Studying is stressful! How to deal with stress?

In today’s society where everything is changing rapidly Be it technology, education, culture and society, society’s expectations of young people have also changed. And with this rapid change As a result, the expectations of society that adolescents perceive are unclear, unstable, and most importantly, Sometimes it may not be in accordance with reality. These expectations can result in stress.

One thing that creates stress for teenagers in today’s era is a lot. study stress

Academic stress can arise from anxiety about various matters. related to learning whether it is an examination, various tasks that must be submitted in each subject Different teaching and learning systems, including learning plans to achieve the desired goals.

When faced with problems or stress from learning that arises One of the processes that will follow is Coping is the process in which a person uses their thoughts and actions to deal with the causes of stress. Regardless of whether the cause is an external or internal cause.

In general, stress management can be divided into two types: approach coping and avoidance coping .

Confrontational management is where a person tries to Analyze the cause and effect of the problem. That may occur in order to prepare to deal with the consequences that will occur as a result. or even try to Change your perspective on the problem. in order to see a positive perspective from the problems that arise Including trying to find out more Helpful to help fix the problem.

For example, when you can’t pass the exam. If using face-to-face management what will happen is An attempt was made to analyze whether Why can’t you pass the exam? What would the result of the test be? (Problem Analysis) What did you learn from failing the exam this time? (Change of perspective) How should I prepare for the next exam? (Finding more information)

While problem-solving management It is characterized by focusing on the emotions caused by stress, avoiding thinking about the problem, either the cause of the problem or the possible consequences of that problem, or admitting that there is a problem. without trying to fix that problem, including trying to Do other activities to make yourself happy. sometimes there may be Expressing negative emotions to reduce stress , such as complaining or crying .

In the event of not being able to do the exam as well, if the problem-avoiding management is used what will happen is Maybe not mention the results of the exam at all. (evasion) Or it might say something like, “Um…I can’t do this this time. I might be able to do it next time” (Acceptance) “Never mind, let’s play a game” (Other activities) “I don’t know what the teacher gave me on the exam. express)

both forms of stress management affects adolescents differently

Coping with coping can reduce emotional problems such as anxiety and depression, as well as behavioral problems among adolescents such as aggression.

while using problem-solving management As a result, adolescents have trouble controlling their own negative emotions. increases the likelihood of alcohol addiction problems or even thoughts about suicide It also has a persistent negative effect on academic problems.

It can be seen that the management faces the problem. In addition to helping teenagers prepare themselves for problems that may occur in the future. It also reduces the chance of causing other problems that may occur as well.

So what can be done to help teenagers choose to confront their problems?

In addition to showing young people the benefits of confronting them, What can be created for teenagers more is increasing skills that will help in problem solving, such as cause-and-effect analysis skills that will help understand problems that arise Multi-viewing skills that help you see the advantages of stories. Mindfulness skills. (Mindfulness) that will help create awareness of the problems and emotions that arise. Including that There are people around you as a source of support in various fields, whether it is information that will help teenagers understand and solve problems. or even emotionally, such as listening, giving strength to help reduce stress or negative emotions

How teenagers learn to deal with problems and stress that arise will affect the expectation of what will happen in the future that How should the next event feel? What should I think? How should I handle it? which finally The way adolescents choose to deal with problems will have a bearing on their own thoughts and emotions.




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