Some secrets from Dragon Age: Origins

Interesting moments from the game Dragon Age, which are worth paying attention to

  1. In the Deep Roads, you can find one of the many Codex pages that has a link to another BioWare project. It has a poem written on it that mentions the words ” Mass” and ” Shepard “. I think there is no need to explain what kind of project the Canadians are talking about.
  2. Some fights in the game can be avoided if you want, if you feel that you can not cope or there are not enough healing potions. To do this, it is necessary that the party has a robber with a well-developed skill ” Invisibility“. Enemies usually stand in locations in small groups. Before reaching the opponents, stop the squad (by default – the H key), select the robber and become invisible. Sneak quietly past the enemies and move to a safe distance from them so that they and your squad are veryfar away. Then press the H key again. Instead of running after you, the teammates will simply materialize behind you.
  3. Traveling around the global map and coming to new locations, you will periodically watch random cutscenes with minor NPCson the game engine. In one of these videos, you can see a dialogue between an elderly husband and wife standing near a funnel in the ground and allegedly discussing a child that fell from the sky. Moreover, the spouse, judging by the dialogue, is called Martha. This scene is a reference to the Superman universe . Jonathan and Martha Kent found a ship that had fallen from the sky, in which there was a boy from another planet. They raised him as their own son and named him Clark . Later, he turned into a legendary hero in a red and blue tights with the letter S on his chest.




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