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“Social Psychology” or “Social Psychology” It is a branch of psychology in many fields of psychology. The focus of social psychology is The study of behavior, thoughts, and feelings of people That is influenced by other people around us because people live together as a society and are always involved with others from waking up until going to bed. Be it family members, teachers, friends at school. Work friend and boss or even a food salesman and strangers we meet Or people we go to contact business with each day. Social psychology is the science that studies how The shape, posture, action, expression of those people. How does it affect our response? and vice versa How do our attitudes and actions affect those around us? for example The way we dressed unkemptly walked into a restaurant. May cause our service staff to be bad. Compared to when we dress dignifiedly to enter the service and that the waiter spoke to us badly It might cause us to react with a hostile look.

Social psychologists therefore have many topics to study. From interpretation and judgment of other people, for example, in a job interview, how should we dress and present ourselves? to impress the thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves How does it affect how you relate to others? For example, people with low self-esteem may try to post good things about themselves for others to see on Facebook. to persuading others, obeying, and effective pleading techniques. making decisions about others, liking/disliking things, helping each other abusing or showing aggression Conflict and Conflict Management group behavior Love and affection attract being a leader or head, etc.

Social psychology is often divided into three broad areas:

  1. thinking about others
  2. influencing others
  3. relationship with others

The first topic , Thinking About Others , is a study of how people judge others and things. From here, we can conclude that a person is likely to be kind or untrustworthy. Interesting findings include People are more influenced by the negative or bad traits of another person than their good traits. People also judge people based on their first experiences or early encounters, known as first impressions. Plus we are biased when judging others in many ways. which can be directly applied to job interviews for recruitment or assessment of people in various situations.

Thinking about others also means The way we judge the reasons for other people’s actions and ourselves, such as whether we fail an exam, why, why, because we’re not good at it or because we haven’t read enough books. Explaining these hopes and disappointments It can affect our mental health. Thinking about others also includes when we judge what is good and what is bad. Is there anything or any product worth buying or not? It’s called an attitude study. which can be applied to create liking for products or advertisements in the marketing circle or even liking a political party or politician

influencing othersIn this topic, social psychologists will focus on studying how One person can make another person change his mind. change belief or how to change behavior And what are the techniques? whether it is convincing that there are theories or algorithms to be successful asking others to do something for us What should I say to be successful? When should a presenter or expert be used to advertise our products, so persuasive topics are popular and applicable? both in marketing communication to create an image and in business It can also be widely applied. Whether it is a campaign for people to change their behavior, such as turning to more exercise. quit smoking not involved in drugs or turn to save energy can save the environment even more Influencing others also includes succumbing to peer pressure. or authority To study whether people will obey the orders of the superior or not. When do we tend to conform to others? and also to study how people act in groups, for example, when working with others, people tend to slack off. Social psychologists study why people slack off at work. and how to prevent unemployment In group collaboration, there may also be a supervisor. Social psychologists will study what leadership is, how good leaders are, etc.

It can be seen that these topics can be applied to many different contexts, especially working in groups or as a team Having a supervisor is an effective leader. to the design of a campaign to encourage Thai people to do good things, such as stop drinking alcohol during Buddhist Lent Or growing up, not cheating, etc. This is one way that social psychologists can help society solve various behavioral problems.

relationship with others Sure, we can love, hate, help. and can hurt others Social psychologists study all of these things because they deal with people-to-people relationships. Social psychologists study love and relationships. since what is love Are there any factors that make people like each other equally? How to maintain a couple’s relationship How can I fix problems in a relationship? love then hate Social psychologists study group discrimination. This means disliking someone or a group of people just because they belong to them, which is an unfair stereotype, such as insulting women. It could cause women to be excluded from becoming leaders in the agency. Insulting people from countries that we see as less civilized, etc. And of course, social psychologists study techniques for how to overcome group discrimination. that helps people reduce prejudice and can live together despite being different

Social psychologists also research why people help each other. What are the factors that make us do things for others, such as donating money, going to rural development volunteer camps? Or risk helping others in emergency situations. And finally, social psychology is also understood. Deliberately hurting others or showing aggression why people hurt each other, for example, agreeing that playing video games with violent content such as fighting and killing each other As a result, players came out to hurt other people in the real world. Which is often in the news, is it true or not? It can be seen that the content of social psychology is extensive. related to daily life and can be applied in practice

Social psychologists can choose to study human behavior in a variety of ways. Whether it is related to the relationship of couples. effective group collaboration Techniques of persuasion that can be applied in advertising and marketing. to the study of conflict and reconciliation between different groups, which can be used to shape social policy.

The way social psychologists conduct behavioral research is experimental in nature. and use scientific research careful and systematic Social psychologists also have research and statistical skills. By these skills will make social psychologist Able to work in various typesEither as a researcher or academic in an educational institution or university. Marketing campaign designer and consumer behavior researcher Measurement and Gauge Construction Experts in recruiting people for work Training and developing skills in persuasion and negotiation. They can also work as consultants or practitioners involved in human resource development for companies such as leadership development for department heads, etc. Social psychologists can also work with other experts on the subject matter. related to the justice process, such as the interrogation of the accused pointing out the accused analysis of factors related to crime, etc.





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