Secrets of Fallout: New Vegas

When creating a character in the game, you can select “Wild Wasteland” as one of the abilities, which adds several references and fun moments to the world of Fallout: New Vegas

  • Near the road leading to Goodsprings, there is a broken refrigerator, inside of which lies a skeleton in a hat. This is a reference to the last Indiana Jones movie, where he escaped from an atomic explosion in a refrigerator.
  • Near one of the houses in Nipton lie the skeletons of Owen and Beru. That was the name of Luke’s adoptive parents in Star Wars, in the film they were killed by stormtroopers.
  • If you have a dog Rex in your companions, then being next to Fields’ hut, he can bark, after which a dialogue will open, from which we will find out the location of a new location – Jimmy’s Well. The well contains a skeleton, a hat and a special pneumatic gun. This is a reference to one of the quests in the second part of the game, where we had to find a little boy in the city of Modoc.
  • A holy grenade can be found in the basement of the church at Camp Searchlight, a reference to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Also this weapon was present in Fallout 2
  • The inscription “Romanes Eunt Domus”, which can be seen on the wall of the headquarters in Cottonwood Cove, is a reference to the comedy Monty Python’s Life of Brian.
  • In a closed room of the Ultra-Luxe Casino lies the corpse of Detective Crusoe, whose appearance is based on Horatio Kane from CSI: Miami Crime Scene Investigation. He was played by actor David Caruso.
  • After visiting Sirulien Robotics, you will be attacked by a gang of three elderly women. This is a reference to the “Infernal Grandmothers” sketch.
  • Upon entering the casino, you will be asked to turn in your weapon, with one of the options being the phrase “Take it from my cold, dead hands.” This is a reference to the movie Red Dawn.
  • During the battle for Hoover Dam, you can hear on the radio “They’re coming right out of the walls! They’re coming right out of the damn walls!” This phrase was spoken by Hudson from the movie “Aliens” during the first fight. You can also find the corpse of a dead NCR fighter named Hudson, he is in one of the rooms near the control center.




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