will also attack anyone who poses a threat, even policemen. If you have a PCJ-600 motorcycle, then you can only recruit one gangster, and if the car is Rbino, then recruitment does not work.

To order your recruited henchmen to stay put, press and hold the R1 button and press the DOWN button on the D-pad. If you want them to follow you, hold down the R1 button and press the UP button on the D-pad.

When your territory is attacked by gangsters of another faction, look for a police car, motorcycle, fire truck, ambulance or taxi, get into it, press the R3 button to start the “machine” mission. Then press the R3 button again to exit and your area will be safe.

Take your camera, recruit one of the gangsters from Grove Street. Hold down the R1 button and look through the camera’s viewfinder. The gangster will wave his hand or give you a thumbs up. In general, he will begin to pose. Activate the camera, as you do with weapons; then aim at one of the members of your own group, press the L1 button, give them the camera, and they will take a photo of CJ.

Equip your camera, recruit some gangster, switch to this camera, get close to the gangster you just recruited. A menu will appear in the upper left corner of the screen, instructing you to press the L1 button. Then take a pose and take a photo. To earn easy money, press the button while standing in front of the TV in your hideout. Health will remain at the same level even if CJ does not eat anything, and if you leave your prefix in the same state for a while, you will quickly accumulate a decent amount of money.

Steal a taxi, press the R3 button and after successfully tipping 50 times, gain access to hydraulics and nitrous for all taxi class vehicles. Press the R3 button to perform a jump if necessary. By pressing the L1 button or while riding, use nitro boosts. As the amount of time decreases, your driving skill will improve.

After you finish the game, as an added bonus, you can steal a train. If you press the L3 button while on the train, a special mission with a freight train will begin, during which you need to deliver the cargo to its destination and stop the train exactly at the right place. Try not to accelerate too much, otherwise you can fly off the rails, although you should not drive slowly either. If you feel the controller begin to vibrate, release the button immediately.

During the Import-Export mission, climb into the crane by pressing the button, move it in such a way that you can capture the car, and when you hook it, exit the crane by pressing the button; jump into your car and start spinning while tied to a crane. Get a kind of carousel.

During the mission, Big Smoke instead of holding the button and actively pedaling on the bike, trying to get away from the red car of gangsters from the Ballas group. Quickly press the button, then CJ will rise from the saddle and begin to pedal vigorously, as a result, he will go faster and keep up with Sweety as he climbs a high hill.

Use the following trick to jump about the height of a telephone pole on your motorcycle. Several attempts, of course, will be required to learn how to accurately perform this technique. First, make sure you have a machine gun. Get off the bike by leaning forward using the left analog button, and then while holding up the left analog button, press and hold the L1 button to prepare for this jump. Then release the L1 button, immediately after that, stop pressing the left analog button, immediately press the button to open fire from the machine gun, and if you do everything right, the motorcycle will fly into the air much higher than usual. In principle, even a two-story house can be jumped over from a flat surface.

When riding a motorcycle, activate the “Spawn Jetpack” code, then press the button until you reach full speed and hold this button. Your bike will rush at high speed thanks to the jetpack rocket motor until you release the button. To repeat this process again, press button 6 until you reach full maximum speed.

The Cropduster plane will appear in Bone County. Start at the entrance to the Hunter quarry, then follow the dirt road into Bone County and see the barn on the right. Behind the shed is the Cropduster. Press the R3 button and fertilizer will fall from the plane onto the fields. This will be immediately noticeable.

In San Fierro, go to the Fire Dept. Climb into the fire truck, which has a special ladder at the top. At the same time, you will not receive instructions to press the R3 button and go to the fire. Because there are two types of different fire engines, and certain missions can only be completed on those vehicles that do not have a ladder at the top.

When you get to Las Venturas and get your pilot’s license, head to the airport and take part in the time trial. Choose those races that say something about the army (army), and if you make the right choice, you can fly the Hydra jet. Instead of following the markers, drive to the hangar opposite the control tower. The doors will be open, drive inside, get out of the plane, leave the hangar, the doors will close. Get out of the plane, leave the hangar, the doors will close, wait for the time limit to end and you will automatically find yourself at the Las Venturas airfield. The Hydra will still be in the hangar on your airstrip. By pressing the L1 button, release missiles, with the L2 button, aim at planes or cars; by pressing a button, you release flares, etc.

To stay in the air longer while using the Rocket Pack, hold R2 + L2.

Using the jetpack, press the button to accelerate. Maneuvers are performed with the R2 or L2 buttons, depending on which direction you need. Unfortunately, you cannot memorize the game, walk and even shoot at these moments. To remove it, press the button; to put on back, just walk or run up to it.

Enter the code “Spawn Jetpack”, then when you put on the jetpack, remove it. Next, move 10 meters away so that you can scatter properly; run as fast as you can using the special “running boost” move (hold up the left analog button and tap the button) and before you run close to the jetpack, release the button but hold the left analog button in running position. As a result, you will race at great speed for as long as you want until you release the left analog button.

The Rhino tank has 12 wheels. It looks like a monster truck. If you hold down the R1 button, it will be easier to take turns.

Finish flight school with at least a bronze medal in all trials and gain access to the Rustler, which is based on the P-51 Mustang. Press the L1 button to open fire from the machine guns built into the wings.

Car tug (Tow Truck). Head to the junkyard in Mount Chiliad where you will find a car and you can steal it. Use the left analog button to lower the grappling hook, hook the car (you need to raise it with the right analog button), and go to your hideout. Moreover, this maneuver can be performed even at the moment when the driver and passenger are in the cab.

The tractor can also be stolen using a tug car. You can do it on the farm.




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