The Witcher 2″ – quest “Nightmare of Baltimore”

Passage of the quest about the treasures of the great blacksmith from the second chapter in the fantasy action-RPG The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

The quest “Nightmare of Baltimore” can be completed in the second chapter of the game if you chose the path of Iorveth. It all starts in an old quarry, where Geralt is looking for a magical artifact and sees a mysterious dream about a dwarf. Subsequently, the house from this dream will be found near the old mines. There you will also find Thorak, who will tell his story. He is a student of a famous blacksmith who went missing a few years ago. By inheritance, Thorak inherited the workshop of the great master, which he allows to visit. Once inside, carefully inspect the walls – one of them can be broken with the help of Aard. Behind the wall you will find an encrypted message in a chest. Go back and explain to Thorak where the noise came from. After telling him the truth, you will receive a task from him – to find Baltimore’s notes.

We open the found poem and move to the burned village. There you can easily find the right well. Next, we go to the magical altar, which can be found by going through the entire village and turning left (you will have to go under a huge gate). Then the road goes to the old quarry where Geralt had a dream. Next, you need to go to the harpy caves – next to them, on one of the rocks, there is a chest containing a special runic key. After that, you need to go back to the road intersection and move in the direction where the dwellings of the local trolls are located. There we will find a shipwrecked ship. This is where the runic key comes in handy – we destroy dense vegetation with the help of fire and make our way inside. There lies the desired chest with the cherished notes of the blacksmith. But not everything is so simple: as soon as we get close to the chest, Thorak will appear with two henchmen. If before that you did not tell him about the find in the workshop, then a fight will immediately follow. Otherwise, you can either give him the chest (the task will end), or accuse the forge of being suspicious. Then Thorak will become furious and attack you.

The fight is not difficult: if you have bombs, you can immediately use one of them and deal with the henchmen on the sly. Owners of the pumped “Aard” will find it easiest: just knock down opponents and quickly finish off someone with “dizziness”. As a last resort, put “Quen” and get rid of assistants first, then from Thorak himself. Having dealt with them, we will find a lot of useful goods and documents in the chest. Geralt learns from them that Baltimore was killed by Thorak himself. This, of course, should be told to the headman of Vergen.



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