Secrets of Max Payne

Secrets of the Old Max Payne Game.

Part I: The American Dream

Chapter 2: Live From The Crime Scene

At the very beginning, look down and to the right and you will see a hole in the wall. There you need to throw a grenade. After that, in the objectives of the mission (F2), the item I had declared war against rats will appear. Further, after a short run through the flooded tunnel and killing a couple of gangsters, climb the stairs to the top. You will see many rats there. Try to quickly shoot the second chandelier to your right (the one that is not lit). The rats will split into two teams and shoot each other with Desert Eagles. If your team (the one that stays next to you) wins, then the rest will join you; if not, the remaining rats will open relentless fire on you.

In the central hall of the vault, a siren is flashing next to the door-opening console upstairs. If you shoot her, Max will thank you.

Chapter 3: Playing It Bogart

Behind Rico Muerte’s room (where the shotgun trap is) there is a toilet. Opposite the toilet is a broken door. If you break it, then you will see a room with windows. Outside the windows there is a ledge leading to the right into another room. In the room lies a corpse with a stake driven into its back, and next to it is the inscription Buff (as in the series Buffy: The Vampire Slayer). Here you will find what you can support your health and replenish your arsenal.

Chapter 6: Fear That Gives Men Wings

There is a speaker on the ceiling in the elevator in the laundry room that plays music. Break it and you will once again hear Max thank you. In the room where you killed the jock coming out of the bathroom, jump out the window. Turn left here and break one of the windows. In the room, you will see posters advertising the shooter Soldier Of Fortune 2, and you will also find a bunch of shotguns.

Chapter 7: Police Brutality

On the basketball court, approach the grate blocking the way to the street. Wait a bit – you will see a passing minibus. If you shoot at him, you will clearly hear how he will be carried. The driver will come out and shoot at you. When Cognitti reaches the closed door (where you will later settle accounts with him), turn left and go to the edge of the roof. You will see a satellite dish, as well as a ledge on another building, which you need to jump on. Now jump down. Behind the left door will be a poster that says Dopefish Lives!, as well as a bunch of grenades and Molotov cocktails. Climbing the stairs to the top, you will be taken directly to the roof with Cognitti. Chapter 8: Ragna Rock

When you reach the indoor stage, you can use the drums and microphone, and stand on the guitar that is right there.

Part II: A Cold Day In Hell

Chapter 5: Angel of Death

In one of the rooms you will see a large piano. Use it, and Max will play a short song, vaguely reminiscent of the game’s theme music.

Part IV: A Bit Closer To Heaven

Chapter 4: Backstabbing Bastard

At the very beginning of the level, you can climb onto the roof of one of the buildings, or rather, the one that is located next to the entrance to the parking lot. You can climb on the nearby barrels and air conditioning. Next, shoot at the “clean” part of the superstructure wall, and it will fall off. Inside there is a hatch in the floor. Step on it and you will fall down. There is a radio on one of the boxes in this room. If you turn it on, you will hear the gratitude of the game developers. There is also a sniper rifle and a bunch of cartridges for it.

Chapter 5: In The Land Of The Blin

In the small room behind Woten’s room (where you found the plans for the Aesir corporation) you will see a painting hanging on the wall behind the desk. Shoot her and she will fall. Behind it is a small button, when pressed, the sofa opposite the table will rise and open a secret passage down. There is a TV in the room below. If you turn it on, you will see a parody of Star Trek with the participation of the developers of the game (albeit more heard than seen). In the next room in the closet is a set for sadomasochism (understand as you wish).

Secret ending

Activated when passing the game. But if you really want to, you can type maxpayne_gamemode\gm_sendendofgamemessages() in the console and enjoy. To activate the console, you need to add –developer in the properties of the shortcut in the object column, for example, C:\Games\Max Payne\MaxPayne.exe –developer.


In the Tutorial level, when you reach the wall, jump over it and turn left. Get to the van, jump on it, and then on the air conditioner. From the air conditioner you need to jump to the balcony. Climb the stairs up and look at the leftmost window (if you are facing the wall). Break it and climb inside. In this little room lies the Ingram and about two hundred rounds of ammunition for it. Do not forget to look in the locker next to the TV (there are cartridges). And you can also have fun breaking bottles – there are a lot of them.




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