Tips for choosing an external battery for your smartphone

One of the main problems that we find in our smartphones is the fact that, as a general rule, the battery lasts very little, so we finally end up looking for alternatives that help us improve autonomy. In this sense , external batteries are the most recommended and comfortable option at the moment, but before we go crazy and choose any battery, below we are going to give you a series of tips with which we will try to help you in your choice in the measure of our possibilities.

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  • How to choose an external battery?
    • Choose an external battery with adequate autonomy
    • Check battery outputs
    • Take charge cycles into account
    • Size and weight

How to choose an external battery?

There are many external batteries on the market, so sometimes it can be difficult to find the right one. Therefore, throughout this section we will show you a series of tips to choose an external battery correctly.

Choose an external battery with adequate autonomy

Obviously, one of the main premises when choosing an external battery for our Smartphone is making a decision regarding its capacity. In this sense, we generally go with the idea that the greater the capacity, the better battery we will have, something that in a certain way is not excessively misguided, but some important aspects must also be taken into account.

The capacity of the battery and its weight are directly proportional, that is, the greater the capacity, the more weight we will have to transport, while the capacity and charging time are also directly proportional , which means that to carry out a full charge we to need more time the greater the capacity of the battery.

For this reason, we always recommend that you opt for a battery that suits your needs, although we will always try to choose a model that has a little more autonomy than the one we are going to use in order to be able to rest easy at any time.

Check battery outputs

If we have several devices that we need to charge at the same time, it is important to check the number of outputs that our external battery has. In this sense, we will find options with up to five outputs, although it should also be noted that as a general rule we will not need that many.

Usually we will be able to charge via USB , but it is essential that we take into account that if our device does not include this type of connection, we must choose a battery that suits it.

In turn, we must also take into account the intensity of these outputs, and this will depend on our device, since depending on the capacity of the battery that we want to charge, we will need a greater intensity.

We can find intensities from 1 A in the event that we have normal low-capacity batteries, although the recommended minimum amount will always be 2.4 A, especially if we are going to recharge a tablet .

Take charge cycles into account

Finally, we must also pay attention to the charging cycles of the battery that we are going to acquire, since many times in the market we can find very cheap models but that have a fairly short life, that is, the batteries break down over time. time depending on how many times we recharge them, and that is why in any case we will never acquire one that offers less than 500 charging cycles, and whenever we can, we will opt for one that allows the greatest possible number of recharges .

Size and weight

An external battery must be small and light, since it will normally be used when we are away from home, so we must look for comfort, so a heavy device will not help us. A correct weight would be one that oscillates between 200 – 250 grams. Meanwhile, the ideal size is one that is not bigger than our hand.

In short, these are some of the aspects that you should take into account if you want to buy a quality external battery. Although if you prefer that we tell you which are the best external batteries , we have an article about it on our website,





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