Secrets of scammers in the game CrossFire

A few well-known secrets used by unscrupulous players.

First : and probably the most harmless trick (

even a joke

) is a chat message like “!!!WARNING!!!! distracting message”

There is a similar joke, but with slightly different text: “Esc + Enter + Enter – turns on admin mode (

Exit the game

)” – helps well against unscrupulous beginners (



Second trick 🙁

I don’t even know what to call it, either a scam or a good deed

) the whole point is that “character” (

so on I will call a player unfamiliar to us

) writes a message in the chat like “buy cheats” or “need a cheat” after which (

if there is a character who can provide him with this service

) the so-called “cheater” is added to his friends and writes to him that he has them and he can sell / donate them, our “scammer / benefactor” screens these messages (

For those who are not aware – take a picture

) and sends it to the forum for further analysis and ban by the ruKF moderator . The only disadvantage of such a “trick” is that the character asking for a cheat can be screened and sent to the forum (

no matter how embarrassing


The reverse scheme of this deception also works, only this time the character himself offers third-party programs (

messages like “Selling cheats”

) and screen those who ask them (

as in the previous method, he can also be banned himself


Third way 🙁

the most sophisticated

) The cheater character enters (

admissible with BH

) stuffs a certain number of “Frags” (

for example: 20 to 5

) and, I repeat, SAM begins to write that another “honest” character is a “cheater” and switches all attention from himself to him! It no longer matters to him whether the “honest” character is kicked or not, the main thing for him is to finish the game and calmly go to another room!



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