Solution: Sony Xperia Z5 does not pass the logo

Although it is true that the Android mobile device companies that have sold the most terminals in recent times are Samsung and now also Huawei, we cannot help but consider that there are many other companies to take into account in this type of case. The truth is that we also have the Japanese Sony as another of the leading firms in the segment, and in this particular case we did not want to fail to mention a highly requested tutorial on the  Sony Xperia Z5 .

Solution: Sony Xperia Z5 Won’t Get Past the Logo, Won’t Load or Get a Black Screen – Common Problems

What is certain is that the Sony Xperia Z5 is one of the latest high-end devices launched by this company, to the extent that it possesses some great features. Beyond that, in any case, we can see that the Sony Xperia Z5 can be shown with certain glitches. It should be noted, in this sense, that if your Sony Xperia Z5 stops at the logo when it turns on and does not go beyond that, fortunately there is a tutorial that will allow you to get out of this problem quickly and easily.

But before we get into the details let’s talk a bit more about this kind of  Sony Xperia Z5 logo problem, which basically can be divided into two problems:  Brick and Bootloop . Basically the difference is that in the first case the terminal does not even reach the logo, while in the second it does, although in both cases we will find that we will have to carry out the same tutorial, so if you experience any of these problems.

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  1. Skip the Sony Xperia Z5 logo
  2. Sony Xperia Z5, how to fix your problems?
  3. ignition problem
  4. Too limited autonomy
  5. Touch screen issues
  6. Problems with calls
  7. USB connection fails

Skip the Sony Xperia Z5 logo

Well, if you have experienced the problems described above, the first thing you have to do is make sure that you have the original USB cable for the device, as well as a Windows computer. In turn, you will have to have on hand the Stock ROM or original firmware of your Sony Xperia Z5 device . You have to know that this last file is in FTF format and if you don’t have it available, you can always download it to your Sony Xperia Z5.

Once you have downloaded the previous file, then you have to download others, specifically the Sony Flash Tool through this link for your computer. When you have finished that download, it is time to download the USB Drivers for Sony Xperia Z5 from this link. You then have all the necessary elements to be able to restart your Sony Xperia Z5 and use it as before, so we are going to leave you the step by step that you should consider in these situations.

Well, then you take your  Sony Xperia Z5 and install the Flash Tool . Then you have to download the FTF firmware through the link that we have left above. The next step is to put the downloaded FTF in the Firmware folder in the directory where Sony FlashTool is installed. Later, you have to install all the Drivers in a folder that you are not going to lose for any reason. The Sony Xperia also have a tool in these cases called PC Companion where you can find them.

You open Flash Tool, and click on the lightning icon that is in the upper left corner, selecting the Flashmode option. Then you select the downloaded FTF file in the “firmware” section of the left window of FlashTool. You will see a list appear in which one of the options is Wipe, which is basically where the factory reset options are. Once you have checked all the options, then you have to hit the Flash button .

When you have finished the previous step, you will see that FlashTool prepares the FTF Firmware for installation/flash, and it is time then to reboot your Xperia Z5 in Flashmode, once you connect it to the computer, following the instructions in the case of the Program. If you’ve done all the steps accordingly, then you shouldn’t have any problem running through this tutorial, but you always know you can leave us feedback about it.

If Sony is one of the main mobile device companies today, we can see that within its high range, the Sony Xperia Z5 is one of the best alternatives available among powerful terminals. In this particular case, then we want to focus not on the technical specifications of the  Sony Xperia Z5 , which we have already mentioned on more than one occasion, but actually on some operating problems that its users have told us, and what could be good solutions that allow us to overcome them without having to be aware of third parties.

Sony Xperia Z5, how to fix your problems?

In order not to be so abrupt, we must first point out that the Sony Xperia Z5 s has been available for purchase for a few weeks, and since we can now take it home, it is easier if we know its possible errors, and how to solve them without having to to go to a specialist who will charge us an arm and a leg.

If you have doubts about the qualities of the  Sony Xperia Z5 , you should know that it has a 5.2-inch LCD screen with a specific protection system, as well as a Snapdragon 810 processor from Qualcomm, 3 GB of RAM , an internal capacity of 32 GB of ROM expandable up to 200 GB, in addition to a 23MP main camera and a 5MP secondary camera, and of course, the Android operating system, which will shortly be updated to Marshmallow in one of its versions.

In short, a spectacular terminal that, like any other, can have some drawbacks , so it’s nothing better than getting to know it to avoid being affected more than normal.

ignition problem

According to what the users of the Sony Xperia Z5 themselves have been telling us, one of the problems that can happen to this terminal has to do with when it is turned on, when it seems that the screen could go black. If it has happened to you, we can recommend that you be somewhat abrupt, and by that we mean that you open its case and remove the nano SIM, holding the power button for a long time until it vibrates, and finally it reboots completely, which with that it should boot.

On the other hand, if the previous solution does not work for you, there are some owners of the  Sony Xperia Z5 who point out that we can fix this problem by pressing the power off button in the same way but for about two minutes, ignoring the vibrations, and only when it appears the charge button, turn it on.

Too limited autonomy

Although it is true that most terminals with advanced features such as the Sony Xperia Z5 have autonomy problems, we cannot lose sight of the fact that there are some solutions to give it greater autonomy. Of course we have applications developed by third parties, such as Greenify, which allows us to conserve part of the load , hibernating applications that are not used.

In turn, the Sony Xperia Z5 itself has a specifically developed mode, called “Stamina” , which allows us to limit how much applications that are in the background consume.

Touch screen issues

Apparently, another of the problems that users of the  Sony Xperia Z5 have been experiencing is related to the device’s touch screen, which sometimes does not respond to our touches. At the moment, this has been attributed to certain screen protectors that personalize it, or some physical protectors, so if you have opted for any of them, you better remove it, because they could be generating heat conditions that do not benefit the device.

Problems with calls

It seems that the calls can be another of the weak points of the Sony Xperia Z5, and regarding these we have to say that some users point out certain problems related to the quality of the audio with which we listen to them. In this regard, we can then recommend that you make some adjustments in the sound options of the mobile. But if that wasn’t enough, you always have the chance to check the signal you’re receiving, and to renew it, removing the SIM and reinserting it might be a good idea.

USB connection fails

The last of the possible complications with the Sony Xperia Z5 has to do with USB connectivity, which in some cases seems to fail when we want to connect the device directly to our computer. To put these problems aside, we recommend that you go to Options, Xperia Connectivity, USB Connectivity, Detect USB device. You may need the drivers in this regard, which you will find on the official Sony website.

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