Shado-Pan Monastery: tactics and walkthrough

The Shado-Pan Monastery is a five-player dungeon, with standard difficulty available from level 87 and heroic from level 90.

English dungeon name : Shado-Pan Monastery

English boss names : Gu Cloudstrike , Master Snowdrift , Sha of Violence and Taran Zhu

The majestic Shado-Pan Monastery is at the center of a conflict between the Alliance and the Horde, as a result of which three Sha break free at once (Sha in Pandaria – a material reflection of negative emotions): the Sha of Cruelty, the Sha of Hatred and the Sha of Anger. Two of them continue to remain in the Shado-Pan, holding many of the monastery’s inhabitants under their control.

Players who venture to liberate the Shado-Pan Monastery will face four bosses. Below we will tell you how to defeat each of them.

How to kill Gu Skystrike?

Gu Heavenly Strike

Gu Skystrike is the trainer of Pandaria’s most skilled spellcasters. Being in the power of Sha, he meets players along with a pet – a powerful Azure Dragon.

The battle with Gu Skystrike is divided into three phases, and the key to victory is the correct formation of the group. In the first phase, Gu uses two main skills. Call Lightning strikes one of the players, also dealing damage to everyone nearby. “Static Field” – a zone on the map that strikes everyone who is nearby. Accordingly, ranged players must be at a considerable distance from each other in order not to be hit by Lightning Call. All players should run away from the Static Field, if it appears next to the boss, the tank should take him aside.

In the second phase, the Azure Serpent enters the fight, covering Gu with a shield – the group must switch all their attacks to the pet. The tank turns the Azure Serpent away from the group so it can take damage alone. Sometimes the serpent casts a tricky spell on players that, when dispersed, heals some of the damage to everyone who is nearby – accordingly, the group should stick together as much as possible in order to use this feature to its advantage.

In the third phase, a spell is cast on Gu, gradually increasing his damage. The task of the players is to kill the boss as quickly as possible. For this reason, in the fight against Gu Skystrike , it makes sense to save all attack-boosting skills until the final phase.

How to kill Master Snow Whirl?

Master Snow Whirl

Master Snow Whirl is one of the few who hasn’t been taken over by the Sha. However, he does not trust the Alliance and the Horde, so the only way to win him over to his side is to win in battle.

First, players will have to fight with the Master’s students – a fairly simple fight without recommendations on tactics. But before starting a fight with the Master himself, be careful – the doors to the room are closed, so a player who hesitates may be cut off from the group.

The fight with the Master is also divided into three phases. On the first one, the boss uses two skills. With Fist of Fury, Master Snowdrift deals massive damage in front of the boss – so all other melee characters should attack from behind or from the side, and the tank player needs to run away when using this ability (Master freezes in place for a few seconds, so this is won’t be too hard). Tornado Strike deals damage around the boss, so melee characters should run away and damage taken by the tank should just be healed.

In the second phase , Master Snow Whirl splits into four copies that must be destroyed. The copies only attack in front of them, so it’s best to attack them from behind.

The third phase is quite difficult. Boss Whirlwind Strike removes 60% of a random player’s health. The task of the healer is to keep the health of the entire group at the maximum. In the Dodge stance, Master Snow Whirl deflects back, so you just need to stop all attacks for this time.

How to kill the Sha of Cruelty?

Sha of Cruelty

The Sha of Cruelty was imprisoned in the Shado-Pan Monastery for a long time . Now he seeks revenge on his captors. There are no phases in this battle, but at 20% health, the Sha of Cruelty enters Enrage, increasing its attack speed by 50%. If there are classes in the group that can remove frenzy, this should be done as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the tank should keep its defensive skills until the final stage of the battle.

Another hazard is Disorienting Strike. It disables the tank for a few seconds while the Sha of Cruelty attacks another target. The task of the healer of the group is to instantly dispel this attack from the tank.

How to kill Taran Zhu?

Taran Zhu

Taran Zhu is a wise Pandaren leader who has fallen under the control of the Sha of Hatred. Now his skills are turned against former comrades.

During the battle with Taran Zhu , each player is gradually enveloped in the “Fog of Hatred” – as soon as the scale on the screen is full, you need to press a special button (in the center) and spend a few seconds in meditation.

Taran Zhu himself regularly surrounds himself with the “Ring of Malice”, from which the boss must be quickly withdrawn. Otherwise, the tank will be affected by the Fog of Hate much faster.

The task of ranged fighters is to quickly destroy all the Tenacious Hatreds that appear on the map. These are shiny spheres that not only deal additional damage, but can also pull players towards them, causing confusion in the course of the battle.




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