STALKER Search. DIES IRAE (part 2 of the trilogy)

Passage of the famous mod for STALKER

We speak with comrades, we go down to the radio, again we speak with our own. Now we are going to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, we are talking with Kuznetsov and Yaroslavkin . We head to the sarcophagus, search the corpse of Charon and pick up the PDA. The next step is to go to the control bunker, find vodka for Yaroslavkin . Entering the control room, we will see that the doors are blocked, so we go around the room and look for a flash drive on the floor.

We go to Chernobyl2 and find scientists ( you can kill them, but you can not touch them ). If you walk through the teleports, you will definitely find something interesting. We find the details and go back ( before climbing Chernobyl1 we throw absolutely everything out of the backpack ).

We rise to Chernobyl1 and speak with Major Winter , and after that immediately back. We select what we threw off, and if we need a knife, then we go back to the control room and in the very center we select the Strelka knife .

We rise and punish Winter, and at the same time his company. Then we go to Kuznetsov (if you exit the gate and go to the right of the rail past the burning building ).

We follow to the base in Pripyat, where a note awaits us. We go to kindergarten and collect PDA comrades.

We go to the Radar and get a message that help is needed in the bunker.

Once there, you will find Deimos.

Next we head to the army warehouses. Immediately upon arrival, we speak with the Shark and carry out his task at the base of Freedom ( you can dress up in the armory ).

Let’s go to the bar. Before reaching we get a message that you need to turn right. We speak with Ivantsov, and then we clean the territory of the Bar and free the merchant.

Important: We must go to the collection point with Duty on the asphalt.


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After talking with Ivantsov, we return to Yermol. Our next target is the new Debt base at X-18. We speak with Ivantsov, then in X-18 we speak with Petrenko and with Vovan the mechanic. We get the task to interrogate the prisoners at liberty.

Important: As we get out of X-18, be sure to talk to Ivantsov again, otherwise Freedom will be your enemies.

We speak with Max, and on the way to the basement near the gunsmith we speak with Vovchik Esin. We go down and interrogate the prisoners who ask for vodka and the like. ( Kill the first and the second immediately starts talking ). We return to Max.

Again to Petrenko, and from him to the mechanic, who will tell you about the stunner and Sidorych’s bunker. We go to the Cordon. ( Before the transition, you can shoot five hunters on an abandoned farm ).

As we move to Cordon, we immediately fall into the hands of the RPG and destroy two helicopters and an armored personnel carrier on the bridge. In the village of beginners, we talk with Old Man Kovtsur and learn about the Wolf, from whom we take the PDA and get the task to find Charon’s PDA. We are heading to Pripyat to Kuznetsov, on the way we take a task from Ermol to clear the path ( you will shoot enough ).

From a conversation with Kuznetsov, we learn that we need to find a fallen helicopter. We hand over to Yermol the task of clearing the path, and informs us that a person is waiting for us in the back room, with whom we need to talk. Further to the dump to the Seine King. In exchange for information, he offers to remove Colonel Snark, we agree. We go to Agroprom on a new transition. We kill the Snark and make our feet in the dungeon.

We get out of the dungeon and go to the swamp, where the deserter used to sit. We find a helicopter near the trailer, pick up Charon’s PDA, break the boxes from nothing to do ( Klondike ). We return to the Seine, then to the Bar. Yermol reports that it was necessary to kill more No. 8 and Doberman .

We go to Cordon to the checkpoint, where we find Doberman (you can first throw him everything that is not needed in your backpack ), we speak, and then we kill him. We go to the bunker of Sidorych, and pick up the stunner. We pass to Agroprom and eliminate No. 8. To the Bar to Yermol, from him again to Agroprom, pick up the PDA.

We receive a message from the Canopy of the King, who has a task to destroy the four foremen. After eliminating the three, we go to the Bar, hand over the PDA and find out that this is a trap. Slaven sends X-16 to the Doctor. In the Wild Territory we meet with Lieutenant Anikeev.

Don’t touch the zombies!

We pass to Yantar and quickly into X-16. We speak with Doc, we get the task to kill the colonel. We go to the point, if we wait, we will see the performance. We take the PDA from the colonel and return to Doc. We hand over the PDA to the Hacker. We go hunting with Pinochet and return only with Pinochet, we talk with the Doctor. A message comes that you can return to the Bar. Before we leave, we talk to everyone.

In the Bar, Yermol sends to the Radar to remove the Senya of the King, before leaving we talk with Shnyr. We eliminate the King, from his PDA we learn about the gathering in the TD. We go to Petrenko. He does not want to get involved, but does not mind if we do this, so he goes to the position and reports that Ghost and Remezov are on the cordon at the checkpoint. We go to the point, kill the negotiators.

We go to the cordon at the checkpoint to the German, who gives Remezov’s CCP. A message comes from Old Man Kovtsur, we speak with him. Back to the German. We kill all the bandits on the cordon, return to the German and, at his request, we find the informer. We go to the Warehouses, kill the Jackal and take the PDA and the USB flash drive.

We go to X-16, where we meet Yaroslavkin. We speak with Anikanov, who will ask us to find a soldier. There is nothing to do – let’s go look. Having found our goal, we return to X-16. We inform Anikanov and talk with Doc, and then we go to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

We are talking to scientists. Next is the Day of Wrath. We find a flash drive from the dead and go to the Hacker, after which we take Charon’s PDA. We return to Karpov, and then according to the scenario. We meet with the Ghost, who sends us to the Strelok

it would not be bad to have 2 bulletproof vests )

Advice: before reaching the Strelka, we throw off equipment, especially healing items, first-aid kits, cartridges, bulletproof vests

We do as he says and quickly pick up everything that was thrown off. We go to the surface, we speak with Yaroslavkin and a bullet in Pripyat. We find our fighters and fight with Apsami.




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